Teacher Placement Agencies

Teacher Placement Agencies

Education sector today is growing day by day and there is a marked outgrowth in recent years. Day by day the education industry is coming up with new projects for schools, colleges, institutes that could enable the youth to gain more knowledge. Alliance international is one of the leading Teacher Placement Agencies, highly engaged in providing specialized services to meet the requirement for talented professionals in the education sector, worldwide. We have a dedicated team of professionals continuously working to find the right candidate for our esteemed clients in the Education Sector.

We offer our services to all levels of schooling, from KG to high school level, as well as placing teachers from entry level to principals. We at our company follow a customized approach for each of our clients and we comprehend that there can be varied differences in the requirements for subjects for different schools. We make sure that the talent and skills you are looking for in your potential employee exist or he is well trained before they joined your college or institute. Considering in mind the financial crisis, we keep the cost of hiring very reasonable with our unique business approach.

School Teacher Recruitment

We believe that for every successful business, the most important thing is good relationships. That’s why we always focus to maintain a long-term relationship with our valuable clients. From visiting schools and understanding their exact requirements, to meeting personally with each of our teachers, we nurture a connection to make sure that they are successful in the long term. Our school recruitment agencies team is well known for its focus on long-term success and our cultural programs for teachers. The selection process at our company for School Teacher Recruitment is based on a systematic approach which is proactive and target oriented.

  • Build an understanding of the school :

    To facilitate the better process, we meet you to understand the schools’ history and culture.
  • Develop the Position Specification :

    As per the discussion, we prepare a position specification document. This serves as critical information, which is shared with potential candidates for the position.
  • Identify Suitable Candidates :

    Once after the approval of the client for the Position Specification, we will begin to search for talented candidates by using our vast network.
  • Evaluation and Shortlist :

    After a detailed evaluation of the candidates in terms of knowledge, skills, and experience, we create a list of shortlisted candidates.
  • Interviews :

    We then conduct interviews with the shortlisted candidates with your client. On getting the feedback from you about the interview, we will work with you to make the final shortlist.
  • Follow-Up:

    We remain in contact with the hired candidate for a specific period he/ she has started on the assignment.

Teacher Recruitment Consultant

Alliance international helps clients with this recruitment challenges and ensure that their staff is associated with their corporate business goals. This process is done with the help of educationalists and trainers at the right levels. We work with candidates on a long-term basis, identifying their personal ambitions and career and then help them to take that next important step. If you are looking for high and educated teachers who can shape young minds and train them to face the tough world competition, we are here to provide exactly what you want to guide your students to excellence. Our teacher employment agencies are different from others because of the following:

  • We are master in our task. We have gained a reputed image in the education sector for being capable, clear, and trustworthy.
  • We are remarkably specific about the teaching recruitment agencies and schools that we work with.
  • We contribute as much vitality screening our institutions as we do our teachers.
  • Our teacher recruitment consultant exceeds desires at making instant placements.
  • We are very specific about the teachers that we work with. We don’t recognize just anyone into our program and simply work with the highly skilled teachers.
  • We provide a full extent of teachers to trainers that have years of experience under their belts, and certified and seasoned educators.