Consultation for Pharma Company Prevented Hiring of Wrong Leader, Enabled Hiring of Right Operations Champion

Consultation For Pharma Company

Outstanding Recruitment Consultation That Helped Company Avoid Numerous Troubles


A pharmaceutical company was planning a major move to gain in-depth manufacturing intelligence and data analytics embedded into its operations models and management. The top management decided to hire a Chief of Manufacturing Intelligence, a permanent position. The client expected the leader to drive everything from product improvements, production optimization, digital transformation to eventual factory intelligence-based operations control.

Alliance Recruitment Agency consulted with the client and helped them identify the right leader for their current phase of growth – an Onsite Consultant for Pharmaceutical Digital Transformation.

Our recruitment consultant helped the company understand that a Chief of Manufacturing Intelligence would be an eventual need. The consultation helped the company speed up its current phase of growth and avoid a decision that could have led to many pitfalls and wrong investments.

The Situation

A multinational company created a new position to improve the efficiency of its pharmaceutical operations in Asia. The company planned to digitalize its operations management by implementing technology systems that allowed real-time monitoring and detailed data analytics based on real-time data feed from output per machine, per lot/batch, and per operator.

The company was seeking a highly specialized leader to ensure that manufacturing operations are smoothly transitioned into the digitalized space without impacting negatively on output, quality, and uptime.

The client required the new leader to have a strong background in the digitalization of pharmaceutical operations, manufacturing intelligence, product knowledge, and operational efficiency. The executive should also be fluent in the Asian languages where the company had operations.

The post created was titled – Chief of Manufacturing Intelligence.


The major challenges were the following:

  • The position required a highly diverse and contrasting combination of experience, abilities, and knowledge in pharmaceutical operations management. Manufacturing intelligence leaders do not usually have a good background in pharmaceutical product creation, production processes, and quality control.
  • Digitalization of operations was a tremendous responsibility, and finding a chief to drive the innovations was something the company had no clue about when the client approached us. We needed to start from scratch, from planning an assessment of client requirements to mapping it with talent availability and suggesting required revisions.
  • The wide differences in expectations between the top management team members and their understanding of the position for which they were hiring was another roadblock.

Executive Search Solutions And Approach

Our pharmaceutical recruitment agency helped the client understand that it would be highly risky to recruit a leader for a stage of growth for which they were not fully prepared.

We helped them identify the various weak points and suggested the hiring of a consultant who can drive their transition towards the planned digital transformation in operations management.

A new position was identified – Onsite Consultant for Pharmaceutical Digital Transformation.

Alliance Recruitment Agency helped the pharmaceutical company find an established consultant with 25+ years of experience in Asian as well as global pharmaceutical operations and in directing the change the client needed.

Here’s an overview of the approach:

  • We conducted an assessment of client business scenarios, risks, vulnerabilities, business projections, and client commitments.
  • We found that the company’s top management members were in the phase of learning and development for manufacturing intelligence. Making a permanent hire would not serve them well.
  • Leaders who drive digitalized operations and manufacturing intelligence initiatives usually are not production heroes and do not have a background in pharmaceutical products and production.
  • Such a leader would be needed when the company reaches the next level of digital transformation to start its manufacturing intelligence initiatives.
  • Our consultation helped the client understand that the most important and urgent requirement was to find a pharmaceutical operations hero with experience in change management (operations, people, processes) for digital transformation.
  • They actually needed a leader who could plan the transition, prepare a framework and action plan, and help them prepare for a number of overhauls – process optimization, implementation of automation systems, product quality management in the transition phase.
  • We substantiated our findings with various real-world examples and research-based insights.
  • Based on client approval for the new position – Onsite Consultant for Pharmaceutical Digital Transformation – we framed a new search strategy and connected them with an outstanding candidate within a month.

Outcomes for the Client

1. Our consultation services helped the pharmaceutical company identify the right leader to fulfill the current needs.

2. The company was able to steer clear of many pitfalls which could have occurred due to misguided permanent recruitment.

3. The consultant we helped hire helped the company achieve its 2-year goals within 19 months and make a tremendous improvement in its operational efficiencies.

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