Process Engineer

10-15 Years


Salary : As Per Industry Standards.

Openings: 1

Posted: 16-10-2019

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Job Details

Job Description:

  1. Mechanical bachelor degree or above
  2. 10 years experience in machining industry, familiar with CNC milling machining, at least 5 years working experience in machining processing technology
  3. Master the commonly process engineering methods and tools, will use drawing software, at least skilfully use one kind of three-dimensional software
  4. Strong sense of responsibility, solid work, can bear the hard work of the pressure

Job Responsibilities

  1. Production process preparation and perfection
  2. Development and improvement of special fixture, tools and measuring fixtures during machining and assembly
  3. Programming and optimization?
  4. Responsible for producing First Articles.

Location: suzhou

State: China

PostalCode: 86

Recruiter: Disha Chauhan

Created Date: 16-10-2019

Industry: Automotive Parts Manufacturer

Salary Range: As Per Industry Standards.

Openings: 1