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Headhunting refers to the act of recruiting for filling senior management positions. Alliance Recruitment has strategic alliances with numerous big and small companies throughout the world which helps us to have a big network for different kinds of sectors. Executive headhunting can now be done very easily through our skilled teams of recruiters.

Whether you want to hire a new IT manager for a project or need a head engineer for your firm, you will find Alliance Recruitment recruiters to meet any hiring requirement. We have many years of experience as headhunters. We are as interested in helping our individual clients enhance their careers by leveraging their skillsets and potential as we are in helping companies find the right-fit candidates. You can trust our Headhunters in Montreal for improving your ROI from recruitment investments. We have numerous clients who trust us completely with their recruitment needs.

Alliance Headhunters – Among Best Headhunters in Montreal

Our headhunting service covers startups, small sized businesses to medium and large sized companies and multinational organizations. Our recruiters are also skilled in virtual headhunting processes. We use artificial intelligence and various algorithms to sort through tons of data and help you to connect with the right fit candidates. Our huge networks help too.

Our services cover
  • Matching profiles and Shortlisting CVs
  • Screening
  • Assessments
  • Interviews
  • Advanced Screening Processes for Final Candidate Selection

Contact Alliance Recruitment Montreal headhunters and find out more about how we can help you get the best candidates for your top level positions.

Alliance Recruitment IT Headhunters in Montreal

IT headhunting has increased in complexity as companies across sectors look to becoming digitally mature and need a combination of standard and custom IT and related solutions. We have specialized experience in recruiting top level IT personnels for various companies.

Experts who can manage new initiatives or who can secure online resources from all kinds of threats or an IT project manager who can help businesses scale up operations through advanced interconnected platforms. Alliance Recruitment will provide you high quality recruitment support.

Alliance Recruitment IT headhunters in Montreal will collaborate with your Human Resource Department to successfully initiate and complete the recruitment process, and make your recruitment initiatives for senior roles a success from every perspective that matters. In short, the whole recruitment process will be much more hassle free and effective. If you want to go for a virtual recruitment process, Alliance Recruitment is again a great choice. We can arrange virtual interviews and conferences with our virtual reality services.

Overall, the services we provide are flawless and efficient. Also we get the job done within estimated timeframes. Contact Alliance Recruitment Montreal headhunters for top quality executive search and headhunting services.

Why hire us?

Headhunting needs to be managed by highly competent professionals, who have tons of experience. Many details are involved in headhunting that a team with relatively low experience and competency might fail to notice. However, our recruiters are specialized and have necessary experience and training to pull-off even very difficult tasks. This makes the headhunters to be more energetic and motivated.

Some other points worth noting are
  • We value customer satisfaction over anything else
  • We value your privacy and maintain high data security standards
  • We are transparent with the companies we work with
  • We aim for building long lasting business relationships with our clients