HR Consultancy Helped FMCG Startup Hire Reputed Consultant, Sales Team, and 4X Revenues in 2 Years

HR Consultancy Helped FMCG Startup Hire Reputed Consultant

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A startup FMCG and e-commerce company owner was struggling to meet business growth targets due to talent attraction challenges. The company was unable to attract and hire a strong sales champion and sales team to build its retailer and distributor network. This was affecting its revenue-generating opportunities and dwindling profit margins.

Alliance Recruitment Agency offered HR consultancy and recruitment services that led to hiring extraordinary talent helping the FMCG startup to quadruple its revenues within two years.

The Situation

An startup focused on e-commerce and FMCG products was in the second year of its business. The profit margin was low, and sales through e-commerce was unstable.

The startup owner was looking for the following solutions:

  • Hiring a sales champion to turnaround the business to realize its true potential – a market leader in sales and networking who could build brand presence and visibility, and develop the right systems and structures for sales to pull in retailers, distributors, investors, etc.
  • A team of high-performing marketing and sales executives. (Sales attrition was so high that within a year, the company had to recruit 4-5 times over 12 months for the same positions).


The major challenges were the following:

  • Talent attraction was a huge challenge, as the business had just its logo and 10+ distributors. The company found that no market leader they reached out to was interested in making such a risky career move.
  • Finding a high-performing sales team when not even experienced sales executives could be persuaded to work for them.
  • The company’s e-commerce website had 5 pages, but not any traffic or leads to speak of. Digital sales was handled by a part-timer who also handled social media posting, and some SEM activities. Selling the employer brand looked almost impossible.
  • Most of the hiring decisions were unsatisfactory resulting in an under-performing office of 15 people, out of which 10 were sales, marketing, and customer service representatives.

Recruitment Solutions And Approach

Alliance Recruitment Agency offered the following services and solutions:

1. Recruitment Of a Market Leader For Increasing Sales and Revenues – Hiring a Consultant for Sales and Marketing Proved To Be The Best Choice For The Company

  • Alliance Recruitment Agency identified the real business problems, challenges, and talent attraction issues through a detailed consultation.
  • We identified that in the initial stage, it might be worthwhile to invest in the services of a reputed FMCG marketing and sales consultant recruitment.
  • The professional should have wide experience in doubling and tripling the revenues of SMEs and startups.
  • The payment for the services of such a consultant depends on the outcomes they generated, which would greatly reduce recruitment risks and assure great benefits for the startup.
  • The creation of a permanent position could be done at a stage where the startup could show strong business performance, brand identity, and business stability.

2. Recruitment of a High-Performing Business Development and Sales Team

We found 4-5 virtual sales and marketing assistants who fit the role perfectly right. They had experience in generating business through telemarketing, site visits, and enabling deals with retailers and distributors.

The startup owner decided to go ahead with the recruitment.

Outcomes for the Client

1. The FMCG startup was able to quadruple its revenues within a year through the services of the marketing and sales consultant.

2. The remote business development assistants proved to be a high-performing team, who assisted the consultant with target achievements on time.

3. Our recruitment consultation and solutions helped the FMCG owner cross a great milestone in business growth.

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