Talent Acquisition Strategy 2021 – 7 Innovative Steps For Recruitment Process

Innovative Steps For Recruitment Process

The talent acquisition strategy is considered a long-term framework adopted by the HR department to fulfill the requirements of an enterprise. The recruitment teams tend to optimize the acquisition model as per the strategy to find the right manpower resources to fill talent needs across teams across the enterprise.

The recruitment procedure is framed in a way that the right talent and skill sets are identified, and brilliant candidates are chosen. These candidates are motivated to bring their vision, skills, and expertise to the table and help the company thrive.

Talent acquisition strategy plays an important role in identifying, finding, hiring, and retaining talented professionals in a way that the company’s existing and potential manpower needs are met on time and are result-oriented. Framing the right strategies for different divisions or teams is essential for the fulfillment of long-term and short-term business goals.

If you are a company hiring remote teams, work-from-home teams and would like to tap into a stronger and flexible talent pool, you would need to revise your global talent recruitment strategies to adapt to current scenarios. Sticking to old and even tried-and-tested methods might not have much relevance in the 2021 recruitment scenarios.

Many companies with high volume hiring needs are still spending thousands of dollars worth of manhours and resources every week or month on searching, screening, and tracking applications. Their hiring efficiencies continue to remain low. It is worth finding out what technology could cut down on employee workloads and make hiring processes optimized and efficient. For example, investing in the right talent acquisition artificial intelligence and automation software for talent search and application screening could improve recruitment efficiency 5x to 10x.

Automation in talent acquisition processes is gaining momentum and much wider acceptance. It is not about reducing headcount but enabling recruiters to leverage time and best practices to make hiring per role highly effective.

You could consult with a competent recruitment agency that can assess your company’s or recruitment team’s strategy, approach, and practices and suggest your best-fit suggestions for making recruitment more strategic and technology-enabled. We have presented seven innovative steps for optimizing recruitment strategies and processes in 2021.

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Talent Acquisition Strategy For Success In 2021: Seven Innovative Steps

1. Optimization of Organization’s Career Website / Resources

Optimizing your organization’s career web pages or website will provide you with increasing opportunities for attracting talent with ease. When you have business requirements that require specialized talent or great skill sets, you would need to invest in creating web pages that enhance your outlook as a good workplace.

The career pages should be optimized for improving user experience. The pages should include a clear call to action, incentivizing the data of the job itself. It should include a detailed description of the work culture, company values, mission, benefits, requirements for the applicants, and the standard question “why do you want to be here?”

Also, you would need to invest in the right SEO to attract job seekers from the right talent pools. Career website optimization includes mobile optimization of the career web pages and resources too. There are a number of social media optimization tools that also help you explore and increase your opportunities of tapping the right talent.

2. Application Tracking Process Optimization

The application process is one of the biggest challenges to deal with. A company might have a database of 100,000 and more applicant details acquired over the years. Some companies with high volume hiring have a database of half a million candidate information collected over 10+ years.

Also, for each vacancy, companies get 100-1000 applications. If half the time of your talent acquisition team is spent on tracking talent, applications, and screening and filtering resumes, you are faced with unknown or hidden recruitment costs as well as inefficiencies.

Investing in talent acquisition artificial intelligence-supported automation systems enables you to optimize recruitment processes, decreasing the hiring cycle time by 50% or over. For meeting global talent recruitment needs, investing in automation in talent acquisition will allow you to track, compare, score, and find the best-matched candidates with ease, provided your recruiters get the right training to manage all tasks.

You could also partner with a global talent recruitment agency that can get make candidate search, application management, candidate shortlisting, and interview scheduling with optimum efficiency and minimizing overall costs.

3. Scaling up Remote Recruitment Capacities

You might already have gained experience in remote recruitment during the pandemic. Hiring remote teams has become a common practice for companies to cope with new project needs and workload management. Lack of knowledge, approach, and action plans, however, affected remote hiring outcomes for many companies. As the pandemic continues to increase uncertainties, remote team hiring is going to stay.

Through consultations and workshops, you could train your management teams and HR teams to enhance remote recruitment processes. It would be a good idea to partner with a recruitment agency with the capability to make remote recruitment smart and effective. A competent manpower agency will have the resources to take care of your local and global talent recruitment needs with ease

4. Talent Acquisition Innovations for Virtual Workforce

Many companies have come forward with the concept of wielding the virtual space towards promoting a healthy work culture. Many companies have transitioned to utilizing the virtual workforce by shifting the directive. According to a study, about 65% of employers registered with any acquisition agency feel that incorporating a virtual workforce is the “need of the hour” in the post-pandemic world.

It has become essential to strategize for talent acquisition innovations to keep pace with the competition in virtual hiring for both local and global talent recruitment. Leveraging talent acquisition artificial intelligence software backed with machine learning capabilities and data analytics in addition to automation has transformed recruitment and retention outcomes.

5. Increased Focus on Behavioral Traits Assessment and Retention

The importance of retaining talent based on personality assessment is becoming a widely adopted practice. With the personality assessment, the screening of work-at-home and remote candidates will become more efficient.

With a comprehensive evaluation method that includes behavioral traits assessment, the organization can identify the capabilities of the interested job seeker and discern the gaps, commitment levels, and abilities to adapt to the organization’s culture.

6. Investing More in Global Talent Sourcing and Remote Team Management

Companies in one part of the continent are hiring from across the continent and sometimes the globe. You find a lot of companies with virtual teams operating from several countries. As a company, you might also have started looking for talent from international locations.

There are hundreds of challenges related to global talent recruitment and management. To remove risks and find best-match professionals, it is important to invest in developing systems, datasets, machine learning algorithms so that you can capably use HR analytics and improve talent search and tracking. Automation in talent acquisition could be about screening applications and profiles based on the right criteria.

7. Intelligent Employer Branding

Focusing on the strategic planning of employer branding is an important step towards acquiring employees. It attracts potential employees while retaining the existing ones. A well-structured employer brand will strengthen the sense of the relationship between the employer and the employee.

It is significant towards the promotion of progressive work culture and increased employee loyalty levels and retention. With the rightly structured employer branding solution, you could get a competitive edge in hiring. You could take the help of a global recruitment solutions provider for framing the best employer branding action plan.

Three Key Tech-enabled Talent Acquisition Enhancements

1. Use of bots for enhancing job seeker or applicant experience

A tech-enabled system using AI bots enables the feature of creating an active communication chain between job seekers and an employer. The consistency of a conversation is maintained, and the feedback and status updates do not leave any room for growing confusion. The inclusion of chatbots makes interaction with potential candidates and job seekers easier to manage.

2. Tech-enabled Interview Scheduling

This covers many aspects, such as the inclusion of bots, chatbots, and conversational AI, and automated scheduling.

3. Robotic Process Automation-Talent Acquisition Data Management

Robotic process automation in recruitment makes many repetitive tasks and time-consuming tasks 100% accurate and easier to manage. What is needed 1-2 days becomes manageable in minutes or a few hours. By leveraging robotic process automation in talent acquisition, you cut down on search and screening time and optimize outcomes.

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