Private Chef Hiring That Led To Home Event Management Success

Private Chef Hiring

50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration Made Beautiful and Outstanding Through Private Chef and Caterer Hiring Support


A real estate company owner on the East Coast of the USA planned to celebrate his parent’s 50th wedding anniversary in the most memorable manner. The client planned to invite 30 members of his family to make his parents’ wedding anniversary event an occasion that stays like one of the most beautiful memories for his family.

Alliance Recruitment helped the client find chefs with a rare combination of skill sets – experience in Italian and traditional British cuisine, particular to certain regions in Italy and Britain. The chef recruiter also helped the family find a chef offering catering services for cocktails, savories, and certain local dessert items.

The Situation

The client was the eldest son of a multilingual family with family members residing in different states on the East Coast. The owner of a real estate business established by his Italian mother and British father, the 50th-anniversary celebration marked a family milestone that all family members wanted to enjoy together.

The 30 invitees comprised siblings and their families, uncles, aunts, and cousins and their family members, as well as some friends of the family. Everyone had Italian and British origins, and the menu needed to cater to their wishes of the best dishes they loved, cooked in the traditional, native manner.

Requirements and Challenges

Chef Availability:

The family needed different chefs with knowledge and expertise in preparing certain dishes that were traditional to certain regions in England and Italy. The family also specified cooking styles and equipment that they preferred.

Catering Support:

Finding local chefs with catering experience and food procurement support for certain local dishes, beverages, and cocktails based on a highly personalized and custom menu.

Event Support:

The client wanted support with event planning – menu planning, decorations, props, and cleaning and clearing post-completion of the event.

The Solutions And Approach

Alliance Recruitment Agency’s chef recruitment consultant took time to understand the family’s unique combination of requirements for their event.

  • We created a digital list of requirements that covered 60+ things mentioned by the family.
  • Our chef recruitment consultant created target chef profiles based on requirements and mined our chef talent databases and networks.
  • We also placed adverts on our talent portals.
  • Within a few days, we found the chefs who could fulfill all the requirements.
  • After thorough reference checks and track record checks, when our chef recruiters were satisfied with the selected chef’s abilities, we shared details with the client.
  • Our chef recruitment consultant coordinated with the client’s family for interviews and meetings.
  • Within a week, the contract was offered to the chefs selected by our agency.

Outcomes for the Client:

  • Exquisite menus and food items that provided 100% satisfaction from each invitee
  • Highly efficient and elegant food presentations and serving support
  • Superior decoration support and catering services provided by the private chef offering catering services
  • Support with cleaning and clearing was highly appreciated

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