What Employers Look For In a Potential Candidate

What Employers Look For In A Potential Candidate


There are different things that employers look for in a potential candidate. The more that you stand out to that employer and fit these standards, the more chances you have on landing the job. Employers search for the best employee for their organization; not only technical skills but also the soft skills each candidate brings to the table.

The following qualities are things that employers look for when hiring the ideal candidate.


Every job requires the ability to communicate effectively. Whether that means verbally or in writing, employees communicate with each other and their managers on the daily. Every candidate needs to have the correct communication skills in order to be able to succeed in their job.

Someone who shows great communication skills knows how to listen to others as well as respond to certain situations they are put in. During an interview, employers look for the candidate that will be able to respond best to the questions and scenarios they get put in front of them. This is to test your problem-solving skills and predict how you would handle specific situations. Sacha Ferrandi; a real estate expert reminds us “Employees need to have strong communication skills not just internally within the team but also show they are capable to use that communication when it comes to speaking with clients and keeping things always at a professional level”.

Motivation and Passion

A great candidate will show the motivation to better themselves and their skillset for their future and their career. Someone who expresses themselves passionate and confident about their work will put that motivation to their daily work and have a better chance of succeeding at what they do. Employees who show motivation and an eagerness to continuously learn, are more likely to stay with a company for a longer period.

An employee without passion does not deliver the same quality of work as an employee that is driven with a passion to excel in their job. Business expert and manufacturer of RFID wristbands Jeff Arnett claims “An organization can be affected by the lack of passion of an individual, therefore an onboarding employee needs to show the right amount of motivation to be able to succeed in their role”.


The skills an employee carries from previous experience and how they can apply it to the job they are applying for. Employers not only look for educationally qualified employees with the necessary skill set for the job but also for candidates who stand out with other exceptional skills. When an employee shows leadership skills, it shows the employer that they are capable of taking charge if needed down the line.

Employers look for ambitious candidates that are willing to take on new challenges and find a way to overcome those challenges. Someone who is not afraid of taking on new tasks and will have the best interest for the company.

Aside from how you work individually, an employer will always look for someone who can succeed both individually and while working along with others. Any organization requires teamwork at some point in order

Culture Fit and Adaptability

When it comes to hiring employees, you need to make sure they are a good fit for the culture of the company. The right individual will share the same values of the company. When an individual relates or shares the same values of the organization, they develop a better sense of belonging for the organization. An employee should be able to adapt to the work environment and feel like they are part of a team.

Every industry requires the ability to stay relevant in an everchanging world as the world of technology evolves. Employers look for candidates that are capable to adapt and stay current to the everchanging world especially to stay relevant and ahead of competitors. Advertising recruiters and kitchen faucet supplier Wesley Ward states “Although familiarity is a good thing to look for when getting a new job, it is also important for a candidate to have the confidence and ability to take on new tasks and keep up with the latest trends and tools for the benefit of the business”.


As the hiring process proceeds, when the time comes for an interview, it is the chance to make a great first impression. How a candidate presents themselves in the interview says a lot about them and how they carry themselves.

Showing up with a smile, a positive attitude, and enthusiasm for the role will make a good impression. Employers seek an individual who is outgoing and overall a good energy to be around. Someone can have the qualifications needed for the job but if their personality is not one that is appealing to others, they might not be the best fit. An individual’s personality can make a difference during an interview since it can take the conversation in such a positive direction.

An employer seeks an employee who is dependable, who can take make decisions on their own when needed, and someone who has a strong work ethic. Being dependable shows that an employer can rely on you for following through with important tasks and deadlines. Things like being on time to an interview, following up with requests throughout the application processes, and mentioning times where they went above and beyond to get things done to meet specific deadlines. Employers look for this kind of employee to bring onto their team.