Scholarship Program For High School Seniors

About Scholarship

Are you a high school student, and looking for a scholarship program which can help you in paying for your further studies in food-related field? Your search ends here, as we have Alliance has come up with a new scholarship program which aids students who have enrolled for or planning to enroll for a course in cooking after their high school education.

The winners of this scholarship get $5000 reward which they can use for their tuition and living expenses during the tenure of their study course in the cooking field. Besides, the monetary reward, the students get a certificate, which adds a feather to their hat.

About Alliance

Alliance Recruitment Agency is world-renowned in getting placements for cooks and chefs in topmost hotels and restaurants located globally. The job of a cook or chef is highly significant when it comes to running the business in the hospitality industry. We have been successful in fulfilling the requirement of cooks & chefs in hotels and restaurants worldwide. At the same time, we help cooks & chefs to acquire their dream job. Working as a bridge between manpower and companies, we have always ensured to balance the demand and supply in this field.

Do you aim to build a successful career in medical staffing? Is your next career step is to become a high-earning virtual receptionist? If these and more such career opportunities are in your wish list, you must apply to the Scholarship Program for High School Seniors announced by a global recruitment agency, Alliance Recruitment Agency.

It is not only one of the leading medical staffing agencies but a popular recruitment firm in all domains and industries. We have been serving the interest of companies and students or job seekers simultaneously to support building a promising global economy. From offering the best hospitality staffing solutions to letting you find the most suitable job, we are a trusted name in this field. So, apply to our scholarship program to ensure your career is lastingly flourishing.

Criteria For Applying

To apply for this cooking scholarship program, you need to fulfill the below criteria –

  • The student should be either citizen or permanent resident of USA or Canada.
  • The student should have enrolled or planning to enroll for a course of study in cooking after high school education.
  • The student must have completed high school education.

Application Process

To apply for this scholarship program, all you need to send us a video link showing a unique recipe of your choice. Email us the video link on before 15th May of every year.

Along with the video link, you also need to email us the below mentioned details –

  • First and Last Name
  • Email id
  • Contact Information
  • Current Resume
  • Name of the College/University/Institute Enrolled for or planning to enroll

Our panel of judges would shortlist the talented candidates and will upload the names of the winners on our official website by 31st May of every year.

Terms and Conditions

  • Alliance Recruitment Agency reserves the right to verify the information provided by the candidates (Name, Student ID number, college/institution, and course of study).
  • The scholarship would be awarded based on certain criteria which includes uniqueness of the recipe, presentation, and passion towards cooking and willingness to grow in the cooking field.
  • In case the video submitted is not original and is plagiarised, Alliance Recruitment Agency has the right to reject that application straightaway.
  • A panel of creative experts would be choosing the winners of this scholarship program.
  • The scholarship would be awarded in the form of a one-time reward of $1000
  • Alliance Recruitment Agency has the right to publish the photo of the winners, and award details on the website Alliance Recruitment Agency
  • Alliance Recruitment Agency holds the right to change the rules and regulations before awarding the scholarship except the reward amount agreed upon
  • Alliance Recruitment Agency would not be sharing or selling the students’ data to any third party company or person.
  • The last date for submitting application is 15 May of every year and results would be announced by 31 May of every year
  • Only USA and Canada citizens or legal citizens are eligible to apply

Important Note

In case, you try to submit your application or query on any other email besides or try to contact our phone numbers mentioned on our website regarding this scholarship program; your application can have a negative impact.