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Full Time Private Chef

A private chef is as person who has formal culinary knowledge and works for an individual or a private family. Now-a-days, private chefs are not only limited to rich people, but are also available for middle class families. In this case, a private chef is generally hired through recruitment agencies for full time, part time or on temporary basis.

We, Alliance International are a renowned chef recruitment agency, serving the clients who want to hire full time private chef for their culinary needs. With our years of immense experience, we can help you to find a private chef who possess diverse skills and dish out the best cuisines on your plate.

Find A Private Chef

We always try to build trust with our valuable clients and leave a remarkable experience in their mind. Over the years, we have understood what really works and what doesn’t on matters relating to how to find a private chef. This way, we are able to ensure an exceptional experience to our valuable clients. Finding a competent, capable, and hardworking chef for you can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack.

Here are a few of the features our selected Chefs possess: –

  • Our chefs go through required training and experience, have an enthusiasm to live in or live out as required and possibly the ability to travel.
  • Have proper knowledge of food safety and storage techniques, nutrition, allergy and diet requirements, preferences and various other specialized skills.
  • Demonstrate the attributes required for success in the role. Moreover, they have outstanding organizational skills and sound knowledge of food and wine pairings.
  • Skills to design and plan menus for small and large gatherings as well as to source the essential ingredients, equipment and personnel if required.
  • Have the ability to stay on budget.

Thus there is no better place to approach than Alliance Recruitment agency for yourl full time private chef requirements.