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If you are an employer who is on the lookout for talented medical and healthcare professionals who are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of others, you have come to the right place. At Alliance Recruitment Agency, our purpose is to connect you with highly skilled healthcare professionals who are capable of contributing in discovering game changing medical breakthroughs that can get you to the forefront of your industry. There is nothing more praiseworthy and glorious than striving to make improvements and advancements in the medical and healthcare industry. As one of the leading healthcare recruitment agencies in Birmingham, we are here to help you find the right healthcare talent that can help make your goals and objectives a reality.

Healthcare is one of those industries that move at a faster rate and so should your organization to remain competitive. Easier said than done, you should have the right personnel within your teams who have the ability to adapt such changes quickly and move forward. That is where our healthcare recruitment Birmingham team comprising headhunters, consultants and recruiters come into play. We will help you identify and attract the right talent, which will help you to move forward effectively in the industry.

The Top Healthcare Recruitment Agency in Birmingham

We help hospitals, clinics and various healthcare professionals hire high quality candidates. Our services cover the full spectrum of medical and healthcare positions – medical, scientific, clinical, administrative, IT, human resources. We also fill almost every position imaginable under these categories such as Pharmaceutical, Behavioral Health, Microbiology to Quality Control, Drug Safety and Medical Affairs. If you are on the lookout for talented healthcare professionals, look no further than Alliance Recruitment Agency.

As a top tier healthcare recruitment agency in Birmingham, we are excited, motivated and diligent in our efforts to assist you in finding the ideal healthcare professionals. Our healthcare executive recruiters have helped hire physicians, surgeons, specialty doctors, clinical healthcare roles such as anesthesiologist, cardiovascular technologists, radiologists, and nursing professionals across diverse fields such as oncology nurse, pediatric nurses, medical surgery nurse, intensive care nurses, among others. We also assist in the recruitment of administrative healthcare professionals from accountants and administrators to medical billing specialists, medical transcriptionists, pharmacy assistants and staffing coordinators. You need a healthcare professional, contact us!

The Best Healthcare Recruitment in Birmingham

For your healthcare recruitment in Birmingham, you can totally trust Alliance Recruitment Agency. Send us a service request and we will reach out to you with a free of charge consultation to discuss your specific hiring needs. We are among the best healthcare recruitment agencies in Birmingham offering a comprehensive range of services with a high degree of efficiency.

  • Discover Client Needs – We take a collaborative approach to healthcare recruitment. Therefore our teams will work closely with your hiring managers and other key stakeholders involved in the recruitment process to study the business and workforce objectives and the cultural composition of your organization to determine the demands of the open positions and the ideal candidate.
  • Planning and Recruiting – Although we have years of experience placing countless healthcare candidates across a wide variety of companies, we believe that no two staffing operations are the same. Therefore we will put together a recruitment plan designed exclusively for your organization. Then we start reaching out to prospective candidates through our talent networks and other means.
  • Evaluate and Qualify Candidates – Unlike other industries, the professionals in the healthcare field have no room for error. We understand this fact very well and therefore rigorously evaluate each and every candidate against your skill, qualification and experience requirements to assess their true skill set and in-depth knowledge relevant to the demands of your vacant positions.
  • Match, Offer and Follow-Up – Once we have determined the top candidates out of the initial pool of candidates, we will present them to you and meet with you to finalize the candidate who will be hired. Upon the selection of the final candidate, we will present your offer to the chosen candidate, handle negotiations, confirm the acceptance of the position and be alongside you until the end.

Why Choose Alliance Recruitment Agency?

Medical and healthcare industries evolve and so do your talent needs. Being a leader in the healthcare recruitment field for over a decade, we understand that your staffing needs change over time and we are here to connect you with the best healthcare candidates that you are looking for. Partner with Alliance Recruitment Agency and let us hire your next healthcare professional.

  • The Full Spectrum of Healthcare Positions – At Alliance Recruitment Agency, we have the expertise as well as the resources to deliver high quality candidates for all your medical and healthcare positions. Whether you are looking for caring and attentive nurses or highly skilled and specialized physicians, we can connect you with the best talent in any healthcare talent area that you require.
  • A Leading Healthcare Recruiter – As a top tier healthcare recruitment agency in Birmingham since 2010, we are trusted by all types of healthcare institutions and facilities to assist them in identifying and attracting the top healthcare talent that the industry has to offer. Therefore our teams have enough and more experience to cater to all your healthcare workforce needs and requirements.
  • Extensive Talent Network – Over the past decade, our headhunters and recruitment consultants have built one of the most extensive and impressive healthcare talent networks in the country as well as globally. This enables us to understand the type of healthcare talent that you are looking for and identify and deliver the candidates that match your requirements from the talent pool.