Non Executive Director Recruitment

Non Executive Director Recruitment

Alliance Recruitment is among the top director recruitment services providers. We offer recruitment services in numerous countries in the North Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia. If you are looking for non executive director recruitment services, get in touch with Alliance Recruitment to benefit from optimized recruitment support. Our services are also cost optimized, which helps you benefit from outstanding recruitment outcomes for your organization while cutting down on overall recruitment expenses.

Non-executive directors could be members of various boards. These are individuals who have already acquired a strong industry experience and have played key roles in leading various initiatives of the companies where they have worked. Identifying, connecting to and engaging with experts who are the best fit to play the roles you have in mind for the open non-executive director positions requires recruiters with a high level of competency in such levels of recruitments. Alliance has highly trained and experienced teams specialized in non executive director recruitment.

Assistant Director Recruitment

Assistant director recruitment is a lengthy and complex process chain which requires the recruiter teams to coordinate with a number of stakeholders, committees and panels in addition to carrying out a range of activities. This starts well before the executive search or headhunting processes and ends with the shortlisting of the final candidates. The entire process could take a month or well over that depending on the company and its requirements. Whether you are looking for an assistant director to lead your IT and technology operations or an assistant director for your production or sales, you will find the best team of reliable recruiters at Alliance.

Place your trust in Alliance for all your assistant director recruitment needs, and find candidates that are best fits for the roles you have described. Our assistant director recruitment teams are backed by 10 years of experience that we have in global recruitment.

Most Reliable Services for Director Recruitment

As a leading recruitment agency, we have specialized teams of headhunters dedicated to find the most talented individuals from across several geographic locations. We have a huge database of information of thousands of registered users as well as access to a range of external databases and networks, which we have acquired over ten years of exemplary services. Whether you are looking for a non executive director recruitment to serve as a mentor for a new product development and launch or to supervise operations in a new market that you have entered, rest assured that you will find the best headhunters to support your recruitment initiatives.

Our executive assistant search firms services are available across many sectors such as financial services, engineering and construction, manufacturing, retail, IT and ITeS, real estate and e-commerce, among others.

Our goal is to make the recruitment processes completely hassle free. Through our various different virtual services you can also conduct virtual interviewing, virtual conferences and presentations. We have sophisticated algorithms and data mining methods that will make the job of shortlisting and screening very easy. Our headhunters are always on a lookout for the best people in the market whether active or passive. Our digitized services will make the process of recruiting cost efficient, proactive and time-saving. At Alliance Recruitment, we work to provide a smooth experience. We always provide accurate information on companies and profiles, and you can completely trust us as headhunters. Industry experts who are interested in working as consultants, non-executive directors or executive directors also connect with us for find the ideal opportunities for their careers.

Why Partner with Alliance Recruitment

  • Our expertise is drawn from ten years’ experience in global recruitment, we have helped companies across sectors to fulfill their recruitment objectives.
  • Our competency in digitally mature recruitment practices help you find the best match candidates within a shorter time frame.
  • Our services are comprehensive and transparent.
  • We value your privacy and ensure 100% adherence to confidentiality in all matters.
  • Customer satisfaction gets number one priority in our company.
  • We adhere to state and federal laws completely.

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