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The Best Placement Consultant In Pune

At Alliance Recruitment Agency, we recognize that powerful recruitment leads to an ultimate success of an organization. With more than 11 years of experience, as placement consultants in Pune, we are able to satisfy all kinds of manpower needs and play an integral role in the success stories of our clients. With the team of skilled professionals, Alliance Recruitment Agency is able to assist you at every stage of recruitment, including screening, managing the interviews and negotiations. Smooth hiring process and high network reach are our key strengths making us stand out from the rest of the market as placement consultants in Pune. We understand the importance of manpower and have an expertise in recruiting reliable, trustworthy candidates, both experienced and fresher as per your requirements. Whether you are looking for a part-time employee or full-time professional, temporary or permanent one, candidates for specific projects or for timeline management, Alliance Recruitment Agency, as placement consultants in Pune, can help you in recruiting skilled candidates as per your needs. We believe in filling the post not the interview desk and for that, keeping your hiring criteria at the centre, we present the screened candidates who suit the job profile and are apt for the role. With the use of current technologies and professional platforms, we create our database of skilled candidates. Our placement consultants in Pune find the best candidates as per the client’s requirement and help in managing the interviews. Apart from recruitment, we also offer advisory solutions to improve recruitment strategies and IT manpower outsourcing. With the huge talent access, we are able to help in placement of any hard to fill post in no time. Our service does not end at recruitment, we also provide post recruitment support such as succession planning and talent pipeline management. With the global network of our recruitment services, you will find it easy to hire international candidates for your global projects. Our placement services in Pune are comprehensive. If you are looking for a placement agency in Pune, get in touch with Alliance Recruitment Agency!

Services-Local and Overseas Placement in Pune

Our services are extensive, covering all areas of talent acquisition and manpower recruitment for organizations across sectors. Our placement services in Pune can help you in recruiting for any role, including fresh talents and top executes, temporary to permanent manpower, senior to ground-level staffing, special talent requirements.

Permanent Staffing:

It includes end-to-end staffing solutions for a diverse range of disciplines and industries. We help to build productive teams and assist with candidate retention.

Temporary Staffing:

We help you find the best qualified candidates for temporary roles or positions. Whether it is for one-off projects, or to meet sudden needs of scaling up operations, or to fill a short-term vacancy, find candidates with the right expertise, knowledge, and set of skills.

Contractual Hiring:

Our expertise in contractual hiring enables fast placements for all your “hire on the go” needs. Whether you want to plan staff augmentation or fill positions based on contractual roles or opt for contract-to direct staffing, our placement consultants in Pune will enable you to make the right hiring decisions.

Specialized Talent Acquisition:

Finding professionals with highly specialized certifications in any domain is always challenging. As our agency has wide contacts in most domains across industries, we are able to fulfill your specialised talent hiring needs with excellence.

Executive Search:

Find the best headhunters for meeting your executive search requirements for a range of roles from managerial positions to subject matter experts and specialists.

Leadership Recruitment:

Framing custom, relevant, and outcome-oriented recruitment strategies, we are able to recruit the best leaders for your company’s growth.

Remote Placement:

We have extensive experience in remote team recruitment – onshore, nearshore, and offshore.

Choose Our Placement Services in Pune!

Being a successful recruitment firm, Alliance Recruitment Agency has won the trust of thousands of companies. When you choose our placement services in Pune, your staffing needs can be easily fulfilled in no time. Our team of experts screen the candidates keeping your criteria at centre and helps you in recruiting the best one. Our network and process separates us from the rest. Whether you are starting a new business or already have an established one, Alliance Recruitment Agency, as placement consultants in Pune, will be able to meet all your recruitment requirements.
  • In depth knowledge of market

    With experience of more than 11 years, we understand the market and requirements of the market. We present the candidates as per your requirement.
  • Dealing with hard to find posts

    With our network and database, your hard to fill post can be easily occupied with talented candidates once you hire our services.
  • Huge Talent Pool

    We have huge talent pools of skilled candidates and track and trace talent efficiently. Our capabilities allow you to bridge your talent gaps and overcome manpower shortage.
  • High quality candidates

    The candidates we shortlist for any position will always be those who fit the bill on each specified requirement.
  • Short term and long term staffing solutions

    We provide end-to-end recruitment support for short term requirements too, for any specific project and special needs.
  • Reduced time of hiring

    Our system of hiring is smooth and supportive. Our skilled professionals assist at all the stages to make the process more easy-going.
  • Round the time Support

    Our team is always there to support, starting from screening to post recruitment documentation. We assist in each and every step to make sure that you are having the best experience of recruitment.
Whether you are a new firm or an already established business giant, you need to recruit a top executive or staff a new division, finding the right human resources for your organization becomes more effective through our placement services!