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Addis Ababa is a massive, highly developed city that is in constant need of manpower to sustain its ever-growing tourism, manufacturing, agriculture, and food processing industries. This requires the help of experienced job agencies who excel at talent acquisition in such diverse sectors, and we at Alliance Recruitment Agency are here to help.

Alliance Recruitment Agency is the best job agency in Addis Ababa you could ask for. We have sourced manpower and talented recruits to thousands of companies in Ethiopia and worldwide while helping thousands of job seekers find successful placements in Ethiopia and other African countries.

Our work agency in Addis Ababa helps employers and job seekers, ensuring 100% compliance with rules and regulations.

Find Your Addis Ababa Recruitment Expert

Being the capital of Ethiopia, there is a greater need for manpower in Addis Ababa, owing to the numerous industries in this city. As one of the best recruitment agencies in Addis Ababa, we present to you our wide range of recruitment services which prove why we are the best in town. Our excellent, wide-ranging services, along with our commitment and expertise, are unparalleled.

Global and Local Staffing Services in Addis Ababa

We are among the few recruitment agencies in Addis Ababa that provide world-class recruitment services across industry segments. Our expansive global networks will ensure that you get the best global talent from across the world for your international and local operations.

Industry-Specific Manpower Services in Addis Ababa

Our industry experts have decades of experience in hand-picking the best candidates perfectly suited for the job or the industry concerned. Our work agency in Addis Ababa has experience and expertise of over a decade. Our wide experience has allowed us insight into numerous industries, allowing us to successfully deliver on all kinds of recruitment projects from across industries and sectors.

If you are looking for a job agency in Addis Ababa, look no further and contact us now. Our team of experts, our efficient management, and our satisfied clients will attest to our claim of being the best work agency in Addis Ababa.

One Of The Top Recruitment Agencies in Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa’s ever-expanding businesses and industries require competent recruiting skills. These are big shoes to fill, and Alliance Recruitment Agency is already up for this challenge. We are experienced in recruitment management and have completed numerous projects all across the world with our expertise and simple, thorough, and efficient recruiting process.

Our services are comprehensive.

Manpower Consulting in Addis Ababa

As a consultancy, we are committed to providing valuable assistance to you for all your recruiting needs. Our experience in the recruiting space is all at your disposal. Our wide variety of experts in various industries is going to give their best to assist you so that your vacancies get filled with the most appropriate recruiting model possible.

End-to-End Recruitment Services in Addis Ababa

Our end-to-end services will allow you to place the entire process in our hands as we deliver the best candidates to you and take up all parts of the process, from sourcing to management and pretty much everything else. You can save your own resources and get everything done from us in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

RPO Services in Addis Ababa

Our RPO services depend on our vast talent pool of local and global talent and experts with decades of experience, which means it’s entirely reliable and unparalleled in Addis Ababa.

Remote, Outsourced, Project-Based Hiring Services in Addis Ababa

Our services are prepared for all kinds of recruitment methods, even remote hiring. Our RPO team is extremely skilled and delivers the best candidates to you, and saves tons of time.

Also, if you ever need candidates tailor-made for some ambitious project of yours, look no further. We can deliver to you candidates hand-picked and eligible to take on the role.

Executive Search Services in Addis Ababa

We have successfully closed many senior-level searches for higher roles like CEOs and CFOs. We use numerous methods like investigative market research, focused networking, and the knowledge and experience of our search consultants to look for the most suitable candidates fit for the job.

With so much experience and services that leave behind all competition in Addis Ababa, there should be no doubt that we are the go-to job agency in Addis Ababa. Work with us and make use of our capabilities to the fullest extent.

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Expert Knowledge of Recruitment Industry and Practices in Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa is a huge city, making its industries complex and competitive. Our market insight powered by superior, new technology allows us to analyze and correctly apply our knowledge to get a better understanding of the industries in Addis Ababa. You can rest assured that our expertise is bound to make your campaigns a success.

Flexible Recruitment Solutions To Suit Every Business Need

Our numerous recruiting and hiring models allow an incredible amount of flexibility. You can be sure to pick the one that suits your company the best, and our team will do the rest. Our expertise extends to multiple countries, sectors, and industries, and our services offer a wide variety of options.

What are your manpower consultancy and staffing needs?

  • Top Leadership Recruitment: Senior professionals are difficult to find, and only experienced agencies like ours have it in us to get you the right recruits.
  • Director Recruitment: We have helped numerous clients with their director recruitment needs while ensuring highly successful placements.
  • Project Management Recruitment: We make sure that you find responsible, qualified, and knowledgeable candidates who are eligible to work on your projects.
  • Managerial Staffing: We have served as a management employment agency for 10,000+ organizations in 20+ countries.
  • Industry-Specific Specialized Talent Sourcing: Our sourcing and selection processes are geared towards the industry concerned to ensure only the most eligible are considered for your company.
  • HR and Office Management Staffing: We are skilled in our recruitment process for HR and other office management posts.
  • Finance And Accounting Recruitment: Finding it difficult to get the right employees for financial and accounting work. We can get you the best recruits.
  • Sales And Marketing Recruitment: We have a great database of professionals working in sales and marketing, so rest assured that the candidates we bring to you are top-class.
  • Other Recruitment Services: Our vast resources allow us to cover everything related to your recruitment needs.

We Support All Hiring Models

  • In-House, Direct-Hire Staffing: We assure great hiring quality and efficiency for permanent staffing.
  • Contractual and Temp Hiring: Find the right staff for temporary or contractual roles with ease.
  • Remote And Cross-Border Hiring: We serve in more than 25 countries and so are fully equipped to deal with all kinds of cross-border and remote hiring needs.
  • Outsourced Manpower Hiring: If you are tired of overspending on recruitment without getting the right results, choose the recruitment process outsourcing.
  • Offshore Staffing: We can serve you no matter where your offices or operations are!

We Offer Complete Support

  • Global/Addis Ababa Recruitment Regulatory Compliance: We comply with all rules, regulatory standards, and ethical standards across the globe and in Ethiopia.
  • Competent, Virtual Recruitment Support: Our team can support you whenever you want, wherever you want, without any hassle.
  • Guiding Future Hires With Employment Procedures: We provide training and can equip your fresh hires with all the knowledge required for future hiring.
  • Guidance With Work Permit And Relocation Procedures: Relocations and work permits can be cumbersome, so leave it to us, and we will get them done with efficiency.
  • Advisory Services For Solving Talent Acquisition Problems: Our team can advise you regarding any issues you might be facing in your recruitment procedures.

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12+ Years Recruitment Experience:

Our immense experience is what makes us stand out. We keep growing and improving our resources to fulfill the needs of our clients.

Industry-Specific Vast Talent Pools:

We recruit across sectors and industries through our expert recruiters and vast databases.

Tech-Enabled, Efficient Recruitment Management:

We use the latest technology to make sure our methods are up-to-date with the swiftly developing world.

Flexibility And Scalability:

We are capable of scaling our operations according to your needs, and our flexible models let you pick out what suits you the best.

100% Compliance And Transparency:

Our transparent management will give you deep insights into all key metrics.

24/7 Support:

Our support team is available to help you 27/7, whenever you need them.

We reach out to any inquiries or service requests in a prompt manner – within a business day! Our customer service team is open 24/7 to respond to any questions.