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We are best-in-class executive headhunters in the UK with a verified record of placing exceptional leaders in the key executive positions. Our award-winning search methodology assures that we connect you with the top talent for your organisation’s success.

Experience exceptional outcomes – choose our comprehensive search strategies for your leadership needs. Our expert team at Alliance Recruitment Agency is dedicated to delivering top professional talent through Leadership Talent Acquisition services for our clients.

Alliance headhunters boast a proven track record across diverse industries, from tech titans to established manufacturers. With deep industry expertise and a network of accomplished leaders, we connect you with the perfect executive fit, no matter your specific needs. Over a decade of building trust with top talent across industries fuels our ability to identify the ideal leader for your organisation.

Partner with the Top Headhunters UK

As a company of leading executive headhunters in the UK, we aim to deliver high-quality candidates for all executive positions within a typical corporate hierarchy, from C-Suite professionals to executive vice presidents and senior vice presidents to executive director positions.

Our specialised team of headhunters and executive recruitment consultants work on conducting retained searches and have built enduring relationships with vast executive candidate networks. Choose Alliance Recruitment Agency , the top head hunters UK to acquire professional executive leaders for your organisation.

We at Alliance Recruitment Agency have partnered with businesses ranging from emerging companies to established corporations and nonprofit organisations around the world. We have experience working with companies for almost every executive position and across every sector from accounting and finance, marketing, engineering, information technology to gas and oil power. Our C-suite recruiters demonstrate an exceptional track record and we guarantee to deliver only the best executive talent for our clients.

Partner with the Best HR Headhunters UK

Contact Alliance and submit an executive staffing request today. One of our account managers will contact you with a free consultation to discuss your executive hiring requirements and specifics. At Alliance Recruitment Agency, our executive headhunters in the UK and recruitment consultants are committed to tirelessly seeking the perfect executive talent for your critical roles.

  • Define the Position –

    Our headhunting and executive recruiting teams are dedicated to understanding your needs and concerns, shaping the criteria for your executive search to secure top talent. Working closely with your hiring managers and internal team, we analyze the nature of the open position and your organization’s cultural dynamics.
  • Action Plan to Candidate Sourcing –

    After conducting an in-depth analysis on the required job position and organization, we develop a personalized recruitment plan suitable to your needs. We harness our wide-reaching executive talent networks and targeted social media campaigns on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to reach the candidates on the basis of your metrics.
  • Screen and Evaluate –

    Once the sourcing of the potential candidate pool is done, we conduct an extensive screening and reference-checking process for shortlisting the candidates to be interviewed.
  • Collaborate and Finalize –

    Our HR Headhunters UK will meet your hiring managers and key decision-makers to select the final candidate. Alliance executive recruitment consultants will provide you with a recommendation as to why we consider them a perfect match for your position and organization and the outcomes of our evaluation. Finally, we will collaboratively choose your next executive.

Why Choose Alliance Recruitment Agency?

Since 2010, Alliance headhunters and executive search consultants have placed countless executive candidates in various companies worldwide. We execute a thorough executive search and recruitment process to promptly meet our clients’ needs.

  • Dedicated In-House Executive Search – Our in-house headhunters and consultants exclusively handle our executive search and recruitment services. To cater to the executive leadership needs of companies in almost any industry, our headhunters specialise in various areas, including accounting and finance, marketing, IT, engineering, and much more.
  • Personal Attention – Unlike other executive search firms, we focus on building everlasting relationships with our clients to better understand their business and workforce needs. This has resulted in the identification and delivery of executive candidates matching our client organisations’ technical requirements and cultural composition and an exceptional client repeat rate.
  • Extensive Talent Pool –As one of the leading executive search and top headhunters in the UK since 2010, we have built relationships with extensive talent pools worldwide. This benefits our clients from enjoying a much wider talent pool and enables us to find and attract the best executive candidates without any limitations across disciplines and geographical boundaries.


In the UK, firms hire a headhunter or executive recruiter to locate and recruit talent for specific job roles. They specialise in targeting high-level employees, often passive candidates not actively seeking new opportunities, to ensure organisations attract the best talent for their needs.

The headhunting method involves several stages:

  • Role Analysis: Executives provide job descriptions and requirements to headhunters.
  • Candidate Sourcing: Headhunters search for suitable candidates using various platforms.
  • Candidate Screening: Headhunters screen candidates based on qualifications.
  • Outreach: Headhunters approach potential candidates via cold calling and email.
  • Client Shortlist: Headhunters create a shortlist of qualified candidates for the client.

Alliance International stands out as one of the top headhunters in the UK, renowned for its excellence in sourcing top-tier talent for executive-level positions across diverse industries. With a reputation for professionalism and expertise, Alliance International is a trusted partner for organisations seeking high-calibre executives to lead their businesses to success.

Headhunting fees in the UK typically range from 15% to 30% of the candidate’s first-year salary, with an average fee of around 18%. For a £50,000 salary, fees could be between £7,500 and £15,000. Agencies may offer a rebate period if the hired candidate leaves within a specified timeframe.

Headhunters and recruiters have similar goals of finding candidates for positions, but they differ in their approach and the types of positions they fill. Headhunters focus on high-level executive roles, often approaching employed individuals, while recruiters handle various positions and engage with candidates actively seeking employment.