CRO Recruitment

At Alliance International, we provide peerless C-suite recruitment service, specifically designed to get the best candidate for our client. Corporate Executive positions play a key role in making policies and taking financial decisions for an organization; filling these posts with the right candidate is pivotal for any firm. We have been working with numerous clients across the world for years in helping them hire the right C-level candidates.

Globalization and the regulatory risks associated with the global businesses have boosted up the role of Chief Risk Officer (CRO) to one of the most crucial members of the management team. Don’t waste your crucial man-hours and resources in finding a right CRO when you can get the experts to make the process smooth and outcome-driven. Contact Alliance International, a company with experience in CRO recruitment and cro staffing. We have specialized head hunters and HR professionals who offer very efficient chief risk officer recruitment assistance as well as CRO office staffing assistance. Grab the opportunity to have the best candidate for the position of CRO, with whom mitigation of better competition, regulation factors, and technological threats on your organization’s capital and earnings on a large scale.

CRO Recruiter Services

A Chief Risk Officer(CRO) role in an organization is to identify, analyze, evaluate and mitigate the internal and external risks to a company, and report to the CEO and a committee of the board of directors engaging in business and strategy setting. The CRO also ensures that company activities are in compliance with the government regulations, whether it is the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform or the various consumer protection acts in Europe. CRO also reviews different factors that could negatively affect investments and business strategies of the company.

The typical CRO should be a postgraduate with a strong background in enterprise risk and compliance management, business continuity and financial operations oversight. Experience in enterprise risk management frameworks, such as predictive analytics, market intelligence, IT risk, reputation/social media risk management and environmental risk management is also important. Alliance International CRO recruiter teams will ensure that the entire process through to the actual hiring is managed most efficiently.

Chief Risk Officer Recruitment and CRO Staffing

At Alliance, our cro recruiter believe in establishing a long-term professional relationship with our clients. We always develop a customized recruitment approach for every client. We never fill your inbox with mediocre resumes; our dedicated CV sourcing and cro staffing team goes through a careful and uniquely tailored vetting process in shortlisting the right candidate for you. Our C-level database is quite rich and we even have subscription accounts with some of the biggest online portals that provide a diverse range of candidates. We leave no stone unturned in searching for a suitable candidate for you. We also help with CRO office staffing from CV sourcing to overseeing assessments and various screening processes. We also help in drafting accurate job descriptions to draw in a pool of qualified candidates.

We have dedicated recruitment teams to take care of recruitment for companies in different sectors. They are highly trained to understand the various new trends and assessment and evaluation criteria followed for top management recruitment, including CRO recruitment, and are equipped with smart digital resources to help them find and narrow down to the right-fit candidates.

Most of our recruitment is for permanent employees, but we also recruit for temp-to-perm positions, depending on the employer’s requirements.

Why Choose Alliance International for Recruitment

With over 10 years as a recruitment agency, we not only provide top leadership recruitment services in India but also worldwide, and have a wide experience as C-suite recruiters in the UK, the US and the Middle East.

What makes us Unique?

  • We always bond with the best candidates that have made a difference for the companies they work for.
  • We are a long lasting recruitment partner who can fill positions with the best professionals in their respective fields.
  • We complete recruitment procedures quickly to fill your vacant positions, so your business never misses a beat.
  • The fee at which we offer recruitment service is unbeatable.