Manpower Solutions Helped Logistics Leader Overcome Business Challenges, Increase Revenue by 40%

Manpower Solutions Helped Logistics Leader

The right workforce and talent solutions need exceptional niche knowledge, extensive resources, and outstanding recruiters.


A reputed nationwide logistics company was struggling with a spell of shortage of driver and delivery personnel. The problems were affecting its plans to fuel revenue generation in the new locations where they made a market entry. Business generation was taking a back seat in the efforts to solve staffing shortages and customer complaints about delays.

The workforce planning and recruitment solutions offered by Alliance Recruitment Agency enabled the client to overcome all labor and workforce challenges and the commencement of business generation opportunities that led to a 40% increase in revenues from the geographies.

The Situation

The client, an international courier and parcel company, was facing a spell of shortage of licensed drivers and delivery personnel, leading to an increase in customer complaints about delays.

The reasons behind this problem were many: a sudden increase in delivery orders from new clients, an increase in driver injury rate because of rains and bad road conditions, difficulties in finding temporary drivers and delivery personnel to meet the peak demand situations.

The client required the following solutions from Alliance Recruitment Agency:

  1. Fleet of temporary drivers and delivery people
  2. Better workforce planning to have a constant staff of drivers hired through contractual models.
  3. Supply Chain and HR Managers for better management of their expanding orders and customer demands.
  4. An IT partner to create a system that digitally tracks driver and delivery person availability, productivity, service quality, and complaints.


The major challenges were the following:

  • Finding and hiring 200+ temporary licensed driver and delivery personnel within a week
  • Lack of a well-designed workforce planning system due to decentralized, unstructured, delivery personnel management records in silos
  • Finding HR managers with 10+ years of experience in the logistics industry, especially in courier and parcel delivery in target locations the client faced problems, and good competency in HR logistics technology tools, fluency in 3-4 languages.
  • Helping in the hiring of senior Supply Chain managers within a month for posting at regions that were unattractive owing to the locations being small hilly towns with very little to offer in terms of better lifestyle needs.

Recruitment Solutions And Approach

Alliance Recruitment Agency offered the following services and solutions:

1. Our temporary workforce planning and recruitment solutions led to the speedy availability of 250 delivery personnel and drivers within 5 days.

  • Alliance Recruitment Agency has talent pools of the temporary workforce for the logistics industry.
  • Additionally, we have collaborations with agencies and associations.
  • Our extensive resources enabled us to meet the huge number of temporary staffing demands on time.

2. We helped form a strategic partnership with three driver services providers and frame MoUs that would ensure the maintenance of the desired volume of driver staff.

  • Reliable driver service providers who guaranteed results and were known for their ethical, high integrity practices are usually rare. But over 11+ years in the industry and our knowledge of the regions, we have built a huge information database and established connections with reliable companies.
  • The collaboration we facilitated won us the deep respect of our logistics client.

3. The best-qualified candidates selected by us satisfied the company, out of which five accepted the job offers within 35 days following a five-step recruitment process.

  • A team of three nationwide headhunters was assigned the talent search for the senior manager positions in supply chain management and HR management.
  • A custom search, filtering, and drill-down tool were created to find professionals who met all requirements.
  • Expert candidate engagement, and the trust in our agency, facilitated talent attraction.
  • Within 3 weeks, 10 of the 15 candidates sourced by us were selected for the second round of interviews.
  • Our agency manpower also enhanced the negotiation process, leading to faster job offer acceptance.

4. Ideal IT Partner found within a week for the development of new workforce management systems; an IT company with a great track record and offering affordable solutions.

Our IT recruitment division could find the best-suited IT partner in no time. (We have already worked with thousands of employers with outstanding track records.)

Outcomes for the Client

1. The logistics company’s strengthened delivery network got them more business, and customer complaints decreased to an all-time low.

2. Our solutions helped the company fuel revenue-generation opportunities that led to a 40% increase in revenues and higher profits from the regions.

3. The availability of drivers with 10+ years of experience driving on hilly and rough-terrain roads prevented accidents that were previously occurring because the drivers selected for the region had limited exposure to the road conditions.

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