How to Hire Remote Employees for Your Virtual Team: Remote Hiring Guide

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Choosing remote employees for your company can be daunting. There are many things at risk, yet the benefits are worth taking risks. If you are thinking of hiring remote recruiters and are doubtful about the procedure or about which remote recruitment agency to contact, here is an article that might solve all your problems. Find everything there is to learn about the benefits of remote employment with a complete guideline that would help you recruit your “dream” virtual team.

The year 2020 has drastically changed the workspace scenario. Many companies had to completely reshape their organizations. A transition like this requires knowledge and experience to handle a virtual workspace environment. There is a strong possibility that your active employees may not be comfortable working from a virtual space.

This situation may require you to hire new remote employees who are comfortable working from a virtual space. This mode of hiring can benefit your company, as you will be able to get access to pools of talent that are sparse in your location. However, hiring remote employees comes with their risks, the most challenging being trust issues. Nevertheless, it is essential in extraordinary times like these to hire remote employees.

So, here is a guide that will help with your remote employee selection process for your virtual team.

How To Hire Remote Employees

1. Build Yourself a Good Employer Profile

Like passive job candidates, employers also need to build themselves a good portfolio. The profile should exclusively be made to attract qualified and possible employees to your company. Local candidates are easier to reach than global employees. Making a strong digital presence becomes very crucial while employing remote employees.

The reason being, this is the space where potential employees can learn about your company. Hence you need to showcase the culture of your company through this digital presence. Make sure you come off as a trustworthy company with opportunities that can benefit your candidate. A competent remote recruitment agency does exceptional digital promotions for companies, and such promotions attract highly qualified candidates to apply for the vacancies posted.

2. Ask For A Value-Added Cumulative Resume

Remote candidates are not going to be physically present when they work for you. As you do not meet them in person, you need to have a bit more knowledge about the individuals applying for the job. For that, it is essential you know about their previous roles, task-specific skills, communication abilities. A well-planned, value-added question sheet that would help you discover enough facts to make an informed decision.

Experienced remote work recruiters assist not only framing such question sheets but also documenting the facts and in doing comparative analysis. Some top remote recruiter also carry out extensive reference and background checks to ensure the reliability of your potential hires.

3. Ask Your Candidates To Take Digital Assessments

There are various digital assessments, which can be completed online. Scores and analysis are automatically generated when candidates complete the tests. Choosing the right digital assessments, coordinating with digital assessment service providers, scheduling the assessments, however, are time-consuming processes.

With the assistance of a reliable remote recruitment agency, you will be able to manage all these processes with ease. You also get expert advice about which digital assessment tools are most suitable for your workplace.

4. Take the Help Of Hiring Tools For a Smoother Recruiting Experience:

The way your company manages recruitment highly affects your image. However, managing thousands of applications and candidates can be daunting. In order to avoid any kind of discrepancy, it is advisable to take the help of hiring tools for a smooth recruiting experience for both you and your candidate.

A remote work recruiter with years of experience in competently using hiring tools helps you achieve desired results. Such remote recruiters smoothly manage all hiring activities, using excellent hiring tools, and provide online HR services that can come in handy during your recruitment period.

5. Select Your Top Candidates:

Create a thorough recruitment plan and chart out the stages of the recruiting process. Make sure to eliminate candidates unable to impress in initial stages. This will ensure a non-biased and more accurate evaluation of the candidates. Since recruiting remote employees should be an elaborate process, the recruitment process may go on for days.

Thus, you need to make sure to update the candidates accordingly beforehand about their application status and the future steps in the recruitment process. This will ensure there is no confusion amongst the candidates, and the process is smoother and efficient.

6. Conduct a Video Call Session With Your Top Candidates:

It is essential for the hiring team, which should include the recruiter, hiring manager, and other team members reviewing applications, to conduct a video interview round. Video interviews are the equivalent of in-person interviews and need to be planned and managed in a manner that gives you optimum insights into candidates’ skills and potential. The questions should not be limited to just the job profiles.

A top remote recruitment agency such as Alliance Recruitment Agency will help you to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of video interviews. Their remote work recruiters are skilled in techniques used to study personality traits and dig deeper into matters that help you assess a candidate from different perspectives.

7. Do a Final Test With A Project

In this final round, you need to test the abilities of the candidate with a project. This project should analyze their ability to handle day-to-day job responsibilities. This is a good way of knowing how the candidates manage their responsibilities and provide the employer with prior work experience with the candidate.

This prior work experience will help to analyze whether the candidate is suitable for your company culture and vice-versa. After you have selected a candidate, make sure to check their references.

With Alliance Recruitment Agency, you will not have to go through this process as they will do it for you making your remote recruiting process easier.

What are The Benefits of Hiring Remote Teams?

1. Access To a Wider Talent Pool

Imagine having a perfect candidate for your company, but they refuse to join because they will have to relocate to come and work in your company. Companies tend to lose a lot of candidates because they don’t want to relocate to a different place for work.

In these situations, hiring remote workers would not only give you access to a wider talent pool but also help you from losing a perfect candidate because of relocation issues.

2. Better Work Performance

It has been proven that remote workers show greater potential and work enthusiasm than the employees coming to the office. Remote workers have the liberty to work from any space they want. A worker thus can choose the environment they like to complete their day-to-day responsibilities.

A remote worker can choose to work from a coffee shop, or from the comfort of one’s home or can choose to hop between places according to his choice. This would keep the mood of your employee fresh and would give you quality work.

3. Reduces Work Space Cost

Having your employees come to a designated place costs a lot, as you will have to pay for the workspace needs like chairs and tables and pay for the electricity. You will also need to buy or rent a space and invest in the necessary office tools.

By hiring remote workers, you will be saving up all this money. You need not invest in office supplies and electricity and can use this money to expand your business.

4. Employee Benefits by Saving More Money

Since employees do not need to commute to the workplace, they save a lot of travel money. Research shows that employees tend to spend a lot of money, especially on petrol or cab fares, in order to reach their workspace. They also spend money buying food and snacks during tea and lunch breaks.

Working from home can diminish these expenditures and help the employee save more.

5. Increased Employee Retention

Replacing an employee can cost a lot to the company. It will not only put a pause in the work they were doing but will also call for repeated use of resources to repeatedly recruit and train candidates for the same position. They will also need to be updated with the previous workload.

However, statistics say, 95% of companies have reported that remote employers are less prone to leaving the company as it reduces the stress of commuting. Thus, remote workers increase a company’s employee retention rate.

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