HR Consultancy For Financial Services Firm For Achieving Business Value Transformation Goals

HR Consultancy For Financial Services Firm

Gaining Value Transformation Benefits Through Hiring The Right Workforce For New Business Lines


A financial services company required 50+ professionals for the new divisions and business lines they added for achieving business value transformation goals. Even after 5+ months of talent search initiatives, screening of 3,000+ resumes, and 200 candidates, the company could not find the right teams.

The multinational financial services company came into contact with Alliance Recruitment Agency. Our HR consultants helped them achieve their goals within 3 months.


The client company specializes in offering a variety of financial solutions. The new business lines aimed to tremendously increase the value of their old offerings. in addition to serving as stand-alone solutions for financial investment planning and risk management. The new solutions included investment tracking, AI-enabled financial insights, and SMART hedging, among solutions. The client needs the right workforce to achieve all its business value transformation goals.

Vacancies and Requirements

  1. The recruitment objective was to hire professionals for fintech, IT, financial analysis, and other new divisions.
  2. The client had 50+ open positions that needed to be filled quickly.
  3. There were vacant positions in all these new divisions
    • Fintech Division
    • Financial Data Analytics Division
    • IT Center of Excellence Division for Process Optimization
    • Advanced Financial Research and Intelligence Reporting Division
    • IT Technical Support Team For New Divisions
  4. The requirements were varied per position across divisions.


Talent Availability Issues:

It was difficult for the company to find highly-qualified workforces with wide experience and knowledge base despite spending a huge amount on job advertisements, recruitment campaigns, and collaborations.

Less Learning Curve:

The company did not find it profitable to provide 2-3 months’ training but needed professionals who could start productive work within 3 weeks from hiring.

Tough Hiring Assessments:

To be shortlisted for hiring, candidates needed to score above 85% in the tests and assessments organized by the company.

The Solutions And Approach

Alliance Recruitment Agency HR Consultants were successful in finding the right talent for the 50+ positions within three months.

  • Our HR consultant recruitment created detailed personas of ideal candidates for different types of functions and work. It included the key abilities, traits, knowledge, qualifications, experience, and performance expectations.
  • Following approval of the personas, we reached out to our diverse talent networks, mined our internal talent pool databases to shortlist 30+ candidates, and engaged with them to consider assessments and new job opportunities.
  • About 20 candidates could achieve the score to move ahead with the hiring process. Following the first round of interviews, we worked with the shortlisted candidates to gain insights into finding people who had the same level of abilities.
  • In the second phase, our HR consultants found 25 candidates who could score well in the assessment and got selected by the company.
    References, referrals, and targeted search helped us find 10+ candidates following another ten days of talent search.
  • Within 2 months, 40 candidates had accepted the job offer, and within 70 days, 50+ positions were filled.
  • Constant communication occurred between the employer and potential candidates, and our HR recruiters coordinated on time.
  • Our HR consultants had also conducted background checks and detailed references checks before shortlisting the candidates for the interview rounds with the company.

Outcomes for the Client:

  • The company commenced operations for its new business lines on time and successfully.
  • All the new hires were found highly satisfactory and productive.
  • The new workforce helped the company achieve its expansion goals, improving revenue and profitability metrics.
  • Our recruitment solutions resulted in 30% cost savings and 50% comparative time savings.

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