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Java is one of the oldest programming languages known to technocrats worldwide. It is also the most in-demand skill among candidates as per a survey conducted last year, and the trend is expected to continue for many years to come. Although several other languages were introduced from time to time, Java is here to stay. Also due to the advent of technological advancement and digitization, the need to hire java developer or hire Java programmers online is also increasing day by day

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Reasons Java is prevalent

  • It is free, fast, secure and reliable along with being a very well documented and supported language.
  • Every company needs application built in Java to solve web related issues and to develop algorithms
  • Java is simple to use, and its codes can be used anywhere, as it is object-oriented programming, that is used to build modular programs.
  • Java is completely flexible as it can run on any platform which makes Java be platform-independent

Basic skill sets expected when you hire Java Developer

  • Knowledge of Core Java Enterprise Edition and Java design principles
  • Knowledge of XHTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery code
  • Knowledge of Service Oriented Architecture
  • Extensive use of unit, mock and browser-based test frameworks
  • Knowledge of Continuous Integration and Development environments using technologies such as Jenkins, Sonar, Maven, Artifactory
  • Agile Development approaches including, but not limited to, Scrum
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills and self-motivated individuals who are willing to adapt to diverse cultures

Use of Java

  • Desktop GUI Application
  • Mobile Applications
  • Embedded systems
  • Web applications
  • Web server and applications
  • Enterprise Application
  • Scientific Applications

Hire Java Programmers Online

Gone are the days when you have to hire a candidate for a role and monitor his performance. Now, with virtual assistants available, you can just outsource your Java project to a reliable recruitment agency that offers experienced and qualified hire dedicated Java developers and programmers to execute your project.

Java has made our lives easy; it is easier to write codes in Java and enable development of programs which are safe and reliable. The best part is, you can write code in Java once and then use it on any other Java-based platform. When you hire Java programmer Online or hire dedicated java developer, check the projects he has worked on before and ascertain that he is the ideal candidate for your project. Once you are sure, try packages offered by a recruitment agency and choose the one that fits your budget. Alliance recruitment agency provides several hiring models and recruitment services, select the ideal fit and kick-start your project.

Alliance Recruitment Agency is an agency that offers customized solutions to companies and fulfills their need for good and experienced Java developers.

We offer

  • Fast and reliable recruitment services
  • Staffing services in all parts of the world including US, UK, Middle East, etc
  • Recruitment services across more than 13 industries
  • Flexible hiring models to choose from
  • Thousands of Java projects successfully executed
  • A dedicated Angular developer just for your project
  • Tailor-made solutions that will help you achieve your business objective
  • Cost efficient hiring models to suit your budget
  • Hire java programmers as per your project need, interview the candidate and select only when you are sure that he will meet your expectations
  • Transparent hiring model where we offer profiles of all candidates to you to shortlist candidates of your choice for hire dedicated java developer
  • Timely delivery of your projects
  • Monitor performance of your candidate and keep a check on his performance as you do for your on role candidate

Alliance Recruitment Agency offers a comprehensive suite of hire Java developer services for creating the right business pathway. We have Java experts who are enriched with the excellence in developing the application using the perfect tools and frameworks for improving the performance of the application.