Master Vendor

The Best Master Vendor For Your Business

This Alliance Recruitment Agency is one of the best master vendors out there. We are an international recruitment agency providing several different facilities to choose from. With ten years of experience, we stand as one of the leading master vendors. Over the course of ten years, we have provided master vendor recruitment services to companies on four continents.

We provide a one-stop service for all your hiring needs. Our master vendor recruitment service provides hiring services for all positions in an organizational structure, starting from lower-level employees to senior-level executives. We use the best resources to screen through potential candidates to find the best hire for your company.

Our latest technology helps us to find the right person for the right job, and at a faster rate. With contacts with experts and professionals in different industries across the globe, we strive to provide the best hires for your business.

We fulfill the different recruitment needs of your company, be it short-term employment or long-term permanent employment, our company works towards helping you hire the right person for the right job at the right time. Our company has a wide network of talent pools, and with our services, you can find staff for any level, non-managerial staff, junior managers, middle managers, senior managers, directors, etc.

This extensive database of ours helps us filter out the best candidates for your company at short notice. We even facilitate bulk-hiring of around 50 – 100 candidates at a time for your company. Hire us as your master vendor, and watch us bring you the best staff for your company.

Connect With Our Master Vendor Recruitment Services

We, at Alliance, understand the different talents required to run a successful company. Our master vendor recruitment service saves the time you spend on hiring professionals for all the various roles in your company.

Our recruitment experience and projects span diverse industry sectors- ranging from the software and technology solutions to healthcare, manufacturing, engineering, and financial services. We have connections with experts in different industries who work along with us to bring in the best hire for your business. We also have contacts with tiers of staffing support to filter through the best of candidates and hire the best one for you.

A key problem with hiring using your HR department would be the limitation in the talent pool available to hire locally. We source local talents according to the location of your business for roles across functions. Our recruiters also cover all your offshore, remote and outsourcing manpower agency.

As a master vendor with ten years of experience in the recruitment industry, we have developed connections in different parts of the world, such as the USA, Canada, the UK, the UAE, Singapore, Malaysia, etc. We can help you hire employees with varied talents and from different parts of the world.

The Master Vendor Services We Provide

  • Long-term or short-term employment:

    Our master vendor recruitment services help you find temporary, contractual, and long term or permanent employees for different positions in your company.
  • Orientation and interview assistance:

    We provide the selected candidate’s information about their job, the role they need to do, the policies, laws, and all information regarding the organization. So you do not need to waste any time doing the same. Also, based on the business role, we will conduct interviews to eliminate the unskilled workforce.
  • Bulk recruitment service at a short time:

    As a master vendor, we provide staff in bulk based on the need of your company and with the qualification and skills that you are looking for.
  • Thorough background checks:

    All candidates will be background-checked before they are selected. All information regarding the candidate, such as education, work experience, and skillset, will be checked prior to screening and selection in order to prevent any fraudulent activities.
  • Full-on virtual hiring assistance:

    With the current pandemic situation, we at Alliance provide virtual assistance to hire the best professionals for your company.
  • Senior headhunters:

    Our company has specialized headhunters who are experts in different industries like Engineering, Agriculture, Food, Advertising and Media, Nursing, etc. These headhunters have extensive knowledge of the type of skills required to be in the executive position. They also have contact with potential candidates to fit the role from all around the world. Hence they work towards finding the best and talented senior-level executive to fit in your company.

Why Should You Choose Us?

  • One-stop recruitment solutions:

    The agency is a one-stop solution for all your recruitment needs. You do not need to go through the hassle of managing multiple invoices and company policies
  • Adapted to suit your needs:

    Our master vendor process is flexible and is adapted to meet the unique needs of each client.
  • Extensive experience:

    With ten years of experience, we have managed to work with some of the leading companies across the globe.
  • Industrial experts:

    We have a wide network, with Subject Matter Experts in different industries, from entertainment to science and manufacturing.
  • Employee selection:

    All our candidates are filtered and selected unbiased, based on your company’s needs.
  • Extensive database:

    We have an extensive database with information regarding all the potential candidates for the different roles in your company, which helps us find the right person for the job.
  • Quick and best-quality service:

    One of the best qualities of working with us is that we fill up the required role for your company in a very short time.
  • We have successfully made more than 12,000 projects varying in project type, and roles required.
  • Our client base includes more than 8000 clients from all around the world, with varying staffing and manpower needs and requirements.
  • Our latest technology records information of potential candidates, making the selection process easier.

Contact us now to fulfill all your staffing needs with brilliance!