Global Healthcare Agency

Healthcare sector includes companies providing medical services, medical equipment or otherwise facilitates the provision of health care to patients. The environment which is facing workforce shortages, healthcare facilities, need support from short- or long-term healthcare staffing. From nurse staffing to allied clinician and recruiting, we as a reputed global healthcare agency provide a wide range of healthcare staffing services to our clients all over the world. If you are in need of best healthcare staffing services, looking forward to fill an immediate opening, or want full-time assistance to manage healthcare recruitment processes, we are here for you. Trust us to deliver the skills and expertise you want for long-term success in your healthcare staffing.

We are currently working with all the major corporate independent hospitals within the fields of specialist forensic mental health, acute medicine, and learning disabilities. We believe that hiring for global healthcare agencies an exceptional quality staff is vital to an organization’s success. Matching the right candidate with an organization’s requirement and objectives is always crucial. We have an extensive database of potential candidates from all grades and specialties with whom we have maintained a credible relationship and who choose to work with us exclusively.

We at Alliance international, are placing the candidates in the healthcare sector for over a decade. Unlike other healthcare recruitment agencies, our service does not stop after the candidate placement; we keep on contacting our clients to ensure that our client is happy with the candidate and resolving any problem that may be surfacing before they become a critical issue. Whether it is about one position or a whole department that you need to fulfill within a scheduled time frame, we can help you. We remove the administrative burden by taking control of the entire recruitment process on behalf of our clients. We achieve this by:

  • Making a recruitment plan and scheduled delivery.
  • Headhunting candidates using our extensive candidate database.
  • Raising awareness to vacancies with suitable recruitment campaigns.
  • Carrying out pre-screening of candidates.
  • Arranging interviews on our client’s’ behalf.
  • Completing all of the obligatory paperwork