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Alliance Recruitment Agency is a leading pharmacy locum agency holding a highly satisfied clientele base across the UK. We favor pharmacies of all levels and scales and hold the potential to fill multiple vacancies easily in moments. We aim to protect and offer our clients with the most qualified and expert locums as fast as possible. Being the best hospital pharmacist locum agency, we can successfully meet the unpredicted demands of big to small hospitals, health institutions, and other groups in the UK.

Being our client, you can expect a huge database of locums, including dispensers, technicians, and pharmacists. All our experts are fully vetted and comply with UK employment law. We are counted as the best pharmacy locum agency by people because we offer locums only after extensive checks upon registration. Even, we collect feedback from their previous employers to make sure we offer our clients only the best.

From a tailored one day placement to permanent recruitment, we can serve you with all kinds of solutions and services. Our services are available at competitive prices. Hence, you never have to worry about spending more or having a crunch in your budget.

You have to tell us your requirements, and we will provide you the best pharmacist, technician, or other expert needed to run your pharmacy unit seamlessly!

We Are Dedicated Professionals Lending Extraordinary Support

We are a reputed pharmacy locum agency in the UK because we offer unique and tailored solutions.

Effective and Fast
Our team of expert pharmaceutical recruiters ensures that you can find the correct locum for your temporary or permanent position fast. Our recruiters are skilled and can help you avail locum services even when there is an emergency.

Reduced Agency Fees
You will never find the most reasonably priced services anywhere else. We serve high-quality services at most competitive prices to make sure you never have to worry about paying a hefty fee amount.

Hiring from us will be the best decision you have ever made. We supply locums that are skilled and hold the needed certification. We conduct an in-depth screening process for our candidates to let you build the most sorted team.

Book your requirements at any time with us. We are willing to serve you the best locums. You can post job openings as well as avail our managed services. We hold a completely flexible approach to make the hiring process more straightforward and hassle-free for you.

Our Unmatched Set of Services Make Us Outstanding Leaders in the Pharmacy Locum Industry

We are the UK’s leading pharmacy locum agency, nurturing a high standard of a reputation for delivering the best service and quality. Our dedicated recruiters offer a wealth of experience and sector-specific knowledge and hence can seamlessly provide you with every aspect of the recruitment journey.

Excellent Temporary Locums
Alliance Recruitment Agency is the best pharmacy locum agency that is dedicated to pharmacy locum recruitment from over the years. We are a genuine provider of skilled and experience-rich temporary staff to the Private organizations and NHS.

Our core focus of recruitment expertise is Health Science Staff, Allied Healthcare Professionals, Technical Support Staff, Hospital Doctors, and Nursing Support Staff.

Candidate Screening
All candidates shortlisted by us possess high levels of knowledge and skills. They have the experience required to hit the ground. We understand that it takes some time to recruit the best person, and therefore we attract and shortlist only those who are the best.

A strict process of candidate vetting does this. Our process meets and exceeds the legal requirements of the UK. We conduct the following checks for each applicant:

# Step 1 – Verified qualifications
# Step 2 – Complete employment history checkup
# Step 3 – Sighted and verification of professional registration
# Step 4 – Immigration status
# Step 5 – Detailed feedback reports of candidate
# Step 6 – Health screening
# Step 7 – Barring and disclosure service

Permanent Recruitment
It is difficult and strenuous to hire the correct staff member for your department. However, we can completely alleviate this pain by offering you the best healthcare locums that meet your job description as well as technical skills requirements. Being the best hospital pharmacist locum agency, we provide clients that have the same cultural aspirations and vibrant attitude towards the work.
The candidates delivered by us can add value to your organizational development. With years of experience in the industry and highest retention expertise, we make sure to bring the most top possible success for our customers.

RTT Insourcing
As a genuine pharmacy locum agency, we always believe in building and maintaining long-term relationships with our clients. We not only provide specialist personnel, but we also offer insourcing services to offer assistance to NHS Trusts with the RTT.

With our unique insourcing service for Trusts allow them to gain good returns on their investments. We can help you achieve your targets and let you benefit from enhanced staff morale as well as public perception through improved client experience.

Managed Services
With a proven track record of offering managed services and efficient vendor solutions to both private sector and NHS healthcare organization, we can successfully manage, recruit and provide detailed management information on departmental usage, & recruitment trends.
We are the best pharmacy locum agency providing simplified and straightforward recruitment and administration process. We conduct a high level of candidate document checks, price consistency, control of expenditure & authorization, reduced recruitment cost, and consolidated management information.

Locum Provision
We hold an extensive strong network of support staff and locum pharmacists that are available for seven days a week. We cater for a short duration, long-term, and emergency bookings across numerous pharmacy sectors.

With the help of our team, we always lend a supporting hand to our clients with specific requirements to meet them the best candidates. We are proud of the strong relationships we have developed with our clients and within the sector. We believe that these relationships are founded based on reliable and consistent service.

Only We Can Provide You Uncountable Benefits and Genuine Support

Every client has different requirements, and we understand it better. We, therefore, hold an experienced and dedicated sourcing and recruitment team to meet the intricate challenges of the Pharmacy sector.

  • We can successfully fulfill hard to fill roles and work with our clients to make sure the best fit client is always achieved.
  • We very well understand that no client requirement is the same. Hence, we deliver tailored solutions to meet your specific requirements.
  • We are experts in fulfilling emergency needs with immediate help. You can even call us for locums with specialist skills to proficiently meet a planned project.
  • We offered replacement cover for staff offered by us and left the business. Hence, you don’t have to worry about the cost of new hiring.
  • We reduce the bureaucracy of recruitment and hold the potential to help employees ahead of a formal appointment.

Availing our services let you focus on your core business. You can stay free from all kinds of recruiting problems and maintain the growth or recruitment strategy secured from the competitors. You can stay well-informed about our talent’s identity. We make sure that the cost of recruitment is reduced and all you get is the best locum for your pharmacy.

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We have an extensive database of specialist candidates, which can be a perfect fit for your vacancies. You can submit us your contact details and vacancy information and our recruitment representative will contact you shortly.