Knowledge Process Outsourcing

Recruitment for KPO Outsourcing

Knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) services involve hiring highly efficient and certified professionals with specialized knowledge in carrying out certain functions. KPO services are in demand across industry verticals whether it is aviation, banking and financial services, engineering and construction, entertainment, healthcare, market intelligence, or the range of IT services.

Alliance Recruitment Agency offers an exhaustive range of services for KPO firms as well as helps businesses connect with KPO outsourcing service providers. Choosing the right KPO process team for your business needs to be done very carefully. Placing your business in the wrong hands can cost you money and reputation. Trust our agency to connect you with a competent KPO outsourcing firm or team.

Setting up knowledge process outsourcing activities could involve getting 10-50+ manpower resources within a month. You might be looking to build an offshore team of structural engineers or experts in energy modeling, or you could be a company looking to hire KPO process managers to handle your financial services outsourcing business unit. Our consultants with specialized experience in hiring for the knowledge process outsourcing industry segment will help find the best manpower resources for your company.

Meeting Hiring Needs of Firms into Knowledge Process Outsourcing

If you are looking to hire teams to manage knowledge process outsourcing requirements, whether remote or offshore, you will find a team at our agency with the experience to help you identify the right KPO service firms. Our recruitment services in knowledge process outsourcing covers various business segments such as finance, technology products and solutions, data engineering and analytics, enterprise records management, etc. Our KPO services recruiter teams have worked with companies across the USA, Canada, the UK and EU countries, the Middle East, and South Asia.

Our extensive database and widespread network for knowledge process outsourcing or KPO processes extends not only to include professionals from diverse backgrounds and specializations, but also KPO outsourcing firms across geographies. Over ten years our knowledge process outsourcing recruitment teams have offered manpower services for various functions, including research and development, data management and analysis, content management, IT helpdesk, legal advisory, accounting, etc.

Having worked with over 1,000 firms to fulfill various knowledge process outsourcing manpower needs, we have been able to gain numerous insights into what makes recruitment successful for diverse organizations. Using the best of screening, evaluation and background check methods, our knowledge process outsourcing recruiting teams ensure outstanding service delivery standards.

Alliance Recruitment Agency:We know what our clients need

Equipped with a high-end process, we look for compatible knowledge outsourcing firms for all your business needs. Let us look at some of the services offered by KPO.

  • Offshore KPO services:

    Offshore KPO outsourcing recruitment involves extensive evaluation and coordination. We try to connect you with a KPO functioning in a developing country that provides skilled labor.
  • Captive KPO services:

    In captive KPO, an organization starts its branches in different countries. The workforce to run the new branch is outsourced to a KPO. The management is taken care of by the core company. We look for such KPO who can take care of your day-to-day activities for such clients.
  • Onshore services:

    Along with offshore services, KPO outsourcing recruitment team also sends a team of its skilled workforce to the client’s physical location. Based on your business requirement, we recommend a KPO that will study the business models, client requirements and provide innovative solutions to the client’s demands.
  • Project-based hiring services:

    Most knowledge process outsourcing firms supply the workforce only for the project tenure. The KPO takes care of project planning, execution, go live, data migration, or any other relevant processes. The KPO we choose for you will work in close association with regular feedback from the client team and be flexible to all client feedback after the show and tells.
  • Bulk workforce services:

    Some KPO provide workforce in bulk for sudden hike in workload during projects. Based on your project requirement, we look for the KPO that will guarantee a skilled and agile workforce.
  • Consultant services:

    We search for a knowledge process outsourcing firm that the client can use to hire a team of consultants who will direct the client’s business decisions. These consultants will guide the client about the decision to be taken regarding business processes, technologies, market trends, etc.
  • Training:

    We look for KPO, who will provide talented, skilled trainers who can guide the client after the successful completion and go-live of a project. The KPO takes up the responsibility of training the client’s organization about the new system or features.
  • Support services:

    These KPO will provide their support for all the client’s queries, bugs, technical difficulties, software updates, raised tickets, testing new updates only as long as the contract lasts. In support recruitment services, we make sure that the KPO displays strong business ethics and does not register incorrect timelines to generate more income.
  • Nearshore KPO services:

    In nearshore KPO, the outsourcing organizations are located in a country close to the client organization. This helps reduce commute time. This is the type of KPO service you will need if you are looking for an outsourcing company you can visit regularly and knows everything about the local market trends.

We provide a dedicated team that will spot an experienced KPO based on the client’s requirements.

Alliance Recruitment Agency: A Leading Brand in Providing Firms for KPO Services

We have an in-depth understanding of the internal KPO process, which helps us recommend high profile firms just for our clients. These high-caliber candidates and firms will effectively take your business forward.

  • Extensive database:

    With the help of our database of KPO firms, we pick the best Knowledge process outsourcing services for you. This database is full of talented firms with efficient professionals who have the right skills for your business.
  • Variety of sectors:

    Most of the KPO outsourcing firms that our database includes serve different sectors. You can employ the same KPO services for other projects and across various departments.
  • Background Checks:

    We conduct a thorough analysis of all the KPO outsourcing firms we recommend. We verify their employee intellectual skills, project history, client reviews, KPO process, etc.
  • Cost optimization:

    Selecting out the best knowledge process outsourcing suited for your needs is also difficult. We save you a lot of time, money, and resources by picking out the perfect KPO outsourcing team with an optimized KPO process for your business needs.
  • Our Team:

    Our highly skilled recruitment team is ripe with experience and knowledge. We have experts from different sectors of business. Their staffing solutions are customized according to your needs and are the best among the knowledge process outsourcing sectors.

We only introduce you to the right knowledge process outsourcing firm. You can discuss and reach a mutual point of agreement. We are constantly striving to cater to the staffing needs of the corporate sectors.