The Top 10 Skills in High Demand for Technical Recruitment in 2023

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To hire technical talent, the right insights into the competition and compensation based on skill sets are a must. Find guidance from top global technical recruiters.

Technology recruitment is the trickiest of all hiring activities. You invest a lot into maintaining in-house tech recruiters and depend on them to figure out whom to hire and how to go about it.

I will suggest that as a business owner or CEO, take some time to go over the data of the last few years and track every cent spent by in-house technical recruitment teams. Compare it with outcomes like retention, impact on revenues, interview-to-hire ratios based on skill sets, and impact on client satisfaction.

Most likely, you will be staggered.

What is the solution?

Equip yourself with some real market knowledge, not the buzz and the hype that is influencing your in-house recruitment teams.
Here is a blog curated by taking information from global technical employment agencies and technical recruitment specialists.

Technical Recruitment Specialists Indicate Facts That Every Business Owner Should Know

The CEO or business owners investing in tech recruitment will need to take time to get a bird’s-eye view of the tech job market. Depend on real knowledge, which can only be shared by global technical recruitment specialists with extensive experience.

  • Find out what kind of skills are most demanded in the market.
  • Understand skill sets and their value and map them with your project needs or in-house digital transformation needs.
  • Figure out if in-house tech hiring is based on opinions and buzz-increasing articles or hardcore market intelligence.
  • Improve technical recruitment practices.
  • Improve technical recruitment compensation decisions.

Here’s what our global technical recruitment specialists have found after going through the data of 10,000+ hiring decisions in the last few years and the requirements shared by companies worldwide in 2023.

Technical Recruiters’ List of Top 10 Tech Skills in 2023

1. Data Science And Analytics

Why Does Data Science Top the List? Data science skills are a must for all companies increasing digital maturity levels, which covers 70% of firms across industry sectors.

When the demand is mapped with the talent with specializations in computer science, statistics, Python, and R and experience in machine learning, predictive modeling, and Big Data technologies, the availability figures range between 40%-60% in most countries.

Map Your Talent Needs: If you are planning to hire data science teams or hire data analytics teams, you will need to recruit data engineers, data communicators, Big Data engineers, project coordinators, business process analysts, and experts in computer science and statistics.

2. Cloud Computing

Why Cloud Computing Skills Are Most in Demand: Post 2020, the migration to Cloud has become a critical need for a majority of companies in different sectors. The market size is projected to go beyond USD 2,300 billion by 2032, as per authoritative industry reports.

With the help of a technical recruitment agency, entry-level jobs in Cloud computing can be quickly filled by harnessing talent from key locations in Asia-Pacific, but senior talent is hard-to-find and often seized by the biggest players in any industry. We are talking about Cloud architect skills that include expertise in virtualization and service-oriented architecture or managerial roles in Cloud DevOps engineering and Cloud security.

Map Your Talent Needs: If you are planning to hire Cloud engineer teams, consider certification levels and experience in OpenStack, Linux, AWS Cloud certifications, Google Cloud certifications, and Microsoft Azure. You also need experts in APIs, Cloud security, DevOps, and databases. Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect certification is among the highest paying, for which compensation can cross $140,000.

3. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Why AI jobs have high market demand: AI is not about a set of applications or architecture – it pervades ten thousands of functions across industries. AI is what makes any application intelligent by itself.

The industry demand for AI talent is immeasurable. Chatbots, banking applications, fitness applications, drones, medical devices, biometric applications, location-based applications, game apps, Big Data analysis…the list can count 1000+ functions.

Although the potential for AI is tremendous, people with the right qualifications and experience might cover only up to 20% of the demand, as per top technical employment agencies.

Map Your Talent Needs: You need detailed plans before you hire AI researchers, AI product designers, neural network specialists, AI robotics professionals, or business intelligence AI engineers. Each project will need a different combination of skill sets. It is better to consult with a technical recruitment agency that has mapped the market for the skills you need.

4. Big Data Engineering

Why Big Data engineering demand remains high: Most companies with a huge digital infrastructure in sectors such as retail, healthcare, BFSI, manufacturing, gaming and entertainment, and telecommunication require Big Data management to process the zillions of data flowing in every day.

Technical recruiter companies indicate that the market size for Big Data jobs can only triple by 2030. It is reportedly projected to cross $684.12. The worldwide job markets for senior and top-level professionals in Big Data Engineering and Management are quite tight, creating compensation structures that cross $151,300.

Map Your Talent Needs: To hire senior Big Data engineer teams, you will be looking at 5-10 years of experience in Hadoop, Apache Spark, data mining and modeling, data warehousing, and data structuring and standardization. A technical recruitment agency with experience in Big Data recruitment is your best source for Big Data engineering.

5. DevOps Engineering

Why DevOps demand is skyrocketing: Whether companies need real-time monitoring, incident management, collaboration platforms, Cloud computing, or configuration management, DevOps adoption is the biggest need.

No wonder with the rising need for digitalization, DevOps needs are seeing a corresponding rise. Technical employment agencies report that talent mobility is huge in this domain. Global tech recruitment expertise will become a necessity to find talent quickly.

Map Your Talent Needs: To hire for DevOps projects, you will be considering the recruitment of DevOps software developers, DevOps security engineers, DevOps Cloud engineers, DevOps release managers, DevOps automation architects, and DevOps quality assurance and experience assurance professionals.

6. Information Security

Why Information Security roles are in high demand: Every company with digitalized operations will need information security professionals. According to technical recruiter companies, from hiring a CISO to hiring information security engineers, IT security analysts, and data stewards, the domain covers numerous jobs.

Map Your Talent Needs: To hire a CISO, a director of information security, or senior information security professionals, you cannot afford to ignore certifications such as Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA), or Certified Information Security Manager (CISM).

These certifications are necessary over and above wide experience and academic qualifications, such as a master’s degree in computer science.

7. Cybersecurity

Why the huge demand for cybersecurity roles continues: At the offset, let us offer clarity that although cybersecurity is a part of information security, it has become an industry segment in itself.

With cybercrime risks pervading almost all industries, cybersecurity recruitment has seen a constant rise, most technical recruiter companies report.

Map Your Talent Needs: For junior or assistant roles in cybersecurity, a Google IT Support Professional Certificate is a basic requirement. A GIAC Certified Incident Handler certification works for mid-level roles. But if you seek to hire cybersecurity engineers, you should be looking at certifications such as Certified Ethical Hacker, CompTIA Security+, or Systems Security Certified Practitioner (SSCP).

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8. Web Development

Why full-stack developer roles are in high demand: Almost any business launch or expansion requires website and web application developer services. The demand for web developers increased by around 70% in the last few years, thanks to the huge explosion of startups worldwide, as per most technical employment agencies.

Senior back-end web developer salaries crossed $108,580 in North America, while front-end web developers reached around $100,000.

Map Your Talent Needs: Web developers with expertise in JavaScript, PHP, Java, Python, Objective C, and C++ were highly-paid. Senior full-stack developers with experience in developing for Cloud and multi-platforms, combined with certifications in React and Node.js, were among the most sought-after and the best-paid.

If you are planning to hire React.js developers, hire Node.js developers, or hire web developers with Cloud development experience, you need to scrutinize their certifications and their portfolio.

9. Mobile App Development

Mobile app developer skills high in demand: Mobile development has become critical for business survival, especially for digital marketing, sales, customer services, payments, and client experience management. There are many millions of mobile app developers, but the market is not yet saturated. Rather some combinations of skills are hard to find and among the most sought-after in the IT industry.

Map Your Talent Needs: Mobile developers with experience in Python, database integration, and UI and UX designs, in addition to front-end development, are in huge demand worldwide. Mobile developers with expertise in Objective-C and iOS development were among the most paid.

10. Data Visualization/Storytelling

Why data storytelling is among the top 10 most in-demand skills: By 2025, a majority of operations will be data-driven. Making sense of all the data will become a primary need for everything from marketing and sales to IT security management and financial management.

Map Your Talent Needs: You will need to hire data visualization experts for business intelligence, market intelligence, risk management, financial modeling, business process redesign, process automation, operations monitoring, sales and marketing analytics, or any other work involving figuring out insights from data. Professionals with certifications in data visualization with Python and BI or with R or Tableau will be a need in every division of digitally transformed businesses.

Why Choose A Global Technical Recruitment Agency For Finding Top Tech Skills?

1. A global technical recruitment agency will have specialized technical recruiters for different IT areas and geographies, providing you access to 10x more quality talent than a local agency.

2. An experienced global technical recruitment agency will have already mapped the market demand and talent availability worldwide and will give you accurate information about hiring models, trends, and best practices.

3. A global technical recruitment agency partner enables you to identify the right talent – candidates with the combination of skills, experience, and certifications that are ideal for your projects or initiatives.

4. Technical recruiter companies can fill positions in 50% or 30% of the time taken by traditional resources, as they can easily connect with thousands of candidates within hours.

5. With the help of global technical recruiter companies, you can strategically source specialized talent from locations where their availability is high, and hiring costs are less.

6. Technical employment agencies with a worldwide presence can improve your remote hiring experience and talent quality, giving you more power to seamlessly manage project demands.

7. Global technical recruitment specialists also help you reliably outsource IT staffing projects for web development, mobile development, Cloud computing, data science, or any tech project.

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Final Thoughts

Having an expert, global, resourceful technical recruitment agency partner enables you to hire superstar candidates for your high-revenue projects. You can harness the top skills most in demand in the market and increase ROI from any IT project or digitalization move.

Consult with our global recruitment agency to hire top tech talent from 30+ countries! Save time and money; increase project value!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. How to find the best technical recruiters?

Ans. The best technical recruiters are the ones who have global talent access and assure less time to hire and cost per hire for your tech recruitment needs. The company will be able to ensure fast replacements when any tech team member exits.

Q 2. Will a technical recruitment agency offer tech project outsourcing services?

Ans. Global technical recruitment agencies like Alliance Recruitment Agency offer tech project outsourcing services through any model that is best for your business.

Q 3. How to partner with a technical recruitment agency?

Ans. To partner with a technical recruitment firm, check for facts related to business models, service models, costs, industry experience, and compliance with local and international employment laws.

Q 4. How to hire top Big Data engineers?

Ans. To hire top Big Data engineers for any project, make a checklist of the tech stack, project tasks, schedules, time frame of talent requirements per role, and job-based requirements (skills, experience, industry background, and other traits). You can share these requirements with technical recruitment firms.

Q 5. How to hire top developers from India?

Ans. To hire top developers from India, partner with a global technical recruitment company with a huge presence in India, covering strategic locations such as Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Cochin.