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Make talent acquisition efficient, seamless, and affordable through our recruiter teams for almost all industries. We help reduce recruitment costs by up to 50%, cut down the time to hire by 40%-60% while finding professionals that meet your expectations.

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Finding manpower could be easy with so many companies that serve as an agency for recruitment and staffing. Have you always found competent professionals?

While your agency for recruitment might offer quick and easy methods to hire people – a few clicks, just a few steps, etc., it might not always get you the people whom you admire, appreciate, and are delighted to work with. One simple reason is that hiring talent is not an abstract process – not just about finding anyone with x number of years of experience, a certain level of training, and skills.

Whether you plan to hire operators or production engineers for a manufacturing unit or customer service for a retail company or nurses and doctors for a hospital, you might have in mind the kind of people who would be best suited for the role.

You would want your new staff to understand your work scenarios quickly, be compliant with standards, have good communication and behavioral skills, and be committed towards work, and value your business ethics. You do not want to end up firing them within a short time because they did not turn out to be as good as they claimed to be.

Alliance Recruitment Agency is a global and local recruitment partner for about 9,000 organizations that find the best-match candidates for every role they hire through us. Our services are designed to make the hiring experience a great one for employers and job seekers.

What are you seeking in your recruitment firm partner? Here is what we offer:

  • Support with workforce planning for permanent, temporary, and contract positions?
  • Framing strategic recruitment approaches to find the ideal candidates in any location you operate – The USA, Canada, The UK, The UAE, India, South Asia
  • Help you identify the best-match candidates for the employment opportunities you offer – onsite, remote, or virtual.
  • Go beyond experience and skills to identify who could meet your expectations in terms of loyalty, commitment, innovation, values, and problem-solving abilities.
  • Assist you in finding manpower from rich talent pools in your country
  • Help you find qualified, excellent candidates for seasonal roles or temporary roles.
  • Assist job seekers in knowing your employer brand in the right manner and interacting in a timely manner
  • Coordinate with your HR, hiring manager, and the job seekers in the most effective manner
  • Help you with background and reference checks.
  • Offer you end-to-end support with your recruitment activities.

We work closely with your hiring managers, offer them comprehensive support in understanding the trends and practices that could get them the professionals they seek. Our recruitment consultants also bring to the notice of employers the pitfalls, if any, of existing methods that have not been working for them.

From data analytics and AI to simplified recruitment techniques, our recruiters are there to organize and carry out recruitment in the manner that is best for your organization.

We are a recruitment agency with a presence in 25+ countries. From hiring locally in large numbers to finding highly specialized talent or sourcing work to expert teams onshore or offshore, get in touch with us for your next recruitment drive or hiring project!

A Recruitment Firm That Helps You Improve Business Performance – Through High Performing Candidate Hiring

We are more than a recruitment company – we are a global network of the most trustworthy recruitment consultants and staffing experts in various industries across different geographies.

You could be a door or window manufacturer, an auto parts manufacturer, a sheet metal manufacturing company, or a logistics leader. You could be the HR team of a university or school or a healthcare organization. You could be an IT company or a warehousing firm. Our recruitment firm has experts specialized in your industry to find you the manpower you need.

Our recruitment agency does not believe in just filling positions with available talent. You could find us wholeheartedly and dedicatedly supporting every need related to recruitment.

Get Comprehensive Recruitment Support Enabling You To Get The Best Results:

  • Data Analytics Support: Our recruitment consultants have experience in offering data analysis and analytics support for different purposes, such as prospect selections, identification of candidates based on traits that matter to you like flexibility, stronger IQ, or longer tenure, etc.
  • SMART, Lean Recruitment Management Support: Based on client business needs, we frame custom recruitment processes that focus on specific outcomes across phases or steps. This helps you enhance your employer branding and prevent incidents causing great candidates to lose interest in your company.
  • Hiring Through Any Models: Our recruitment agency has extensive experience in recruitment based on various models of in-house or onsite, remote, vendor-based staff augmentation, contractual, temporary, offshore, and project-based hiring.
  • Affordable Hiring Choices: Our recruitment firm has a huge talent resource network and offers online and virtual recruitment options that make recruitment highly competitive and cost-effective.
  • Staffing Vendor Selection and Management: We have specialized manpower consultants highly trained in helping companies choose the right vendors and subcontractors for managing to change or increasing work demands.
  • Supporting Diversity: Hiring is often complex when you need to show evidence of diversity and fair practices. Working with a qualified, experienced, resourceful recruitment partner enables you to make recruitment more objective and inclusive.
  • Insourcing and Internal Talent Mapping: You need not always have to hire external candidates for the various new roles that come up. Through our expert support with insourcing and internal talent assessments, find qualified talent within your organization.
  • Inshoring and Offshoring Support: You might be planning a move for inshoring or offshore outsourcing. Find out how the market stands in terms of talent availability and talent acquisition costs. Tap into the local talent that could improve your staffing scenarios and outcomes. Our recruiters will be there to make everything smooth and efficient.
  • Market Mapping and Executive Search Consultancy: When you need to recruit leaders for the top roles, you need much more than a simple search and selection process. Our services cover market mapping, benchmarking, and due diligence. We enable you to identify candidates with the right combination of abilities and skills to increase your business growth, competitiveness, and reputation.
  • Recruitment Marketing and Campaign Support: For attracting highly talented professionals to your company, a brand name is no longer the key crowd puller. People make very conscious choices about employment depending on how they perceive a company. Our recruitment marketing and recruitment campaign marketing services help you build a healthy talent pipeline and find more target job seekers.

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A Recruitment Agency That Helps You Hire Wisely And Smartly

You have goals, values, mission, and vision which you would never like to compromise. Then why hire in a jiffy without knowing if the candidates you hired have the ability and experience that could enhance your firm’s abilities to achieve your mission and vision.

We help you utilize SMART hiring goals. We go beyond basic job descriptions to frame target profiles covering specifications needed for exemplary performance for the roles.

Our unique practices allow you to identify highly relevant candidates whose abilities, strengths, and weaknesses could be measured with regard to the position-based performance levels and key traits. Our market knowledge helps you frame realistic expectations so that you achieve your recruitment goals in a timely manner.

For example, when a US company partnered with us to find engineers to manage projects for their new customers, we designed a custom hiring strategy and approach. Based on the target candidate personas we drew up, we conducted advanced search, screening, and candidate analysis activities. The inputs from the first couple of interviews further enhanced the process. Within a month, 15-20 engineers who met the ideal candidate profiles had signed the offer letters.

When a Canadian company worked with us to hire software engineers for their new product development sites within the country and in India, they found vendor companies that delighted them and got them 1.5X more projects within six months. Our recruitment heads emphasize SMART, lean, custom-designed approaches to find people whom their employers would value and be proud of.

It is through the dedicated efforts that we have won the respect of companies in 25+ countries on four continents.

What Are The Practice Areas For Which You Need To Hire?

  • Sales, Marketing, Business Development, Account Management, etc.
  • Accounting, Financial Analysis, Audits, Tax and Compliance, etc.
  • Liaisoning, Public Relations, Media and Communications, etc.
  • Engineering – Mechanical, Electronic, Chemical, Structural, etc.
  • Design – Graphic Design, Product Design, etc.
  • SEO, Digital Marketing and Content Marketing
  • Software and Application Development
  • IT Systems Engineering and Design, IT Technical Support
  • Customer Service and Customer Experience
  • Industry Specific – Medical, Pharmacy, Food and Nutrition, Agribusiness, Oil and Gas, Hospitality, Real Estate, etc.


What Are The Positions For Which You Seek Professionals?

  • Top Management
  • Directors
  • Heads of Divisions
  • Permanent Staff
  • Temporary and Seasonal Staff
  • Remote Teams and Outsourcing Partners


What Are Your Requirements?

  • Industry Experts
  • Candidates With Postgraduate degrees and extensive experience
  • Freshly trained, with specific certifications

Other requirements…

Our recruitment services are comprehensive. You would not have to search for ten different “agency for recruitment” for hiring people from different domains.

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Alliance Recruitment Agency is a company with over 11+ years in offering recruitment solutions. Through a global network of recruiter teams and millions of connections with qualified candidates, you will find our recruitment consultants always ready with great insights, improved hiring practices, and superior talent acquisition results.

Our client base includes SME businesses, not-for-profit organizations, non-governmental organizations, Fortune 500 companies, large organizations, global startups, and others.

Here are some key benefits worth noting:

  • Insight-Driven Search: Through our advanced search techniques combining technology-led practices and deep knowledge of different markets, we are able to help employers find the best-match candidates for any position.
  • Recruitment Support From Anywhere You Are In The World: You would find great quality recruitment assistance from wherever you are in the world through our virtual recruitment and online recruitment services. You could make recruitments for your teams in India or Malaysia from your vacation resort in Italy or any other city.
  • Wide Talent Base: Our recruitment firm has access to local, national, and global talent pools across a wide range of industry sectors and geographies. The best way to connect with talented professionals in your domain is through our recruitment teams focusing on serving your industry and geography.
  • Cost-Efficient Services: We offer you various options to make hiring processes affordable. Our pricing packages are also quite reasonable and transparent.
  • Fair Practice and Compliance: We are an established agency with a 100% track record in fair practices and compliance.
  • Optimum Reliability: We go out of our way to ensure that you get thoroughly reliable candidates – through detailed background checks, documentation checks, reference checks, etc.
  • 24/7 Service Availability: You can reach out to us anytime and be assured of fast responses.

We are open to offering a free consultation! Do not hesitate to share your recruitment needs with us! Let us connect!