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Construction staffing Recruitment
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Construction Recruitment Services

Do you require construction workers for working in construction projects? We can give you the best construction staffing at Alliance International. We can provide you with the most dependable workers who are trained and know the job in-depth to meet all your client needs. You can rely on us, a construction recruitment agency, which is committed to providing you a pool of trained workers who have all necessary licenses and permits to do your job. These workers are all experienced in the field of construction jobs and can meet your job specifications easily. As a construction recruitment consultant, we know the ins and outs of this industry. We know what you would require for each type of job categorically.

Training and Certifications of our candidates

All of our candidates are trained. Just have a look of the training which our candidates undergo to make them fittest for the construction jobs.

Training on Scaffolding: They have trained properly the making of scaffolds and the safe usage of the same. The responsibilities of the persons over the scaffold and that of the persons below or around are properly taught to them to avoid any chance of accidents.

Fire Training: Adequate fire fighting training is imparted to meet any possible fire hazards at the workplace.

Flagger Training: This training is given to the traffic control manager of the construction site.

Safety training of OSHA (10 hrs): These training are given to the new workers who are relatively unknown to the workplace hazards. They are taught to know the potential dangers and how to overcome them.

Training on Carpentry: Basic training on usage of tools and tackles, usage of instruments and making measurements and preparation of basic reports are taught to these workers.

Why should you choose us

We are one of the most dependable construction recruiters around. The persons whom we would supply would be industry ready. When they arrive at your site they do not require any special grooming. They would be just ready to start work. The physical efficiency of each worker is tested by us to endure that they can withstand the stress of the job that they have to perform at your site. We will not send any person who cannot perform the job due to physical inefficiency. It is not only a hazard for the person but also a question of our reputation at stake and your job getting affected. The headache of hiring the experienced workers will be borne by us.

  • You need to pay for only the hours of work that these workers would put in for you, There are no additional or hidden charges.
  • The costs of the workers would be all inclusive of their hourly rates, fees for their legal compliance issues, leaves, etc. Apart from this aggregated cost, there will be no other claims of expenses either by us or by the workers directly from you.
  • We recruit the best of the workers. Considering the present economic scenario, there are hordes of person who apply for the job of building workers. We do the selection process very carefully to select only the best from the lot. There are rigorous tests to take the fittest from the crowd. Apart from the physical efficiency tests we also ensure the integrity of the person by doing suitable background checks.
  • All the candidates are given adequate safety training. They are made ready to fight any industry hazards that they may have to face at your site.
  • When we send a person to your place we carry out an initial session with them where we explain your job types and the systems you follow so that they do not face much trouble when they reach your site.
  • You get to save on construction recruitment as we can do the planning for you by providing support to your leading person in working out the number of the requirement of labors.

Types of services we carry out

We will supply you with required building manpower to meet all your construction needs. We provide the following services. You can choose as per your need.

  • Recruitment of AC mechanics
  • Manager for BMS Project
  • Engineer for building services
  • Recruitment of Cadets
  • Engagement of Commercial Managers
  • Engagement of Contract Administrators
  • Hiring of Construction Manager
  • Hiring of Contract Managers
  • Hiring of Cost Planners
  • Hiring of Design Managers
  • Hiring of Development Manager
  • Hiring of Estimator
  • Hiring of Foreman
  • Recruitment of HVAC Project Manager
  • Hiring of Site Manager

Our Construction Recruitment Customers

Most of our clients who are hiring the construction site workers are general contractors and subcontractors who are responsible for the construction activities of a site. There are also facility managers who work on various projects such as industrial & commercial, residential and institutional. We ensure that you are provided with the aptest worker for the phase of your project. We believe in furnishing full customer satisfaction so that we can thrive as you flourish. We also need to live up to the hard-earned reputation as one of the most reliable construction recruitment agencies.

  • Certifications and Alliances

    Certifications and Alliances

  • ISO 9001 Certification