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Agriculture Recruitment Agencies South Africa

Agriculture is an important sector of South Africa’s economy. Though its contribution in the country’s GDP is a mere 2.8% of its role in terms of job creation and forex earning is significant as compared to other sectors. Agriculture also plays a role in creating formal employment up to the tune of 5% in South Africa. Being on the list of top producers of grapefruit, cereals, fiber crops, castor oil etc the agriculture sector of the country helps in maintaining trade balance.

Agribusiness Recruitment Agencies

Agriculture recruitment agencies in South Africa play a crucial role in terms of providing manpower to the agribusiness industry by providing specialized manpower solutions to the sector in a time-bound and effective manner.

Agriculture sector recruitment includes staffing solutions for various posts like Assistant Farm manager, Dairy manager, Fertilizer expert, and skill based work like machine operation, threshing, sorting, packaging etc. Recruitment in agriculture domain unlike service and manufacturing sector requires assessing of candidate both in terms of skill and knowledge related to the domain. Hence, dedicated set-ups in the form of agriculture recruitment agencies are best suited for recruiting the desired workforce.

Agriculture Sector Recruitment

Agriculture in South Africa is a mix of mechanization and labor-intensive practices. While labor intensive work involves farm manual activities, the mechanization part includes field ploughing, fertilizer spraying, irrigation, separation, collection etc.

On each farm, a farm manager is designated to overlook the day to day to work off the farm and prepare a report accordingly. Other sectors related to the agribusiness like the dairy farming requires workforce in face of veterinary doctors, milk collectors, distributors, animal hygiene manager, etc.

Specialized extension of agribusiness in face of poultry, beekeeping, cattle management etc require skilled and trained workforce to undertake day to day activities in the area.

Thus, the manpower needs of agribusiness in South Africa extend from managerial level personnel to skilled farm workers. To fulfill these needs farm owners hire the services of agriculture department recruitment companies.

In Agriculture sector, recruitment agribusiness recruiters having the experience of catering to the manpower needs of different sectors of the economy have a predefined database of job seekers based on their skills and qualification. This saves time on searching and shortlisting and allows more time for the skill and qualification based analysis of the candidate for the job.

If the recruitment task is left to the farm owners, then it would be highly time consuming and the quality of manpower recruited would also be questionable due to lack of technical expertise on part of the farm owners.

Alliance Agriculture Recruitment Company

Alliance International agribusiness recruitment agencies has been offering staffing solutions to firms in the domain of agribusiness from quite some time now. Having served the needs of agribusiness firms in South Africa in a time-bound and dedicated manner, Alliance has earned a name as a quality solution provider.

You can expect the following benefits when you choose Alliance as your agriculture recruitment agency in South Africa:

  • Search for suitable candidates from across the country and from foreign destinations as well
  • Our agribusiness recruitment agencies doing proper skill test and analysis of the shortlisted candidates
  • Separate recruitment methodology for managerial and skill based posts
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Professional recruiters in South Africa to work on your solutions
  • Wide database of potential candidates from in and around the country
  • Client centric attitude in service delivery
  • Regular updates in regards to the progress in the recruitment process
  • Experience of serving firms across the globe
  • Fast processing of clients request

Job-seekers can register themselves on our official website. They would be getting updates and information regarding any latest job opening (that suits their profile) on their registered mail post completion of registration process.

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