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Overall client rating is 4.9 out of 5.0 for Alliance Recruitment Agency by 12437 clients on over 19,600+ projects.

Recruitment Consultant

Recruitment Consultants for HR, Pharmacy & BPO Jobs

Alliance International is now considered as a top hr recruitment consultant because of our ability to source all types of manpower for diverse industry domains. We have the rich experience of getting a large number of candidates for the different foreign locations that we serve as international recruitment agency. We are sourcing manpower for all types of jobs, be it for a long period or a short one. We will also find candidates for project related jobs, permanent and temporary staffing, etc. We are regarded as a top recruitment agency Dubai also.

International Recruitment Agency

Alliance International is one of the leading recruitment consultancies which are involved in the sourcing of manpower for industries all around the globe. We are the leading recruitment consultants in India but we are serving our clients based in different countries such as Middle-east, Canada, Dubai, United States, United Kingdom and London.

A Preferred Recruitment Partner

At Alliance International, we are focused on the proper identification and the recruitment of qualified manpower in different fields of technical and non-technical requirements at all levels from the management to the junior most staff. Our seasoned experience for years in the recruitment industry makes us your right choice as the recruitment partner for meeting all types of your manpower demands. When you just spell out your needs, it does not take much time by us to perceive the real requirement. This quality of our recruitment services has made us one of the most preferred recruitment partners of some of the major companies around the globe. Once you come to us, we are a one-stop solution for all your recruitment needs.

The best Procedures of Candidate Sourcing

We are into the domestic and international operations in all sectors ranging from pharma recruitment consultants to the BPO recruitment consultants. Since we have not limited ourselves top only a few domains, we have gathered the know-how of the manpower requirements all across different industry sectors. We are very thorough with our candidate search activities. During the sourcing process, we will ensure that the entire set of candidates that we source for you match with the requirements and the corporate culture of your organization. We work with you as a partner for ensuring that you get the quality professionals for the vacancies notified for your organization. We thrive with the meeting of your expectations.

Our Major Responsibilities as Recruitment Consultants

We are responsible for making the vital linkage between the candidates and the industries. This role is very challenging and entails the following major responsibilities:

  • We use our specialized marketing techniques for attracting the different business from different clients around the globe. We have been able to develop them due to long experiences in this field of manpower sourcing.
  • We develop a long-term relationship with our clients. This enables us to act as the reliable recruitment partners. We believe in being responsible for your success. After all, it is the manpower which is running any industry.
  • We make sure that we have a thorough understanding of the business process and the work culture of our client companies. This helps us in sourcing the suitable candidates for them. If any misfit occurs, this will harm the company in the long run. We try to ensure that the right person is chosen for the given vacancy.
  • We put up advertisements in the relevant media both the print and the electronic to draw in the best candidates. This is done apart from the online process of applications.
  • We leverage the power of social media too, which is one of the major tools of recruitment nowadays.
  • It is not only fresher’s, but we approach the suitable candidates who are working in different industries and looking for a job change.
  • We maintain our in-house rich database of candidates and try to find out the best match against the notified vacancies. We are always trying to update and enrich the database as much as possible. This is why we are generally not facing any shortage of manpower.
  • We arrange for an end to end recruitment procedure. We start from the sourcing of the CV, receiving of applications and the setting up and managing interviews and screening and make a list of the shortlisted candidates.
  • We are thorough in checking the candidates potential initially before we send them to the client.
  • We brief the would-be candidates regarding the salary and the job responsibilities.
  • We brush up on the CVs of the probable candidates and make them more industry-friendly. Often candidates do not have the professional approach to CV preparation. We do the necessary changes.
  • We organize the interviews as per the convenience of the clients.
  • The results of the interview process are intimated to the candidates by us. This is a hassle free process by the recruiting company.
  • We are also in charge of the salary negotiation process.
  • We render advice to both the companies and the candidates regarding payment figures, career progression path, etc.
  • We review the process of the recruitment that is being followed to ensure the efficiency of the techniques of selection. We give any advice if required to make the process better as per industry needs.

We Create win-win Opportunities for Candidates and Employers

At Alliance International, we can take your career reach new heights by helping you find the best careers for your growth. You need to be prepared for taking the advantage of the opportunities that are available for your growth. We help you in achieving this. Apart from the manufacturing sector jobs, we are also dealing with BPO recruitment which is one of the potential areas of elite recruitment.

We chip in at the right juncture to make the missing link between you as a candidate and the potential vacancies that can help you soar to greater heights. We maintain our relations with some of the biggest names in the industry and can help you achieve your dreams.

With the help of our well-crafted expertise of manpower sourcing and handling seasoned with years of proficiency, you can resize your career advancement plans. The employers too can get the most authentic and seasoned candidates for their business objectives fulfillment.