COO Hiring For Technology Firm Helped Kick Start Digital Maturity Transformation Successfully

COO Hiring For Technology Firm

Resourceful and expert COO executive search


A technology solutions company with operations in the USA, the UK, and Asia was looking for an experienced industry professional in operations management – a COO. The key focus of the new hire was to assist with gaining operational excellence through digital maturity transformations.

The COO candidate that the company was searching for needs to meet a complex combination of requirements with regards to experience, knowledge, and achievements. The position could not be filled despite 7-8 months of effort.

After partnering with Alliance Recruitment Agency for COO recruitment, the international technology solutions client found an outstanding individual to take the position within 45 days.

The Situation

The client is a technology solutions company with 3,000+ employees working in different locations in the USA, the UK, and Asia. The company planned a major restructuring to attain new levels of digital maturity.

The company wanted all its production centers to be connected in a manner that enables real-time monitoring of projects, tasks, and performance of employees at any time, from anywhere.

The client had until then two leaders on the helm for operations management – a Vice President of Operations and a Chief Administrative Officer.

As part of the major restructuring and a leadership reshuffle, a need for a new C-Suite leader was felt – A COO who can successfully steer operations to achieve new levels of digital maturity. The COO they needed should be able to understand the operations infrastructure, people management, asset management, and technology infrastructure management at different levels across locations.


The major challenges were the following:

  • The client’s search partners found it difficult to find an industry expert who understands the diverse operational infrastructure and business scenarios of its operations centers at different global locations.
  • The client had conducted international COO talent searches through a few HR consultants, but most of the candidates they sourced only had limited knowledge of European and Asian operations. Also, language barriers seemed a major hurdle.
  • When the company restarted its COO search in Asia, they were able to find leaders with global operations management experience but very little knowledge about channeling a path to higher digital maturity, which involved major operational changes.
  • Following 7-8 months of search, they could find a few candidates but were not very confident of how successful they would be. That’s when the technology solutions company decided to hire a new C-level recruiter.

Executive Search Solutions And Approach

Our C-level executive search team already had experience in similar recruitment projects. We could identify the key areas of revisions that needed to be made in the search and selection approach. We closed the vacancy with outstanding results within 45 days.

  • Within 05 days – their COO executive search strategy and approach were modified; a clear search criteria was created.
  • Within 10 days, – we could track and trace the right talent from different databases based on market mapping for similar positions done recently.
  • Within 20 days, three candidates were contacted, and their profiles and details shared with the client’s COO recruitment committee. The objective was to find consensus on whether such profile and track records meet their benchmark candidate requirements.
  • Our COO search consultant strategically planned the identification of best match candidates, focusing on operations champions with experience in the North American, Asian and European markets, and specifically the kind of technologies that the client was planning to adopt.
  • Our COO search zoomed into two CEOs who were looking for a career change. Their track records had everything of interest for the client. Both CEOs were from startup companies that were planning an IPO listing, which meant a top leadership change.
  • The candidates had tremendous knowledge about the kind of digital maturity transformations the client was planning in addition to being operations champions at their respective companies. Their track records covered experience in working for US companies, European companies and Asian companies.
  • Within 45 days, the coo recruitment procedure was complete, with one of the candidates accepting the job offer.

Outcomes for the Client

  1. The client found the ideal COO, a reputed operations champion, who met all their expectations.
  2. What could not be achieved in 7-8 months was achieved by our C-level executive search expert in 45 days, thanks to their expertise and resourcefulness in global talent search and market mapping.
  3. Based on feedback from the client post six months, our services were rated “outstanding.”

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