Employers! What To Expect From Your Recruitment Companies

What To Expect From Your Recruitment Companies

Recruitment and staffing agencies can be excellent resources in your quest for top candidates.

As business dynamics are changing with time, companies today understand the utility of quality resources within an organization that will provide them a competitive edge. Today, there are numerous companies who are investing in recruitment companies for providing them with quality hires that will help them gain a positive presence in the marketplace.

With the changing trends in the recruitment industry and the emergence of on-demand staffing requirements, the employers should have a fair idea of what should be expected from a recruitment partner.

Typical Work Process of Recruitment Consultants:

Recruitment consultants are often worked as the connecting bridge between the client companies and candidates. Attracting candidates and matching it with most recent temporary, permanent openings with the client is their primary job responsibility.

Doing a great job indeed!

Now from an Employer or Clients perspective what could be expected from any recruitment agency or firm? In terms of deliverables, skill sets, work experience, expertise and more.

What is Expected from a Recruitment Company?


  • The quality of hire: The foremost deliverable is the quality of candidates they hire or suggest. It is one of the most important KPI’s for businesses.
  • Branding: Recruitment consultants should work as the brand promoters of their clients companies.
  • Time & Cost-savings: Handling the overall recruitment task such as filtering CV’s and screening candidates, scheduling interviews, and notifying unsuccessful applicants makes a recruiter perfect.
  • Streamlining the Hiring Process: It is the most important factor for partnering with a recruitment company.
  • Streamline Recruitment Process: They should specialize in streamline the overall recruitment process for their clients. That’s why they are employed! to take the pain out of the recruitment process.
  • In-depth Industry Knowledge: It is expected to have in-depth industry-specific knowledge means a clear understanding of market trends, salary levels, benefits, and the latest skill sets needed to be successful in your niche.
  • Support & Advice: Work closely with the client as an advisor and partner for your business.
  • Strong Network of Candidates: Will be able to get you the access to most fit candidates as per current openings from their strong network of candidates in short turnaround time.
  • Cross-functional priority: Use of social media, as well as other networks on professional importance in the online sphere, is gaining in significance. Major brands in talent acquisition are looking to share efforts of employer brand with partners in marketing that is the key for excelling the brand in all aspects.
  • Retention and internal mobility: Retention of employees is on the top of the mind of leaders in talent acquisition. Although internal hiring is still at a disorganized state and happens only on a case to case basis, it is becoming increasingly important for the businesses to implement the right strategies in it for staying ahead of the game in all accounts and recruiting partners can play an important role in it.

Skill Sets:

Recruiters of a successful recruitment agency process the following skills which help them find performers for their client companies.

  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills;
  • Goal oriented approach;
  • Ability to set priorities;
  • Ability to meet deadlines and target;
  • Self-motivated and confident team;
  • Efficient time management skill is must;
  • Knowledge of different tools, technologies, and trends;

Recruitment agencies also realize the innate needs that the business world is looking for and the challenges that they are facing with a dearth of quality employee repository in place. The recruitment trends today rely more on quality than on quantity due to the project based aptitude and skill set that is in vogue today.

Work Experience:

This is something you gain working with a variety of clients and candidates from different niche and industrial verticals. It is recommended to choose a fairly experienced recruitment partners to help you with your recruitment process.


  • Interviewing skills;
  • Knowledge of employment law;
  • Knows how to run a payroll;
  • Business planning;
  • Negotiation and sales techniques;
  • Headhunting;
  • Designing an assessment center.

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