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Recruitment Agency in Angola

Angola being one of the largest export markets of the U.S and a main oil producer for the world attracts businesses worldwide. There is a lot of talent in Angola to recruit from. As one of the most experienced recruitment agencies in Angola, Alliance Recruitment Agency offers a range of solutions for recruitment in Angola.

If you are searching for an Angola recruitment agency, you are in the right place. We have a decade of experience in sourcing manpower for companies in Angola and have helped thousands of local and international companies with recruitment in Angola.

We are among the most competent recruitment agencies in Angola offering placement and employment opportunities in all key sectors in the country.

Find Talent in Angola

Enrich your company’s workforce by recruiting diverse talent from Angola with us. When you’re searching for manpower or recruitment in Angola, you have to be well versed with the employment compliance guidelines and regulations there. Alliance Recruitment Agency is among the best recruitment agencies in Angola that has thorough knowledge about the regulations to skillfully assist you.

Find Talent From Across India, GCC, and other Asian Countries

Finding exceptional and knowledgeable leaders to fulfill top leadership and director-level positions in Angola can be fast and efficient when you get access to talent from within the country as well as from Asia.

With us, you can find talent from across India, GCC, and other Asian Countries to enhance the quality of top leadership in your organization. We have filled thousands of C-level, senior management, director-level, and mid-management positions. Partner with us for executive search services for your Angolan operations.

Find Talent From Anywhere In The World

As specialists in the recruiting process, our agency offers access to a vast talent pool around the globe. We are proud of our ability to connect with talented professionals and of our worldwide talent network spanning 50+ industry segments.

The teams of consultants working in the company are equipped with the knowledge to skillfully source diverse manpower for local and international companies expanding their business in Angola. We offer prompt and reliable solutions to onshore and global recruitment needs.

Alliance Recruitment Agency is a global company with the ability to serve all your recruitment needs in Angola. Whether you are an Angolan company looking for local and global manpower resources or an organization expanding operations in Angola, connect with us for excellent manpower consultancy and recruitment services.

One Of The Best Recruitment Agencies in Angola

In Country Services

Alliance Recruitment Agency is experienced in ensuring compliant, comprehensive, and efficient recruitment solutions in Angola. Your search for “top Angola recruitment agency” ends here.

Understanding local laws and regulations about employment, work permits, work contracts, and immigration is essential to ensure compliant and reliable recruitment in Angola. If your company needs recruiters with wide experience in managing staffing and placement in Angola, we are your best choice. Find recruitment consultants with in-depth knowledge to source manpower from within target locations in Angola, across Africa, and other continents. Our services are comprehensive.

Recruitment Services

Alliance Recruitment Agency offers end-to-end recruitment services in Angola, right from preparing job descriptions, mapping talent, and sourcing candidates to interview management and offer management.

RPO and Managed Services

With recruitment process outsourcing, you can avoid investing in in-house recruitment infrastructure and resources and direct the funds to other core needs. Our RPO team will fulfill all recruitment needs of your Angolan operations. You can scale up or down the team of recruiters across the year based on your hiring requirements.

Executive Search Services

Find the right professionals on time to fill vacancies related to critical roles and top-level positions through our executive search services. We offer executive search services for filling C-level positions( CEO, COO, CFO, CIO, CTO, CSO) and for filling senior management positions such as Vice President and directors.

Consulting and Advisory Services

Alliance Recruitment Agency devises custom solutions to find the best solution for different talent acquisition challenges. Our experience in extensive talent mapping provides us with in-depth insight into improving talent attraction, talent availability, and hiring outcomes.

Alliance Recruitment Agency understands the competition and has the skills to expertly source diverse Angolan talent for your staffing needs. Partner with us to receive world-class recruitment services!

Global And Local Angola Recruitment Agency

Alliance Recruitment Agency assures excellence in recruitment management for employers as well as for talented professionals seeking jobs in Angola. We offer reliable solutions in total compliance with Angolan laws. Our team assists candidates selected for employment through guidance about immigration and relocation.

Our Angolan recruiters will help you with every step of manpower search and hiring, reducing outcomes across processes and the time to hire.

What are your manpower requirements?

  • C-Suite Executive Search: Find a high-quality curated, expertly sifted shortlist of candidates for C-level positions.
  • Vice President And Director Search And Recruitment: We have experience in filling Vice President roles( finance, operations, sales, etc.). Partner with us!
  • Managerial Recruitment: Find the right managers to lead projects, programs, production processes, business processes, sales, logistics, and other teams.
  • Industry-Specific Manpower Search and Sourcing: Find the best manpower for agribusinesses, metals and mining, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and other sectors.
  • IT Recruitment: Get highly-qualified candidates for roles such as programmers, software engineers, designers, data engineering and analytics, IT technical, etc.
  • Remote Workforce Hiring: We make remote team hiring a smooth process while minimizing risk and ensuring you get a quality remote workforce.

Support With All Hiring Models

  • In-House And Onsite
  • Field Services
  • Outsourced Team Hiring
  • Temp Staffing
  • Virtual Staffing

End-To-End Support

  • Angolan/Global Employment Regulations Compliance: Our services include thorough document checks and reporting of all procedures demonstrating compliance.
  • Virtual Recruitment And Interview Management Support: Through mobile-friendly, virtual recruitment, we speed up talent acquisition while attracting quality job seekers.
  • Helping Selected Candidates With Information And Procedures: We offer guidance to candidates you have selected for interviews.
  • Support With Work Permit and Relocation Procedures: Our recruiters are prompt in responding to all queries of selected hires regarding visas, permits, and relocation.
  • Problem Solving And Coordination For Hiring Managers: Hiring talent from diverse locations is never easy. We are always there to assist hiring managers.

Alliance Recruitment Agency is a trusted solution in workforce recruitment. Partner with us to recruit skilled professionals to your company in Angola!

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