Enhanced Brand Image, 70% Savings Through Expert Recruitment Solutions For Hotel Group

Expert Recruitment Solutions For Hotel Group

Improving hospitality business reputation and recruitment outcomes


A hotel group used to spend 20,000+ total man-hours every year on chef recruitment as part of the employer’s need to maintain chef staff across 20+ hotels. The client faced a very high attrition rate, as 300+ chef recruitment took place over five years just to meet attrition rates.

After the hotel group partnered with Alliance Recruitment Agency, the company spent just 5% of the man-hours they spent earlier on recruitment. Chef attrition decreased to 20%. The hotel’s cuisine and food delivery standards improved significantly, earning 4.5 reviews based on 1,000+ customer reviews.


The client is the owner of a hospitality business. The hotel group has 20+ hotels in Asian countries. The company recruited through job advertisements and social media job posts. Although the hiring costs were less, the outcomes were inefficient.

350+ chef recruitment occurred over five years leading to astounding attrition rates, as the skills of a majority of the hired chefs were not relevant for the food demands of the hotel. Most of the applicants were never the best fit based on the business scenario and food demands of the hotels but used to be hired to meet urgent requirements resulting from high chef attrition.

Vacancies and Requirements

  • The client wanted to transform and streamline its chef workforce planning and recruitment management.
  • Following the creation of a better chef talent management system and techniques, the client wanted to recruit 30+ chefs who were to be placed at different locations.
  • The hotel group wanted to ensure 100% compliance with local and international regulations by putting in place a rigorous background check system.


Talent Availability Issues:

Finding 30+ chefs with 10+ years of specialized experience in the type of different cuisine and signature dishes the hotel offered within two months.

Rigorous Screening:

The hotel group introduced a 5-step screening process comprising online technical assessment, video-based technical interviews, expert interviews to test industry experience, sample food preparation, and psychometric tests.

Time Constraints:

Finding chefs with the expertise to deal with location-based cuisine demands and signature dishes within 60 days was quite a tough challenge.

The Solutions And Approach

Alliance Recruitment Agency assigned the hotel group owner’s recruitment project to 5 chef manpower consultants – one chef consultant per location in which the hotel needed to place chefs.

Each consultant leveraged their local and global chef hiring insights and talent pools and met the client demand for closing 30+ positions within the time period.

  • Our chef recruitment manager improved the client’s recruitment marketing through the creation of specially-designed social media posts that enhanced the benefits future chef employees would gain.
  • The hotel group’s career web pages were redesigned to communicate a strong message to talented chefs about all the advantages of working with the hotel group.
  • Chef job adverts were placed at strategic online and physical locations to which Alliance Recruitment Agency had access.
  • The five chef recruiters created a best-match chef identification criteria and used a technology-based chef application management system. The tool helped the chef recruiters to automatically identify chef candidates who meet 40+ parameters specified in the best-match candidate profile.
  • The chef recruiters of Alliance Recruitment Agency helped the hotel group create their own talent database by digitalizing their resume database that also covered information of all past applicants and interview reports.
  • The Alliance Recruitment Agency chef recruiters mined their well-established talent networks and pools to source candidates from local and international talent pools.
  • 50+ candidates who met the best-match candidate criteria were approached. The recruiters scheduled four steps of the screening process in a systematic, intuitive manner. Food sample prep was also managed through virtual interview tools that allowed 360-degree views.
  • Thirty-nine candidates passed the 4-step verification process within 40 days, and the chef recruiters coordinated and scheduled the 5th step – expert interview – for all the candidates
  • Within 55 days, 35 candidates had signed the job offer and announced their notice period to existing employers.

Outcomes for the Client:

  • The chefs hired through our agency were found competent to meet all job requirements and improved customer satisfaction rates from the hotel’s food and beverage services.
  • The employee surveys of all new hires following three months of employment showed a good employer rating and willingness to work for long-term.
  • The hotel could introduce new local cuisine offerings that greatly enhanced its customer ratings.
  • Overall recruitment consultant time and costs involved in chef hiring for 35 positions were reduced by 70%, taking into account hidden costs and explicit costs.

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