What Are the Duties of a CEO? Why Is A CEO Important for Your Business?

What Are The Duties Of A CEO

Are you considering recruiting a CEO but not sure whether that is an immediate need? Is hiring an external CEO worrying you? How much control would an external leader take of the business you have established – is a question that has many founders and owners worried.

But hiring a CEO need not be a trial or a risk at all. It could be the one decision that helps you as an owner double or triple your revenues and profits. Find out all about the importance of a CEO and the CEO job duties in this blog.

A CEO will have his or her own office that comprises the staff that will assist the CEO with all the administrative and other key functions. Before hiring for the position, it is essential to know about CEO office roles and responsibilities and how to find the right manpower for the CEO office.

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Why Hire A CEO?

A CEO is the top-most leader of a company, directing its activities, performance, market value, profitability, and continuity.

A CEO may ask for input from C-suite members before making any crucial decisions, but ultimately, the CEO has the authority to influence the decision. A company’s betterment depends on what and when the CEO makes certain decisions.

If you are hesitant about hiring an external CEO but are also open to considering hiring a CEO, this blog would be of huge help to you.

We are referring to the role of a CEO for emerging companies or companies that are fast-growing but are not yet having the leadership of an external CEO. The duties of the CEO of a company that is fast growing differs from the CEO duties and responsibilities in a  corporation.

What’s The Difference Between A CEO, A President, And A Business Owner?


A Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is the highest-ranked officer in an organization. This leader is not the owner or founder of a company. A CEO is someone who is highly experienced in making the right strategic moves and leading a company from one stage of growth to another. A CEO has extensive knowledge of the industry segments and markets and experience and the ability to identify the best ways to improve a company’s market value and profitability.


A person or group who has the original idea to start that company. He or she creates the original vision and mission of the company, arranges capital, and hires capable managers and directors to manage the operations of the company. A founder usually takes on the role of the president or chief executive at the beginning stage of growth.


A president is also a title that a business owner who runs a company takes. The president will influence all the decisions and appoint directors and managers to lead different divisions and departments.

Why is A CEO Important For A Growing Business? Key Duties Of A CEO!

1. Strategic Planning to Achieve Business Vision

For business growth, the CEO sees innovative strategies and plans to make their vision a reality. A CEO hob duties involve directing the senior management by setting clear goals and objectives for the short and long-term business growth plans. A CEO makes all the strategic decisions and directs the top management about their execution.

2. Budgeting, Forecasting, And Planning Key Moves For Business Growth

A CEO directs the CFO or head of finance in a company about the kind of budgeting and forecasting that the company will need. The duties of a CEO includes getting timely reports from the financial directors about the cash flow, revenue streams, product-wise sales, complaints, recalls, profit margins, etc., and accordingly plans key moves for business growth.

3. Ensuring Higher Profitability

Understanding the company’s performance is the crucial role of the CEO. The overall performance can be measured from the total investment, growth in revenue, gross profit margins, and complete product sale. Ensuring higher profitability is the key KPI for a CEO.

4. Plans And Implements Business Expansion Moves

The CEO plans short-term and long-term strategic plans for improving the company. Not only do they plan, but they also direct and oversee the smooth execution process of the project.

They also supervise whether the entire company members are following the strategies, and if any obstacles come, they find a solution to recover them. Remember, the CEO always tries to focus on strategies that maximize profits, increase shareholder value, and improve market position.

The CEO of a company must manage all the risk factors. Several types of risks exist in an organization- financial, tax, and implementation of any new strategy- part of these. They are expected to take good care to manage all the risk factors.

Drives All HR Decisions And Workplace Culture

A healthy relationship between all the team members and a good work culture make the company perfect. From an intern to the senior manager, everyone somehow has faith in the CEO.

HR gets direction from the CEO about the kind of work culture and work management culture that should exist in the organization. It is the responsibility of all the HR to accordingly frame policies and improve the organizational culture. Under the leadership of an excellent CEO, the work culture becomes very transparent and smooth.

A CEO sets the company values and goals as the business crosses milestones. With a productive working culture, a business can achieve high levels of performance across departments.

Improves Client Acquisition And Customer Growth

With the rapid growth of a company, the CEO becomes its face—the leader that all big and small clients look to work with.

That helps to have a growth in the number of customers. A CEO must check the smooth functioning of all the project work. They are also responsible for checking the quality of the outcome and handover the error-free product on or before time. They also thoroughly oversee product design, marketing, services, and promotion.

Supervises and Directs Top Management, Advises Founder and Owner

The CEO of a company oversees the efficiency of workflow management. He or she oversees the company’s operations efficiency and advises the founder and owner about the risks, opportunities, and the moves to be made to achieve a bigger market share.

A CEO must check the smooth functioning of all the project work. They are also responsible for checking the quality of the outcomes delivered to clients or the quality of products or services offered by the company in various markets. They also thoroughly oversee product design, marketing, services, and promotion.

The top management members and the CEO depend on each other. There should be trust between both parties. The CEO usually relies on the senior management for direction, proper mentoring, and performance management of employees.

The smooth process of an organization can only be possible if there is a good leader behind it. People think CEOs only travel from here to there, leading a luxurious life, but the concept is wrong. They work day and night behind the scene to get the expected outcomes.

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