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Alliance – Recruitment Agency in Birmingham

At Alliance, we are one of the best recruitment agencies in Birmingham, focused on delivering personalized recruitment services to businesses of all types and sizes. Alliance teams are seasoned hiring professionals who have had first hand experience across a wide variety of industries in the most established corporations. Our recruitment consultants and headhunters have got the depth and drive to understand your workforce needs, determine the right talent for the job and make the perfect match. We believe that matching people with jobs is both an art and a science and we are committed to improving it every single day.

Unlike other staffing firms, Alliance believes that defining what you want and what you don’t want is a critical step in the recruitment process in order to present you with the best possible match. Therefore our teams will conduct extensive discussions with your key stakeholders to understand the scope of your workforce demands and plans on remuneration. Based on our study we will determine and deliver the right talent with the right combination of skills, qualifications and experience. If you are an employer seeking to hire highly skilled and experienced employees for your organization, contact Alliance recruitment agency in Birmingham.

Alliance – The Top Recruitment Agencies in Birmingham

We are among the leading recruitment agencies in Birmingham since 2010, we aim at offering a number of staffing options for our clients from temporary, contract to hire and permanent placement options. Whether you require a temp to cover one of your employees on a long term absence, make a new hire permanent after a short evaluation period or an executive to fill in a key position, Alliance has got you covered with the ideal staffing solution that suits your needs. Choose Alliance Recruitment Agency as your preferred recruiter in Birmingham and we guarantee to connect you with the ideal candidates of your minds, that makes a perfect fit for your organization.

Since 2010, Alliance has dedicated its efforts towards one main goal – connect our client organizations with the best talent that can contribute in driving their businesses in the direction of success. Our recruitment consultants, headhunters and other members of the recruitment teams work tirelessly to assist our clients to make the perfect hire that matches their vacant positions as well as their organizations. Our collaborative approach enables us to develop effective working relationships with both the employers and candidates, allowing us to better understand the needs of both parties. With Alliance teams by your side, we have got you covered.

The Best Recruitment Agencies in Birmingham

Contact Alliance for transforming your recruitment in Birmingham. One of our account managers will reach out to you with a free of charge consultation to discuss your specific hiring needs and requirements. At Alliance Recruitment Agency, our headhunters and recruitment specialists will work tirelessly until we find the ideal professionals who meet the demands of your vacant positions.

  • Clarification of Client Requirements – What we often hear from potential clients is that “I want a recruiter who actually listens to my needs”. At Alliance, our recruiters excel at listening to your needs carefully and determining the right talent for your position. We will initiate the recruitment process by conducting in-depth discussions with your hiring managers to fully understand your needs.
  • Research and Candidate Identification – With highly specialized research experts and professional recruiters, we will engage in meaningful and objective research to identify the right candidate for the job. Once the research is over, our teams will start reaching out to potential candidates that meet the specific requirements at the outset and continue the search until we find the perfect talent.
  • Interview and Evaluation – The sourced pool of candidates will be subjected to a series of interviews from telephone interviews to face to face interviews. Our recruitment specialists will rigorously evaluate each and every candidate to assess their skills, knowledge and personality characteristics. We will also conduct a thorough reference checking process on the top candidates.
  • Presentation – Once interviewing, evaluation and reference checking processes have been completed, Alliance staffing agency Birmingham teams will provide you a shortlist of the top candidates. We assure you that the candidates that we deliver match your technical competencies as well as your personality requirements. Finally, you can decide who will be joining your organization and filling in your vacant positions.

Why Choose Alliance Recruitment Agency?

The robust talent evaluation and assessment methodologies that we follow at Alliance Recruitment Agency allows us to rigorously assess the candidates’ transferable skills, industry knowledge, working style and corporate fit and ensure whether they have the skills to handle your positions effectively. Partner with Alliance and let our expert recruiters in Birmingham make your next successful hire.

  • Widespread Expertise Across Industries – Alliance recruitment consultants and headhunters have the expertise as well as the resources to provide high quality candidates across any industry imaginable. From operational and technical employees to mid level managers and senior executives, we cover all types and levels of positions in the corporate hierarchy in almost every industry.
  • High Touch Focus – What sets us apart from other recruitment agencies in Birmingham is our focus to deliver customized staffing solutions tailored to your needs and specifications. Your dedicated Alliance account manager will strive to ensure that you remain thrilled and satisfied with our services throughout the recruitment process until we connect you with the ideal candidate for the job.
  • Exceptional Track Record since 2010 – As a leading recruitment agency in Birmingham since 2010, we are being trusted by small private firms to the most established corporations for delivering top-notch talent tailored to their hiring needs. Alliance recruiters have been successful at delivering candidates that have maintained a much higher retention rate than the industry averages.