Permanent Employment Agency

Permanent Employment Agency

Alliance Recruitment Agency is specialized in permanent employment services allowing companies to transform and optimize their staffing activities. The variety of positions available in organizations required diverse skill sets and getting access to a wide range of talent pools becomes challenging. Our agency has managed more than 10,000 recruitment projects, and offers excellent permanent employment services.

For professional employment services and for hiring field experts, diverse organizations depend on our agency. They know we are recruitment professionals, so they increasingly depend on us in fulfilling their employment demands when they have job openings. After years of experience in permanent employment services, we achieved vast knowledge, specific business insights, exceptional online presence, and a comprehensive network with the biggest applicant database to handle a wide variety of job opportunities worldwide providing our customers access to the best human resources and talent. Thousands of applicants were employed through these years advancing their careers and achieving their employers’ strategic goals.

One of the best permanent employment services

Our permanent employment agency has many clients who trust us to identify possible applicants for their work openings and bring them to their companies. These clients range from foreign exchange agencies, law firms, accounting firms, IT companies, retail companies, insurance companies, and oil and gas facilities suppliers. Our customers have work options that vary from entry-level to senior and executive level, which our agency manages to recruit easily through our professional permanent employment services.

Alliance Recruitment Agency is known for its customized employment strategy to help business owners hire their next employee on the global level, whether it is replacing a worker or employing a new one for the company’s growth and progress. Our expert team has conducted many permanent employment services in many countries, including the USA, Europe, and the Middle East, covering hundreds of different fields and industries. Hence, our team is prepared to deal with any challenges that can come across your hiring process.

Look no further whether you are a job seeker for the right positions or a small/ medium/ large company owner wishing to employ skilled workers. Our services intend to follow the role requirements for estimating and evaluating the application for key qualifications and acceptable certificates in cooperation with our customers’ guidance and preferences. We can coordinate with our overseas affiliate agents so that you can rest assured of the final selection process and your employee’s timely arrival.

Permanent employment services

Our permanent employment agency has improved its services over the years for better corresponding to the clients’ needs and the market demands:

  • Designated consultant :

    As the first step in our services, the agency also offers a 30-minutes free initial interview where a designated consultant handles the requirements from beginning to the end of your requests and employment needs. This usually forms the employment criteria that our team customized to create the hiring strategy that suits your business and its demands.
  • Thorough candidate screening :

    Relying on our vast database and social networks, our team can screen thoroughly for the perfect match candidate for the assigned position.
  • Targeted advertising :

    Since some roles require a specific type of qualifications, years of experience, and skills, some employment cases require targeted advertising to find a suitable match based on skills, experience, responsibilities, and industry exposure.
  • Interview support and Shortlisting :

    Each candidate will be interviewed, and comprehensively checked to validate his/her credentials, qualifications, and references. Our experts will offer you limited applicant numbers after multiple evaluations, interviews, and screening procedures. These applicants would be the most capable of meeting the organization’s criteria, the need of the customer, and the obligations of the role.
  • Employment contract writing :

    Upon our clients’ request, our agency can take care of all the back-office and records management work for the contracting procedure.

Why choosing Alliance Recruitment Agency for professional employment services?

Our permanent employment agency is known for saving consumers the commitment, time, and costs needed to find the best candidate to fill the position. This success was reflected in many accomplishments over the years:

  • A strong global reach in many countries has helped us fulfil our customers’ needs abroad in diverse sectors in North Americas, South Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.
  • Countless existing technical contacts and connections provide a vast database.
  • Experience in reducing the employing costs, including carrying out interviews and headhunting programs, along with a comprehensive background check to ensure that our candidates work in the client business community.
  • Thorough testing and validation analysis programs for automatic data collection, which cuts the average recruiting time backup advanced screening tools.
  • With high customer engagement and overall satisfaction, thousands of skilled workers have been employed in diverse sectors around the world.
  • Long experience in finding extremely qualified candidates who are able to satisfy the needs and expectations of the organization and fit in with the cultural and technical requirements of the organization
  • The visible commitment of our team to the wishes, demands and ultimate satisfaction of the consumers.

Our professional team will fulfil your recruiting procedure and provide you with needed recruitment services that follow your company’s needs and demands! Connect with us and know more!