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Are you an employer that requires assistants but don’t want to employ a full-time hired hand? That is where Alliance virtual assistant services come into play. Virtual assistants work from home and will only serve you when you need their assistance and will be off the clock when you don’t. Delegate your routine or irregular time consuming tasks to virtual assistants and they will execute them on time for you. Our recruitment services for hiring virtual assistant Toronto is expensive. Virtual assistants specialize in a wide range of valuable tasks from records entry and maintenance, customer service, scheduling, to event planning and many more. Contact Alliance for connecting with the best virtual assistant Toronto. At Alliance Recruitment Agency, we help small private firms to established corporations worldwide to focus on their core operations by letting our recruiters handle their hiring activities.

Launched in 2010, Alliance is the leader in providing virtual assistant services Toronto and throughout Ontario. Since our inception, we have been successfully catering to the unique requirements of countless businesses in Toronto and Ontario as well as in other Canadian cities. We also help Canadian firms find virtual assistants at various global locations.

Alliance – Virtual Assistant Services Toronto

Since 2010, Alliance Recruitment Agency has played a leading role in democratizing the economical and other advantages of business process outsourcing to corporations and individual clients of all scales and types. Our client base comprises startups, small enterprises as well as leading and established corporations. Our VA database comprises candidate information across sectors. FInd a virtual assistant with experience of understanding your business requirements. Our hiring assistance for virtual assistant Ontario and Toronto covers businesses across sectors. Whether you are an investment banker or a journalist, a chief engineer or an architect, rest assured that we will connect you with virtual assistants with skills that best fit your requirements.

Whether you are seeking a virtual assistant Toronto or a virtual assistant Ontario or from another location in Canada, the US, Europe, the Middle East or South Asia, you are sure to find the ideal candidates through our recruitment services. Whether you require assistance in relation to industry specific activities or services like website maintenance, data entry, research, invoicing or event planning, you are sure to find the right-fit candidates matching all your specifications for the role.

Virtual Assistant Ontario

At Alliance Recruitment Agency, we are committed to helping you build tomorrow’s enterprise by connecting you with the best virtual assistant Ontario. Contact our teams and submit a virtual assistant request today. One of our account managers will reach out to you to discuss your business activities that need to be outsourced in order to determine the right virtual assistant for your job.

  • Email Management – Email management is among the most requested services, with many customers needing it as a basic service related to business support operations since email is the most popular form of communication in today’s businesses. Spend your time effectively by delegating your email management to virtual assistants, who have years of inbox management experience.
  • Data Entry – Almost every business requires data entry and it is a known fact that it is a highly time consuming task. Delegate your data entry to trained VAs and focus on your core competencies. Whether it is logging medical files, checking the accuracy of financial figures, form processing, data conversion or preparing data for entry, find experts with a good track record.
  • Social Media Strategy – Social media presence is a must to be successful in today’s modern business world. The problem with social media marketing is that it requires constant management to gain effective results. Partner with Alliance and get an expert social media virtual assistant who can stay on top of your online profiles 24/7 and help you drive your online presence successfully.
  • Invoicing – Whatever business you are in, it is vitally important that you are getting paid the correct sum in a timely manner for the goods or services you offer. With virtual assistants experienced in all aspects of invoicing from sending clients clear invoices and reaching out about any past due invoices, get the right services so that your business isn’t negatively impacted by missing revenue.

Virtual Assistant Near Me: Why Choose Alliance Recruitment Agency?

Our virtual assistant services Toronto and Ontario are not just about email management, data entry, social media strategy and invoicing, our virtual assistants have the expertise to provide all sorts of business support services. Contact Alliance and get in touch with one of our account managers to discuss your outsourcing needs and how our virtual assistants can help you.

  • Specialized Virtual Assistants – At Alliance Recruitment Agency, we only help in hiring virtual assistant toronto candidates who specialize in single or multiple areas of expertise. We rigorously evaluate their qualifications and experience to confirm their expertise in a specific area. Hire a virtual assistant through Alliance and eliminate the need for you to screen thousands of candidates for a job.
  • Professionally Trained and Ready Today – Our Toronto virtual assistant recruiters are always available to serve you. Therefore when you partner with Alliance for virtual assistant services Toronto, you don’t have to spend a lot of training and learning programs, as well identify VA candidates already trained for the roles described.
  • Bad fit? No problem – Are you concerned that your virtual assistant might be a bad fit for your operations and tasks? With just a matter of an email, we are ready to connect you with another virtual assistant immediately. At Alliance Recruitment Agency, Our virtual assistant near you guarantee a hassle free virtual assistant replacement and no uncomfortable conversations and minimal downtime.