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  • Are You An Organization With Large-Scale Medical Professional Hiring Needs?
  • Is Your Recruitment Team Meeting Medical Manpower Needs On Time?
  • Is Your Medical Recruitment and Staffing Budget Affecting Your Profit Margins?
  • How Often Does Your Hospital Get Short Staffed?

Efficient medical recruitment has a wide impact on various fronts for your hospital or medical services center – reputation, goodwill, trust, efficient medical practices, satisfied patients, better employee performance, and improved profit margins.

If you are struggling to fill medical positions on time and often have to compromise on the quality of hire, you would also be finding it difficult to meet the expectations of patients, staff, and top management. In one way or another, inefficient medical staff could slowly turn your patients towards better medical services centers.

Partner with a highly resourceful, competent, and reliable medical recruitment services agency – Alliance Recruitment Agency

Leave your hospital staffing or medical staffing worries to our experts, and find talented medical professionals who have all the required skills, abilities, and professionalism to make your hospital or clinic a reliable medical services center.

We are among the medical recruitment agencies that serve as a one-stop solution center for all your manpower needs – clinical or non-clinical. Our agency enables you to find not only medical professionals for medical consultations and treatment, diagnostics, and patient care but also for other functions, such as medical equipment management and hospital operations management.

Our medical recruiters have served hospitals, private clinics, medical care, and rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, medical research centers, medical schools, and various corporate-medical divisions and medical-legal service providers.

We are among the few medical recruitment agencies that offer comprehensive support. Our agency does not cut corners on any aspect of recruitment services management and delivery. You get support with not only just candidate sourcing but also with consultancy services for preparing the right recruitment models and framing the right approaches and process chains.

We have domain and specialty-focused teams of medical recruitment specialists to make medical talent sourcing extremely efficient. Our services cover general physician recruitment, nursing professionals hiring, recruitment of surgeons from different specialties, and hiring of highly specialized professionals in psychiatry, audiology, or neuroimaging and data analytics.

Our agency also helps you with the recruitment of talented radiologists and lab technicians, anesthesiologists, physical therapists, microbiologists, and biophysicists or professionals experienced in telemedicine, ambulatory care, and air medical services.

Find us among the most dedicated medical staffing solutions providers

Who will go the extra mile to ensure that you find good candidates on time and make fast placements. Our recruitment and staffing services medical agency also helps in framing and implementing different recruitment models-temporary and contractual, permanent, and contract-to-direct hire.

You can consult with us to frame the right recruitment strategies that allow you to maintain a healthy talent pipeline for different medical specialties and other clinical and non-clinical staffing needs.

Make your medical services organization a name worth trusting through high-quality medical care. Find in us the best partner for overcoming short-staffing and talent gaps. You will find us among the medical staffing agencies that help you to find talent from not only your city or region but from countries worldwide.

Our agency has a wide network of local, national, and global talent databases. We serve the medical recruitment needs of organizations in India, the Middle East, South Asia, Africa, Europe, Canada, the US, and Australia.

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We Are Among the Medical Recruitment Agencies That Facilitate Fast and Affordable Placements!

  • Improve your talent pipeline of nursing professionals from any area of medical specialty
  • Find surgeons and specialist doctors with the desired level of experience
  • Connect with medical consultants and experts who can transform your hospital standards inpatient treatment and care
  • Get the best professionals to handle your expensive, sophisticated medical and diagnostic equipment.
  • Make efficient and result-oriented your paramedical staffing, nursing aide staffing, and patient care professionals
  • Let your ambulatory and critical care professionals be known for their high level of competencies and professionalism

When you partner with Alliance Recruitment Agency, you find solutions that are crafted to solve your unique staffing and talent gaps and challenges. Our medical recruitment solutions go way beyond just sourcing resumes or CVs and shortlisting candidates for interviews.

  1. The medical recruitment solutions we offer are totally customized and focused on meeting your specific talent needs.
  2. We strategize and frame recruitment approaches and techniques to get you talents that give you the ability to serve with excellence.
  3. Our medical recruitment specialists also offer free counsel to candidates to help them present their skills and experience in an organized, coherent, and precise manner. We also offer services such as formatting and enhancing CVs as per formats and styles preferred by employers.
  4. For candidates applying for medical jobs overseas, our recruitment consultants provide comprehensive details about visas, documentation, immigration and registration processes, working conditions at employer locations, requirements for permits and licenses, etc.
  5. Our medical staffing experts also offer advisory solutions to employers about salary and benefits packages appropriate for various roles and positions based on our insights into compensation benchmarking.
  6. Our solutions cover medical talent acquisition for specialized hospital initiatives such as implementing optimized surgery management, OPD extension, medical care enhancement for long-stay patients, etc.
  7. Our agency also offers services such as background checks, professional reference checks, and documentation checks.
  8. Our advanced resources and technology systems allow faster search and selection, however, complex the job description or talent requirements.

If you are looking for medical recruitment agencies, find one that can ensure reliable, customized, efficient, and fast hiring, get in touch with us!

Work With The Best Medical Office Recruiters and Hospital Recruitment Teams!

Tie up with an agency that meets all your medical manpower needs, an agency that can offer strategic recruitment support and end-to-end recruitment assistance.

We have medical office recruiter teams for different geographies across five continents. Our medical office recruiters for Dubai manage all recruitment needs for the Middle East. We have separate teams for different cities in the UK and Europe and numerous teams working for medical office staffing needs across India and South Asia. Our medical office recruitment has expanded to cover North Americas, Africa, and Australia.

The medical office staffing we offer is exhaustive to cover all manpower requirements from medical secretaries, receptionists, canteen and food service personnel, and office administrators to medical assistants, doctors, registered nurses, and specialized nurse practitioners.

Alliance Recruitment Agency also has hospital staffing consultants with extensive experience in understanding and managing recruitment for hospitals worldwide.

Our hospital manpower services are focused on helping hospitals build and retain an aligned team of medical service providers across divisions, including Emergency Medicine, Critical Care, Urgent Care, Long-Term Acute Care, Skilled Nursing Facility, Ambulatory Surgery Centers, Imaging Centers, Psychiatry and Mental Health Counseling, Physical Therapy, Nutrition Management, etc.

For Which Functions Are You Looking to Hire?

  • Hospital CEO, Medical Directors and Top Leadership
  • Surgeon Hiring – general surgery, Interventional and non-interventional cardiology, hepatic surgery, pediatric surgery, orthopedics & joint replacement, robotic surgery, etc.
  • Physician and Specialist Hiring: general physicians, aerospace medicine, emergency medicine, oncology, rheumatology, etc.
  • Nursing Recruitment – nursing managers, registered nurses, specialized nurse practitioners, critical care nurses, flight nurses, surgical assistants, head nurses, etc.
  • Medical and Diagnostic Laboratory Recruiting – laboratory analysts, lab technologists, echocardiographers, ER technicians, forensic pathologists, ultrasound technologists, etc.
  • Other Specialists: anesthesiologists, audiologists, immunologists, nutritionists, physiotherapists, etc.
  • Air-Medical and Ambulatory Medical Care Recruitment
  • Psychiatry and Mental Health Professionals Hiring:
  • Alternative Healthcare – Homeopathy, Ayurvedic, etc.
  • Medical Schools and University Hospital Recruitment
  • Speciality Healthcare Rehabilitation Centers and Hospital Staffing

Among Others

What Are Your Role-Based Requirements?

  • Specialized Experience
  • Knowledge of Specific Medical-Technical Systems
  • Highly Specialized For a Domain, i.e., aerospace, industrial, mining, etc.
  • Specific Certifications, License, Training, etc.

A much longer list of requirements…

What Type of Hiring are You Going For?

  • Permanent
  • Contractual
  • Consultant
  • Remote
  • Locum Tenens
  • Per Diem

The Alliance Recruitment Agency network of medical office recruiters and medical staffing agents are highly trained. They are led by medical recruitment consultants with extensive experience in the field.

Partner with us to enhance the quality of hire and outcomes from medical recruitment!

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The quality of your medical services correlates to the reputation you want to build. It is difficult, often impractical, and 5x to 10x more expensive from different perspectives to build a huge medical recruitment in-house team in comparison to working with an affordable, competitive medical recruitment agency that serves as a one-stop solution center for all manpower needs.

Alliance Recruitment Agency has the resources to offer comprehensive medical recruitment services to meet each and every talent challenge.

  • Medical Recruitment Partnerships To Address Talent Gaps:

    We have served as recruitment partners for many hospitals, helping them maintain a healthy talent pipeline for various divisions or units.
  • Specialized Medical Hiring:

    With our assistance, frame recruitment models, strategies, and practices that help you hire specialized medical talent on time. Top-level medical consultants or specialized nurse practitioners, find professionals with the experience, certifications, and competencies you desire without hassles.
  • Fast Placements:

    Whether you are looking for the head of a microbiology unit or a rehabilitation supervisor, you will be able to find one with the right track records and skills within a shorter time frame when you hire through our agency.
  • Cost Savings:

    By partnering with us, your overall recruitment costs get reduced significantly by up to 30%-40%.
  • Fair Practice and Compliance:

    We are an established agency with a 100% track record in fair practices and compliance.
  • Optimum Reliability:

    We go out of our way to ensure that you get thoroughly reliable candidates – through detailed background checks, documentation checks, reference checks, etc.

We reach out to any inquiries or service requests in a prompt manner – within a business day! Our customer service team is open 24/7 to respond to any questions.

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