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Video Animators are helpful when marketers want to reach their target customers through a video game, a short movie or something as big as a television show. Video animators are artists that create animations, special effects, etc. using computer software and electronic tools.

Video animators not only create animations, but they also have to bring characters to life, and for that, they need to be very talented and creative. Video animators and cartoon animators for hire are offered by a lot of recruitment outsourcing companies, although a lot depends upon what skills they possess.

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Skills Of Video Animators

Technical Animator Skills

A video animator is required when you want to give life to the characters. A video animator needs to combine the artistic skills with practical skills. It is critical that they possess strong drawing skills because it is easier and faster to sketch your ideas on paper.

Also, a cartoon animator needs to understand how the body moves and he must also be aware of the 12 principles of animation. Technical animator skills include audio/video editing and cutting-edge software like Adobe Flash, 3D Studio Max, and more.

Graphic Designing Skills

Graphic designing plays a vital role in video animation. As a video animator infuse life in the character, knowledge of graphic designing is a must. Animators should know how to create figures, visual effects, and how to make animations more real to life.

Graphic designers work with sound, colors, and artwork to improve animation solutions that increase the quality and visual impact of the solutions. Graphic designing is integral to making the design elements in animation exemplary and audience-oriented.

Color Theory

Video animations cannot be created without blending different colors in it. To be a successful animator, knowledge of color theory is essential. The video animator should have a keen sense of color theory, he should understand which color will suit the characters and will look good on the screen at the same time.

He should also understand which colors should be used to express different emotions. As a marketer, you have to decide what message you want to communicate to your audience and what color theory will be apt to deliver the right message.

The Sense Of Timing And Spacing

Movement is vital to any video animation; therefore a video animator needs to possess knowledge of timing and spacing to create natural and soft movements. The understanding of time and spacing helps anticipate movements, action and to react.

Timing plays a role in determining the meaning of a sequence, making an animation fluid and detailed. Timing and spacing cannot exist independently from each other, The decision of using wide spaces between frames or slow or fast timings and sequence makes a huge difference in creating the desired effects and impact.

Analyzing Skills

A good video animator must pay attention to small details. Details like where are the characters placed, how fast the figure is moving, an eye-blink, etc. Such features offer a more professional look to your animation, and when you video animators for hire, you should check for this particular skill.


This is most important, as originality to a video is what makes it different from other animations. A video animator should develop his style and make his presence felt through his artistic work. Look for animators who create unique and original videos; it will help you sell better.

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Video Animators For Hire

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