Consultancy, Staffing, Headhunter Services Enabled a Retailer To Save 80% Resource Utilization, 60% Time, 50% Costs

Consultancy Services

Our HR consultancy and staffing solutions transformed talent management and workforce planning for a retail and e-commerce company.


A retail and e-commerce company was expanding its business through opening 50+ new stores in different cities across India.

Our solutions helped the company develop a SMART talent acquisition and application tracking management systems and practices that enabled them to find staff with an 80% reduction in efforts and resource utilization. Our dedicated teams of headhunters identified the right positions to meet the new business needs and helped them hire outstanding talent for the positions. We also helped hire for 250+ positions in record time.

The Situation

The client, a retailer, had 70+ retail stores in India. Following a takeover, the company was planning to open 50+ new stores at different locations across the country.

The expansion would demand several changes:

1) Talent acquisition – staffing for 250+ positions and finding leaders for top positions in IT, retail data engineering and analytics, digital marketing and branding, sales, customer support, finance and accounting, etc.

The retailer needed to build its presence and customer base in 20 new locations across India following the takeover. The need for the right staff, managers, and leaders was critical to business growth and stability in the new locations.

2) Workforce Management – employee records management, employee performance management, contract staffing monitoring, etc.

The retailer used MS Office Spreadsheets for all types of database management, from talent tracking and staffing to workforce management and store-wise reporting. Any kind of information generation took 1-7 days, depending on the manual creation of reports to track a set of metrics.


The major challenges were the following:

  • Outdated systems and practices for recruitment
  • Outdated systems and practices related to workforce management
  • Retail Executive Search that needs to source best-qualified candidates for five top leadership positions within a short time
  • Staffing that needed to be completed within a short time so that the client gets desired ROI and profit margins within a short time

Recruitment Solutions And Approach

Alliance Recruitment Agency offered the following services and solutions:

1. HR Consultancy for Improving Workforce Planning and Talent Acquisition Management

We assessed their workforce planning scenarios and practices and suggested a cloud-based, editable talent database management and applicant tracking system that would help the client get real-time access to any kind of information or record from anywhere.

Our agency also helped them develop software tools that help in the automatic generation of reports based on a given set of parameters.

Following the development of the database systems and talent acquisition tools and practices, the retailer could speed up staffing with amazing results. 45% of the positions were filled just using their existing talent database.

2. Staffing Solutions for Retail Stores In All The New Locations

Our agency quickly set up five dedicated retail manpower teams and a recruitment project manager. With their services, the following recruitments were done within four months.

  • over 150+ people were hired for marketing, sales and customer service through a contract-to-staffing model
  • 50+ support staff were hired on a contractual and part-time basis
  • 30+ people with specialized domain expertise were hired for new positions in IT, finance, BI, market intelligence, retail analytics, and website development and management
  • About 20 remote employee positions filled – these positions covered virtual assistant support, graphic design services, and application developers

3. Executive Search Services for 5+ New Top Leadership Positions

Our agency set up a dedicated team of three headhunters, each supported by a small team of talent acquisition executives. With their services, the following recruitments were done within 50 days.

  1. An IT director was hired to set up the right databases, manage and maintain all centralized IT and Business Intelligence systems, software and hardware management, and IT help desk management.
  2. A head of IT security was hired to oversee all cybersecurity activities, data protection and incident management activities, and all compliance activities related to information security.
  3. A CMO was hired to oversee all digital and print branding, marketing, advertising, and content marketing activities, as well as website development and management activities.
  4. A Chief of Retail Data Analytics was hired to oversee all data feed and integration management and enable analytics-based customer acquisition, customer experience management, real-time revenue monitoring across business lines.
  5. A Finance director was hired with experience not only in financial and accounting management of all retail stores and activities but also financial analytics for implementation of best practices in reducing operational costs and profit per store.

4. HR Consultancy For Improving Workforce Management

Our agency also offered advisory solutions to implement SMART practices for the following. We helped them find an ideal IT company partner to create the right software and tools for the following.

  • tracking employee records and behavior across stores
  • digitalizing the performance management systems to track tasks, target achievement, quality, behavior incidents, and consistency metrics across retail stores per employee.

Outcomes for the Client

1. Optimized staffing solutions based on the selection of the right hiring models and recruitment processes that resulted in 60% time saving, 80% resource utilization savings, and 50% cost savings

2. Optimized services from dedicated headhunters that led to the identification of the right leadership roles for new business requirements and getting five outstanding leaders for the new phase of business growth

3. HR Consultancy Services that helped the retailer switch to digitalized talent acquisition management and workforce management that optimized HR efficiency and operational efficiency across stores.

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