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Posted: 13-01-2017

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Mandatory Requirement

1. Male Candidates aged between 30 to 40 Years.

2. Holder of Bachelors or Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering.

3. Must have working experience in Electrical Contracting Firm for a minimum of 8 years onwards

4. Full knowledge of Electrical Products and their dealers/suppliers globally, importation documentation and negotiation of prices with suppliers.

5. Thorough knowledge to read & extract quantities from Electrical Drawings/Layout and Bills of Quantities, should be able to discuss the Electrical Products Details with the Electrical Consultants for the project.

6. Fluent in oral and written English and able to write correspondence in English Independently.

7. Work experience outside his resident country for a long period especially Arab Continent/Africa and willing to work in Africa on long term period.

8. Minimum Contract Period of 3 years and can be extended depending on mutual agreement.

9. PC skills, including a working knowledge of MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Projects, AutoCAD and project related software.

10. Take full responsibility of work irrespective of timings to meet required deadline.

11. Must be a Team Leader in your projects.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

1. He should be mature, hardworking, authoritative person who ensures all works pertaining to project are on time and in the manner required be it paperwork or practical works at site.

2. All requirements such as working drawings, materials take off chart and work program is prepared on time.

3. Ensure that the correct number of workers are provided for smooth running of the project and keep check on number so that when required to reduce the same so that labour overhead is kept in control.

4. Ensure that all approval for materials done and material order done on time, all to keep check on quantities taken to site to avoid theft at site.

5. Ensure that Monthly Valuation with correct amount are send to respective consultants on time and also to verify that correct amounts are certified.

6. To Ensure All Forms for the Projects such as Request for Information, Request for Approvals, Confirmation for Verbal Instructions, Request for Inspection are used when required and stored in file for reference purposes.

7. To ensure that all Additional /Variations/Abortive Works Instructions are formally issued and their related costs sent formally and work done at site thereafter so that there are no issues at later stage in the project.

8. To attend Meetings, keep records of all minutes and to ensure all items minuted and items related to our areas are responded accordingly. Also discrepancies are also addressed on time and corrected in the next meeting.

9. To keep regular check on Health & Safety of all workers, good workmanship is maintained throughout and control material wastage for the project.

10. To always keep good relationship with fellow workers, main contractors and project team so that the project is smoothly completed without any problems. Personal Relations with Main Contractors and Project Consultants has to be maintained, this may assist us in getting new projects.

11. Be able to handle a number of projects at any given time, also plan and spent at least half a day in your project to know how the fellow workers get works done and guide them accordingly.

Location: kenya

State: South AFrica

Recruiter: Sangeeta 04

Created Date: 13-01-2017

Industry: Electrical Company

Salary Range: 0-

Openings: 1

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