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Alliance Recruitment Agency has spent more than a decade in helping businesses and organizations hire staff for various positions available. If you are looking for a well established and experienced HR Consultancy In Edinburgh, look no more. We are among the best HR Consultancy in Edinburgh.

Alliance Recruitment Agency has experience in recruitment in a vast range of fields, including aeronautics, engineering, financial services, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, retail, IT and ITeS, and warehousing and logistics. We are well acquainted with the hiring process and believe in building a great rapport with the clients as well as the recruitments candidates making staffing a memorable experience for both.

Hiring an HR Consultancy Edinburgh for your business or organization can be a difficult task at times. Our recruitment professionals understand your critical situation. The experts at our HR Consultancy in Edinburgh or HR Recruitment in Edinburgh are well-trained. We assure you that our finely polished staffing methods will prove of great help to you. We believe in working ethically, and with our extremely fair and transparent methods of staffing, we want to make your recruitment experience memorable.

HR Recruitment in Edinburgh

A lot of times when companies or businesses conduct the recruitment process for any given position vacant or for a number of vacancies. They lack the basic knowledge and experience needed to hire staff. They may end up spending a lot of time and money on the entire hiring process. Scan a lot of resumes, screen and interview a large number of candidates. But still end up recruiting an under qualified candidate or finding no suitable candidate at all.

To solve this problem many companies, businesses or organizations built their own HR department. But to have a well functional and effective HR department you need qualified and experienced experts in HR recruitment in Edinburgh. Well to solve your problem Alliance Recruitment Agency has specialized HR recruitment Edinburgh team, who are familiar with the hiring process and will find you the best candidates in a limited amount of time.

Our services of HR Recruitment in Edinburgh will assist you in recruiting a HR Consultancy or HR Consultant who will help the company optimize everyday processes such as recruitment, as well as implement strategic HR plans and technology. Our HR recruitment Edinburgh team assures you candidates experienced in consulting as well as dealing with long and short term HR issues.

We are among the best HR recruitment agencies in Edinburgh – Contact us for further details!

Top HR Recruitment Agency In Edinburgh.

You may be a company or business based in Edinburgh and looking for an HR Recruitment Agency. Or you may be an organization or business looking for competent hr recruitment agencies in Edinburgh. Worry not. We are among the most competent HR recruitment agencies in Edinburgh for staffing and recruitment.

To lead a successful company, you need excellent staff by your side, and to find you such extraordinary talent, you need an equally experienced HR consultant at your disposal. We are among the most flexible HR recruitment agencies in Edinburgh who go out of the way to solve the problems of our clients.

Here’s how we select our HR recruitment candidates;

  • Effective Candidate Search: Along with their 10+ years of experience, our HR hiring professionals have a knack for extracting only the high potential recruits from a sea of applicants. They are also assisted by our advanced data mining software, which is extremely helpful to find a candidate in a limited period of time.
  • Candidate Screening: Selected candidates are then interviewed and tested. Their previous work experience, people management, problem-solving, and communication skills are tested. We also pay special attention to their personality and work ethic.
  • Full-proof Hiring: Once the list of 4-10 candidates is finalized, we run background checks of each candidate. We also contact the previous employers if requested by clients. The paperwork of the final contract with the recruit is also done by us, making the process totally hassle-free for the client.

All this procedure is conducted only after briefly consulting the client, understanding their needs and expectations from the recruitment process. We are among the HR recruitment agencies in Edinburgh that readily accommodate any special requests or alterations in the recruitment process, as asked by the clients. We are all about making the staffing experience more and more desirable!

Why Choose Our HR Recruitment Edinburgh Team

Our main aim is to maximize your productivity and help your business or company to grow as a whole. Here are additional key benefits of our recruitment services, which are hardly provided by anyone else.

  • Fast Results: We have access to a huge candidate database which makes it super easy for us to find the perfect recruit almost instantly. Plus our headhunting team pays special attention in the selection of each and every recruit which only leaves you with the best of the best candidates.
  • Budget friendly service: After taking a note of your needs and the complexity of your recruitment process we present you with affordable hiring packages. Cost of each recruitment service varies as every staffing is specially customized to fully fill the clients demands. We also offer competitive packaging.
  • Project Based Hiring: Whether you need a candidate for a specific project only or as a full time office employee. We got all your needs covered here.
  • Virtual Recruitment: All our services are available on online platforms as well. If you are in search of an online recruitment agency contact us! We have a good virtual hiring capacity and all the modern tools needed for it.
  • 24/7 Assistance: Our HR Consultancy Edinburgh team works round the clock. If you need help regarding any of our hiring services or if you have any query feel free to ring us up.

We also offer free consultation so hurry up your perfect HR Recruit is just a few steps away!!