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Alliance Recruitment Agency was established in 2010 to cater to the administrative and operational needs of our executive clients. From this home base, we have managed to successfully grow our executive assistant recruitment services to a global level. In today’s dynamic and competitive market place, the demand for executive assistants is on the rise and our executive assistant headhunters at Alliance Recruitment Agency are here to connect you with the best candidates for the job.

Your Trusted “Near Me” Executive Assistant Headhunters

As an executive assistant staffing agency who has been in the industry for over 10 years, we have a proven track record of placing candidates in EA positions for a variety of companies. Unlike other executive assistant recruitment firms, we are not limited to a certain geographical domain. Instead, we serve companies in Asia, Middle East, United Kingdom and throughout North America. No matter where you are based, we will be your “near me” executive assistant headhunters.

Alliance – Exceptional Executive Assistant Staffing Solutions

Our professional executive headhunters near you are experts in finding and delivering executive assistants for all C-level executives from CEOs, CFOs, COOs to CMOs, CTOs and other corporate executives. Alliance executive headhunters near you are dedicated to shaping our candidates’ careers and helping our clients build effective teams to increase the productivity of their operations. By providing superior service and building enduring professional relationships, we will always be the best in the industry.

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If you are seeking to hire an executive assistant, we can make finding the perfect candidate fast and easy. Contact our teams and submit an executive assistant staffing request today. One of our recruitment consultants will reach out to you with a free of charge consultation to discuss your hiring needs and requirements. Partner with Alliance Recruiters and let our experts find your next executive headhunters near you.

The Executive Assistant Headhunter At Alliance

No organization wants to go through expensive failed employee appointments. Therefore we follow a robust executive assistant recruitment process to ensure that we recruit only the best candidates that match your technical competencies and personality traits

Define the Position –

No two executive assistant appointments are the same – this is the basis that our executive assistant recruitment consultants work on. Therefore our teams work closely with your hiring managers to understand the nature of the position and the culture of your organization, so that we can determine the characteristics of the ideal candidate for the job.

Development of a Recruitment Plan –

Based on the job specifics provided by your hiring managers and our analysis of your position and organization, we will put together a unique recruitment plan, designed exclusively for your executive assistant appointment. From candidate sourcing to finalization of the appointment, everything will be planned at this point.

Candidate Sourcing –

Our EA recruitment specialists have access to vast networks of professionals operating across various industries and sectors, that enable us to identify and attract the top candidates for your open position. Our use of social networking platforms to conduct targeted promotional campaigns also allows us to find the right candidate that matches your requirements.

Interview, Screen and Finalize –

We conduct a series of interviews for the selected candidates from telephone interviews for the initial pool of candidates and in-person interviews for the highlighted, top candidates. Every candidate will be thoroughly screened against your requirements and a shortlist of the top candidates will be provided to you, where you can decide who to hire.

Executive Assistant Positions We Place

As a security recruitment agency who has been in the industry since 2010, we have been extremely successful in the placement of executive assistants for all C- level positions and other high-ranking members and executives of a corporate.

Executive Assistant to CEO –

An executive assistant to a CEO should possess a unique set of technical and soft skills and the ability to relate to people at every level. We look for candidates who are poised, intelligent and totally committed to business success. Impeccable communication skills and abilities of prioritization are also some of the qualities we seek.

Executive Assistant to CFO –

An executive assistant to a CFO has a one-on-one relationship with the CFO. We will assess the candidates’ skills and abilities to create excel spreadsheets, manage CFO expense reports, meetings and monitor traffic documents, contracts and invoices. We will also evaluate the candidates’ qualities of discretion and educational backgrounds.

Executive Assistant to COO –

Since the executive assistant to the COO acts as the de facto “Chief of Staff”, the candidate considered for this position should possess exceptional social and interpersonal skills to interact with people at every level of the organization. Our recruitment consultants will rigorously evaluate these factors and assess the candidate’s suitability for the position

EA to C-Level and Other Executives –

Apart from CEO, CFO and COO positions, we provide rigorously vetted candidates for executive assistants positions for all C-level positions and other high-ranking members and corporate executives.

Alliance Recruitment Agency Qualification and Skill Evaluation of Executive Assistant Candidates

To effectively handle the role of an executive assistant, a candidate should possess a unique set of technical and soft skills. We can guarantee that the candidates that we deliver have been rigorously vetted and are a perfect fit for the job and your organization.

Educational Background –

An executive assistant candidate should be well educated and have a qualification related to the area of expertise of the executive they are serving. We thoroughly evaluate every candidate’s educational background and the subject knowledge required by the employer and usually deliver candidates holding a bachelor’s degree or sometimes an MBA.

Calm Under Pressure –

Since most executives have high pressure jobs, that pressure often gets passed on to the people working closest to them – the executive assistants. Our executive assistant recruitment consultants evaluate the candidates’ ability to function under high pressure situations and deliver difficult tasks with tight deadlines while handling the pressure.

Big Picture Thinking –

Although an executive assistant may serve a single executive, he/she should interact with employees at all levels and departments. Therefore we assess the candidates’ solid understanding and knowledge of your business.

Why Choose Alliance Recruitment Agency?

From Leading corporations, brand new startups to non profit organizations, companies of all types and scopes continually come to Alliance Recruitment Agency when it comes to executive assistant appointments, as they are confident that we will always connect them with the top candidates for their vacancies. Partner with Alliance and let our experts hire your next best executive headhunters near you.

Proven Track Record of Success –

As a leading executive assistant staffing agency since 2010, we have an exceptional track record for placing candidates in EA positions for a variety of companies. We have experience in serving companies in Asia, Middle East, United Kingdom and throughout North America, helping them to find the right candidate for their executive assistant positions

Source and Deliver Exceptional Talent –

We have access to vast networks of professionals operating across various industries and sectors, that enable us to identify and attract the top candidates for your open executive assistant positions. Regardless of your skill, qualification, experience and even personality characteristic requirements, we can find the perfect match for the job.

Expert Executive Assistant Recruiters –

Our executive assistant recruitment consultants are experts in the EA staffing industry, having decades of experience working with leading corporations around the world. You can count on our EA recruitment consultants to deliver you fully vetted candidates that are capable of effectively handling your executive assistant positions.