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Alliance Recruitment Agency has been assisting pharmacies in the recruitment and appointment of pharmacists for over a decade. As a leading pharmacist staffing company since 2010, we have been connecting employers with fully qualified and talented candidates who are capable of filling their pharmacist vacancies. At Alliance Recruitment Agency, we offer all types of pharmacist placement options from permanent, full time, direct hire to part time and contract or temporary basis. Contact us and we’ll hire your next pharmacist.

Alliance – Connecting you to Licensed and Talented Pharmacists

At Alliance Recruitment Agency, we act as a liaison between your organization and licensed and qualified professional candidates, to find a perfect match that can fill your pharmacist positions. Unlike other pharmacist headhunters, we do not initiate the recruitment process from candidate sourcing. Instead, we take our time to work alongside your teams and understand your business, company culture and your exact hiring needs, which will help us to find the perfect match.

Well Experienced and Highly Qualified Pharmacist Recruiters

With the extensive knowledge of our headhunters and recruitment consultants in the field of pharmacy recruitment, and our comprehensive recruitment process, we can help you locate the best pharmacist candidates for your company. Our strategic alliances with vast networks of professionals operating in the pharmaceutical industry give immediate access to a wide pool of candidates that no ordinary pharmacist recruitment agency would ever be able to offer you.

Partner with the Expert Pharmacist Recruitment Firm

Alliance pharmacist headhunters and recruitment specialists are committed to connecting you with the ideal candidate of your mind. Contact our teams and submit a pharmacist staffing request today. Our recruitment consultants will reach out to you with a free of charge consultation to discuss your hiring requirements and specifics.

Alliance Recruitment Agency Comprehensive Pharmacist Headhunting Process

We do not want to risk hiring a candidate who is incompetent of the position, especially with a role like a pharmacist with numerous risks attached to the position. Therefore we follow a rigorous process to ensure that we recruit only the right professional.

  • Define the Position :

    We start the recruitment process by conducting a deep study of the nature of the open position, duties and responsibilities, business operations and the culture of your organization. This will let us understand your exact hiring needs and the technical competencies as well as the personality characteristics of the ideal candidate that is suitable for the open position.
  • Development of a Recruitment Plan :

    Based on the job specifics provided by your hiring managers and the results of our analysis, our recruitment consultant will put together a unique recruitment plan designed exclusively for your pharmacist appointment. From the initiation to the completion of the hiring process, everything will be planned at this point, which will lead us to the ideal candidate.
  • Candidate Sourcing :

    As a leading pharmacist staffing agency since 2010, our headhunters have built strong relationships with extensive networks of pharmaceutical professionals operating within the various ends of the industry, which enable us to identify and attract the best candidates for your organization. We also make use of several other modern candidate sourcing channels.
  • Interview, Screen and Finalize :

    We conduct a series of interviews for the sourced pool of candidates from basic telephone interviews to extensive in-person interviews. We will thoroughly evaluate every candidate against the technical competencies of the position and assess whether they are a perfect fit. We provide a shortlist of the top candidates where you can decide who to hire.

The Best Headhunters For Pharmacist You Can Rely On

As a leading pharmacist recruitment agency, we are well aware of the broad range of duties and responsibilities of a pharmacist. Therefore we evaluate the following operations from every candidate to assess whether they can handle the position effectively.

  • Dispense Prescriptions :

    A key role of a pharmacist’s job includes dispensing drugs by compounding, wrapping and marking prescriptions. Therefore we assess the ability of the sourced pool of candidates to prepare and dispense medications to patients by reviewing and interpreting physician orders and the competency to offer pharmacological information to patients.
  • Communicate with Prescribers :

    On any occasion where a prescription is unclear or possibly harmful to a patient, a pharmacist should be capable of communicating to the relevant physician, physician assistant, nurse practitioner or any other prescriber and confirm the dosage, formulation and the brand name. We simulate these events to assess how candidates react and handle.
  • Manage Staff :

    It is an industry standard for pharmacists to meet the three Rs of the right medication, right patient and the right dosage. In order to satisfy these requirements, pharmacists should be capable of overseeing other pharmacy technicians. We assess candidates to evaluate their skills of monitoring and providing pharmacological information to healthcare professionals.
  • Ensure Patients’ Safety at All Times :

    It is a key part of the role of a pharmacist to ensure that there are no dangerous interactions between medications. This is an essential element of our hiring process that we assess and question from all the candidates.

Alliance Recruitment Agency Qualification and Skill Evaluation of Pharmacist Candidates

To effectively handle the role of a pharmacist, a candidate should possess a standard set of qualifications and skills. We can guarantee that the candidates that we deliver have the right knowledge and the expertise to fill in your pharmacist vacancies.

  • Education and Licensing Requirements :

    We will rigorously evaluate our candidates to assess whether they possess a graduate degree from an accredited pharmacy college, completion of an emergency contraception training course and a valid state pharmacist license. All of these requirements will be evaluated to see if it is approved by your local pharmaceutical council.
  • Extensive Knowledge of Medication :

    Attention to detail is one of the most important skills in the role of a pharmacist as there cannot be any room for error. Therefore we assess the knowledge on medications of the selected candidates to determine their ability to understand a prescription order and identify if there are any therapeutic incompatibilities or dosage or brand name issues.
  • Strong Interpersonal Skills :

    It is normal for a pharmacist to interact with physicians who don’t like to be questioned and frustrated patients who are waiting to get their prescription. Therefore we thoroughly evaluate candidates’ interpersonal skills.

Why Choose Alliance Recruitment Agency?

As a leading pharmacist staffing firm since 2010, leading pharmaceutical companies around the world continually come to Alliance Recruitment Agency as they have no doubt that we will always identify and deliver them the ideal pharmacist candidates of their mind. Our pharmacist headhunters and recruitment consultants will never rest until we get the right candidate for the position.

  • Range of Placement Options :

    From permanent, full time and direct hire placement of pharmacists to part time and contract or temporary basis employment options, Alliance Recruitment Agency offers you a wide range of pharmacist placement options to suit your requirements. Whatever your staffing urgency or requirement is, we can offer you flexible placement options that fit.
  • Expert Pharmacist Headhunters :

    Our pharmacist headhunters and recruitment consultants have decades of experience working with leading pharmaceutical companies, to help them hire the right pharmacist that matches their skill, qualification and experience requirements. You can count on our experts to deliver the ideal candidate of your mind to fill in your vacancies.
  • Powerful Pharmaceutical Connections :

    We have built strong relationships with vast networks of pharmaceutical professionals operating within various ends of the industry. This enables us to identify and deliver the top candidate from any area of pharmaceutical expertise that matches your specific requirements. Partner with Alliance and we’ll hire your next pharmacist.