Recruitment Model

Recruitment Model

Engage With Recruitment Process Models For Enhancing Business Processes

It is true that every recruitment agency has different models of engagement. Alliance International has a disciplined set of the recruitment process that will help you maximize your output with the help of effective planning in payroll processes and by hiring quality resources.

There are different recruitment services models that we offer you based on your specific requirements. We assess your business needs and provide customize recruitment solutions in an integral fashion.

Recruitment Model of Dedicated Resource

  • Alliance International specializes in the model of dedicated resources to augment your business growth in full propriety.
  • It is a dedicated mode of engagement where our team will work directly for you and will adhere to your organizational goals and objectives in a comprehensive manner.
  • It is important to note in this aspect that we have observed that this model is one of the best methods to hire quality resources as the team fully understands your priorities and industry pattern with time.
  • We will work as an extension of your business activities as you focus on your key areas while we take care of the KPI’s and all the administrative processes in a comprehensive fashion.
  • You are provided complete flexibility as you can hire as per your project based needs.

Highlights of DRM

  • DRM provides several benefits like
  • Increased transparency and communication with security adherence
  • Reduction of costs and quality management
  • Regular monitoring of activities
  • Comprehensive control over the hiring process and access to experienced team of experts in sourcing

The process of Build Operate Transfer Model

Alliance International provides this model to clients if they are looking to launch their activities overseas. We provide comprehensive support regarding infrastructure, hiring as well as payroll services.


  • Access to partners locally who are reliable
  • Reduction of risks in setting up the business in a foreign nation
  • Reduction of time in setting up a viable concern of repute
  • A glance at the benefits
  • Swift handling of services with expertise
  • Improvement in quality of processes and resources
  • Consistent and quicker turnaround time.