What is Recruitment Process Outsourcing? Benefits of Alliance RPO!


For laymen, the term “outsourcing” translates to call centers or offshore production overseas. But for successful companies, outsourcing simply means sourcing a certain type of business activities to experts in that practice area. Recruitment process outsourcing is the sourcing of talent acquisition activities to an external expert. Can your business or organization benefit from RPO? Tremendously! Here is how!

One of the key reasons behind a company’s continued success is the talent it possesses. According to Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft Corporation, “The key for us, number one, has always been hiring very smart people.” While Kevin J. Donaldson, a reputed entrepreneur and business coach, remarked, “Hiring the wrong people is the fastest way to undermine a sustainable business.”

Unfortunately, a lot of companies, which have been struggling with rising challenges and customer churns, continue to practice traditional hiring practices. Their recruitment is in the hands of a few people with experience of working with a few companies and limited industry exposure. Their only way to access talent is through job portals. The results are bad.

Are you too facing such scenarios?

  • Immense challenges in attracting best-match talent
  • Poor employer branding
  • Time to hire of 2-3 months for junior positions, 3-5 months for senior positions, and much longer for top talent
  • Rising attrition and employee grievances
  • Frequent backfilling for the same positions
  • 20%-60% increase in recruitment investments and costs
  • Inability to efficiently leverage mobile and virtual recruiting processes
  • Rising HR dark data with no systematic practices of drawing insights from past data
  • No visibility into the finer details of spending per type of skill sets, seniority, team, demographics, etc.
  • Hundreds of hours spent by many HR executives for a few placements

If your organization is facing even a few of these challenges, not to mention almost all or all the problems, isn’t it time to restructure your talent management operations? There is no other way in which the problems will disappear.

The fastest, most efficient, and most effective way to restructure and overcome all your manpower sourcing and recruitment problems is going for recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) services.

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The Facts About Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Resourceful recruitment process outsourcing companies, also called RPO recruiting companies or recruitment outsourcing companies, with proven track records in solving talent acquisition problems of companies in your industry could dramatically turn around the situation.

RPO companies offer you a dedicated team of recruiters who have access to the RPO company’s wide, extensive talent resources, talent attraction strengths, and powerful knowledge bases. Within a few months of signing an RPO contract with a capable partner, you will find a constant decrease in your costs and spending. You will definitely be benefiting from a much better workforce quality leading to better business outcomes.

The success of RPO stems from the tremendous positive changes it has brought to employers. No surprise that many global industry reports indicate around an 18.5% growth rate for RPO between 2021-2027, reaching USD 18540 million by the end of the period.

If you are wondering what are the different ways in which your organization can benefit from recruitment process outsourcing services, here is a list of some key benefits and opportunities provided by RPO.

Reasons To Choose RPO Services From Alliance Recruitment Agency: Key Benefits And Opportunities Benefits and Opportunities From Talent Perspective

10X Wider Talent Horizons

Whether you are hiring from local, regional, nationwide, or international talent pools, the assigned recruiters will find talent from proprietary and external talent pools for your industry, covering tens of thousands of candidates for the practice areas/functions.

50%-70% Faster Talent Search

Proprietary talent resources and access to specialized platforms allow parametric or algorithmic searches based on best-match candidate identification criteria. For many roles, applicant pool generation can be managed in a few days.

Higher Quality of Hire Per Position

Using custom-defined search parameters of best-match candidates from a skills and behavioral perspective, find people who are highly qualified and performers for every position.

Benefits and Opportunities From Cost, Profitability Perspective

Between 50%-90% Reduction in HR Costs

When you go for a full RPO or a particular business unit or large department requiring large-scale hiring, you do not have to invest in recruiting teams, technologies, tools, equipment, and office space. Everything gets managed virtually or through our onsite recruiters with access to our platforms. Clients often report about a 90% reduction in HR costs when they opt for full RPO.

Between 40%-70% Reduction in Hiring Time And Costs

By using streamlined, strategic recruitment approaches, methods, and procedures leveraging mobile and virtual recruitment technologies, you will find that all weak, unproductive, time-consuming practices are ironed out, leading to up to 70% less time to hire and related cost of hire benefits.

Recruiter Teams That Can Be Scaled Down For Low Hiring Periods

Have only as many recruiters as you need for any month or quarter. Scale up fast for large-scale talent acquisition for new projects, project expansions, or a sudden surge in orders. Fill positions using any hiring model that fits the scenarios.

Significantly Less Dependencies on External Staffing

Buying staff from an external company always costs a lot more than the salaries you would pay for in-house staff. The more you need to hire, the higher the staffing costs. Sometimes hiring managers get vendors offering upfront pricing and additional costs. With RPO, your temporary and permanent staffing needs will be met through the right hiring models, dramatically reducing dependencies on external staff.

Benefits and Opportunities From Operations Perspective

Continual Reduction In New Hire Turnover Rates

Bad hiring decisions or unsatisfactory hiring experiences of candidates lead to high new hire turnover rates, with many new employees leaving within 2-3 months. Backfilling the position adds to the hiring and onboarding expenses. With recruitment process outsourcing services, these problems can be quickly identified, and measures are taken to control such hiring incidents.

Data-Driven, Tech-Enabled SMART Recruitment Management

Our recruitment process outsourcing providers implement practices generating real-time metrics about applications processed, hiring cycles, and costs across hiring activities. This data-driven and tech-supported RPO management gives you detailed insights on costs and time to fill based on skill sets, academic qualifications, seniority levels, specializations, locations, divisions, etc.

Customized, Flexible, and Compliant Recruitment Practices

Find us among the recruitment process outsourcing companies that customize recruitment solutions based on your typical and particular needs. By streamlining hiring processes to align with your operational and compliance needs (labor laws, work permits, immigration laws, etc.), you can rest assured of 100% fair practices, compliance, and customized RPO solutions.

Benefits and Opportunities From Business, Profitability Perspective

Optimized Support For Accelerated Expansion Moves

Manpower is key to your expansion plans. With our recruitment process, outsourcing providers skilled in fulfilling manpower needs for regional operations expansion or global expansion find quality hires per position within a few weeks. This extends to filling temp staff positions. Companies found 100-200 personnel within a few days for certain positions.

Optimized Support For Product/Service Innovations

Your product or service innovation or digital transformation plans will never be stuck because of best-suited manpower shortages. Specialized recruitment process outsourcing services will enable you to find talent from worldwide locations to fulfill your business transformation and product innovation needs.

Optimized Support For New Market Entry, International Placements

With talent networks in 25+ countries, your company can rest assured of compliant, speedy, and cost-efficient international recruitments. Whether it is about recruiting expats or native talent overseas, hiring staff for global offices, or building remote cross-border teams, with RPA, recruitment solutions are delivered efficiently.

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Alliance Recruitment Agency

Alliance Recruitment Agency is listed among the most trustworthy and competent recruitment outsourcing companies in several media sources. Our clients count about 20,000 organizations across the world across 50+ industry segments. We are among the recruitment outsourcing companies that offer local and global recruiters with deep expertise in the geographies and industries they serve.

If your company is considering exploring opportunities provided by recruitment process outsourcing companies, let us connect! Rest assured that our RPO services will be transparent, compliant, affordable, and enablers of superior business outcomes.