Indian Cook In Sharjah

Indian Cook In Sharjah

The love for Indian cuisine transcends geographical boundary and has gained acceptance and popularity in countries of South Asia, America, Europe, the Middle East, and even Africa. This demand for Indian delicacies is more in places where Indian origin people are found in good number.

UAE in the Gulf/Arab world is one such destination where there is a presence of significant number of Indians and Indian origin people who have created a good market for development of traditional Indian dishes. Popular hot spots for the demand of Indian delicacies in the emirates include Sharjah, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman etc.

Indian cooks are in demand in these locations especially in Sharjah where there is a need for Indian cooks both as a chef and as a personal household cook. The career opportunities for Indian cook in Sharjah is good as they can explore professional opportunities as a skilled worker and those who are semi-skilled can look for private and domestic assignments.

The expansion of restaurants and hotels business in the region has added to the demand for Indian cooks to prepare Indian delicacies on the menu of these restaurants/hotels.

Alliance International recruiting agency offers quality Indian chefs for hire to its clients in Sharjah. We are tendering staffing solutions to our clients in UAE at a nominal rate of service delivery.

Alliance Recruitment Agency

Alliance International is an established and renowned player in the domain of manpower recruitment for UAE and Arab locations. A global network and wholesome experience of servicing International clients make Alliance a perfect choice for handling your staffing needs.

You can avail following benefits when you choose Alliance as your recruitment service provider for hiring Indian chefs in Sharjah:

  • Extensive database of chefs and domestic cooks from across India
  • Ease of identification of right candidates for the job
  • A thorough analysis of candidates suitability
  • Regular updates to the employer in regards to the search progress
  • Fast processing of clients request
  • No cost is borne by job seekers when they engage with Alliance.
  • Proper skill assessment
  • A dedicated team of experienced professionals

Indian cooks and chefs who are looking for work in Sharjah and clients who are looking to hire Indian cooks and chefs in Sharjah can connect with us at Our team would get back to you in the shortest possible time.


Q. How to find an Indian Cook in Sharjah?

A. To hire a reliable Indian cook in Sharjah, you need the services of an Indian cook recruiter who already knows numerous cooks in the emirates and could source you the one who best meets your requirements.

Alliance Recruitment Agency in Sharjah has the best team of Indian cook recruiters. Whether you are looking for an Indian cook specializing in Punjabi cuisine or Tamil cuisine, or someone who has expertise in pan-Indian cooking, you will be able to find the most reliable specialist within a short time of placing a cook recruiting service request.

Q. Which is the best company where I can Hire Indian Cook in Sharjah?

A. For hiring an Indian cook, Alliance Recruitment Agency is the best choice. We help you find background-checked cooks with permits, proper documentation, the right background and experience, and a track record of reliable services.

Q. Where can I find a good Indian Cook in Sharjah?

A. There are many websites and agencies that help you hire a cook in Sharjah. The best place to find a reliable, experienced, certified, background-checked Indian cook is Alliance Recruitment Agency.

Q. What are the things to keep in mind for hiring Indian cooks in Sharjah?

A. Some key points to note are mentioned here.

  • Legal, immigration background – permits, visas, credentials, etc.
  • Dishes, recipes, and Indian cuisine types in which he or she has expertise
  • Knowledge of Indian spices and different cooking styles
  • Grocery management, pricing and budgeting, etc.
  • Linguistic and behavioral skills
  • Ability to manage a kitchen

Q. What is the process of hiring an Indian Cook in Sharjah?

A. The objective of hiring a cook decides the process. Are you looking to hire an Indian cook for one whole day of cooking, serving and assistance? Or, you need to hire a personal Indian cook to come for a few hours every day to take care of your daily cooking needs? Do you plan to hire an Indian cook for just one party or for the weekend party? The process depends on your needs.

Hiring an Indian cook for a dinner service or a day’s food service could be as easy as a few clicks, a reading of details mentioned, a call and a confirmation. You need to set a budget and can arrange a sample food preparation session.

But if you are planning to hire an Indian cook as a live-in cook or a daily basis personal cook who could come for a few hours every day, you would need to go through the entire process of shortlisting resumes, phone interviews, shortlisting, personal interviews, wage negotiations, etc.

Q. How to save money while hiring an Indian Cook in Sharjah?

A. Set your budget in advance. Choose an ideal figure and the maximum you could pay for – as in, fix a range. The agency that connects you to competent Indian cooks in Sharjah within your budget range helps you cut down on many expenses you never wanted to be burdened with.

At Alliance Recruitment Agency, we have access to a huge talent pool of Indian cooks with 1-2 years’ experience to 7-10 years of experience. Whether you need a South Indian cook with experience in vegetarian Tamil or Telugu cuisine or a Goan cook with specialized skills in fish and prawn cooking, you will be able to find one within an affordable budget.

Q. How much does it cost to hire an Indian Cook in Sharjah?

A. Cost depends on these factors – the academic achievements and reputation of the cook, his or her specialized certifications and knowledge, level of experience, expertise in specialized ethnic cooking, previous track records and references, etc. You could hire the services of a semi-skilled Indian cook without a formal education in cooking at lesser rates and still benefit from good, healthy food. Hiring an elite Indian cook could cost you 2X more.

Alliance Recruitment Agency is here to fulfill all your requirements within your budget. Contact us and get more details.

Q. Which companies are offering Indian Cook hiring services in Sharjah?

A. There are many online cook hiring websites. You will not be able to be assured of background-checked cooks. You could hire one with the experience you prefer by paying the website a fee.

At Alliance Recruitment Agency, we have talented recruiters for recruiting the best quality Indian cook. We connect you with the rightly talented, background-checked Indian cooks.

Q. What are some checklists for hiring an Expert Indian Cook in Sharjah?

A. Here’s a brief one:

  • Experience in cooking the dishes you require and prefer
  • Experience in cooking Indian savories and sweet dishes that you require.
  • Experience in cooking following the health and safety standards
  • Knowledge of spices and combinations
  • Time management skills