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Alliance Recruitment Agency – A Top Placement Agency in Montreal

Alliance Recruitment Agency is one of the most renowned and trusted global recruitment services and a top placement agency in Montreal. We have been in the field of recruitment and placement for several years and through our established connections, and a huge database of potential and talented candidates, we help our clients find the best talents across various industries on a global basis.

We have a huge base of clients which includes both large multinational chains as well as regional and small to medium-sized enterprises all across the world including some major locations like the UK, the USA, India, Malaysia, Singapore, major African countries, the Gulf region, and several other places.

With our comprehensive staffing services across a range of industries and premier placement solutions for talented and skilled candidates, we have become one of the top placement agencies in Montreal and all across the world. We help candidates find the perfect career opportunities and job positions that can lead them to their desired career path and a bright, prosperous future.

Alliance Recruitment Agency: Choose one of the most trusted placement agencies in Montreal

We have also been one of the most trusted placement agencies in Montreal, thanks to our established connections through which we provide excellent career opportunities to candidates with various specializations, across various industries. There is a range of job opportunities and positions across various industries, with some of the best employers in the world.

We help the candidates find the perfect roles that suit their specializations and training as well as interests. We provide placement across industries like ITeS, construction, engineering, manufacturing, energy, etc. with a range of career prospects for both permanent and temporary hiring.

Whether it is remote team hiring, offshore staffing, project-based hiring or long-term job roles, you will find Alliance placement agents ready to help you. Our placement services cover a wide range of horizontals – administrative, accounting and bookkeeping, customer service, human resources, sales and marketing to specialized functions in engineering, healthcare, manufacturing, among others.

Alliance Recruitment Agency: Your perfect guide to a bright career path

We have been chosen by top businesses and working professionals all across the world for the premium quality of our staffing and placement services and solutions, making us among the best placement agencies in Montreal. We recruit, screen and refer candidates to our clients, for a variety of job positions and vacancies. With us, you find job openings that are unadvertised, the ones that are kept for the most specialized and expert candidates of the field. We help value your skills and experience through the perfect career choice.

Our career opportunities are not constricted to any specific type, industry or location. Our specialty is our versatility and we offer all kinds of placement opportunities and job positions including executive positions as well. At Alliance Recruitment, we strive to make the task of finding a suitable job easier and seamless for you. Be it for temporary positions or full-time jobs, Alliance is the most perfect guide you can get for the most perfect placement.

We work in Montreal and several other locations helping job aspirants find the best career opportunities and perfect job positions to help them gain workplace satisfaction as well as relevant experience and advanced technical skills, through various short-term and long term hiring prospects.

Be it direct placement offers or other opportunities for temporary jobs and contract hires, we help you find the best career options to fulfill your short-term goals as well as long-term aspirations. With our unparalleled service in sourcing, recruiting, screening and hiring, we help the most competent professionals connect with the best employers and fulfill each of their individual and respective needs in the most ideal and comprehensive way.

Alliance Recruitment Agency: The only recruitment agency in Montreal you will ever need!

If you are a job aspirant searching for a job that suits your skills as well as interests, you have arrived at the right place, Alliance is a placement agency in montreal trusted by thousands of clients. We also help with expat placements and international placements.

Why choose us for placement?

  • We have an established connection in the market with a global reach due to our years of experience in the field of staffing and placement.
  • We provide scope for short-term employment, direct placement, full-time positions, contract hires, temp-to-full time opportunities for job aspirants across different industries.
  • With us, you can explore and choose from a range of options and expand your job search to find a range of opportunities.

If you are looking for the best placement agency in Montreal, get in touch with Alliance recruitment agency in Montreal.