Agri Placement

International Agriculture Employment

The domain of agriculture and related activities has made a good amount of contribution to the international economy through rise in growth and production on a year to year basis. As per World Bank’s report Agriculture contributes about a third of global gross GDP every year. Internationally agriculture is a source of employment not only for rural people but for 65% of the poor working adults. In developed nations farm operations are nothing less than business firms in terms of their day to day organization and working style. However in terms of developing and poor nations the domain remains a source for sustenance of livelihood.

International agriculture employment market would see a good amount of manpower requirement as it would have the burden of feeding 9.7 billion people by the end of 2050. Manpower would require to be engaged in different stages of processing, management, quality analysis, account management etc. To fill in this demand for manpower, agribusiness companies rely on agri placement and agri consultant firms to bring out chunk of quality personnel for their needs. International agriculture employment companies or agri placement consultants are nowadays playing a crucial role in keeping the international agriculture business running by providing those required hands that can perform various tasks.

Agri placement consultants firms are nothing but specialized agencies that offer quality staffing solutions based on the analysis of the needs of a business. They have a wide network of people, whom they can approach and place in various good agriculture recruitment companies in limited amount of time.

Ag Employment Agency

Agri placement and consultant firms operate through a network of their establishments at local and international level. These ag employment agency interact with potential job seekers and manage a database of both job seekers and recruiters. They engage with both the parties effectively and try to match the requirement of recruiters with that of the qualification and skill sets of the job seeker.

At International level the domain of agriculture recruitment operates on the basis of skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled classification. Recruiters put forward their requirements to employment firms in terms of skill-set or working knowledge desirable from the person who is to be employed. Internationally and domestically agribusiness market by being a labor intensive domain from its very virtue requires labors, machine operators, and managers to keep the things moving in a desired manner. ag employment agency generally maintain an International level database of candidates to find out the suitable matches for each of the listed vacancy. They usually conduct a first round of assessment (and probably all rounds in some cases) or screening for shortlisted candidates and then fix the interview of the candidate with the employee.

This makes the time-saving functionality for both the job seeker for getting the desired job and job provider for shortlisting and screening of the right candidate.

Agri Placement Consultants

Alliance International has been offering recruitment and staffing solutions to domestic and international firms from quite sometimes. A vast experience and global servicing network provides Alliance an edge over other recruiters in its domain

You can expect following benefits when you choose Alliance as your agri consultant and placement service provider:

  • Skill based assessment of candidates before finalizing
  • Extensive database of candidates from across the globe
  • Good understanding of the operation of international agribusiness
  • Facility of hiring both on contract basis employees and full-time skilled employees at the same time
  • Sharing of details of potential candidates with clients during processing phase
  • Solution at competitive rates
  • A dedicated team of experienced professionals
  • Skill enhancement support for shortlisted candidates
  • Philosophy of working with the client-centric attitude
  • Experience of serving firms across the globe
  • Fast processing of clients request

Job seekers can register themselves on our official website. You get the complete updates and notification about the recent job that matches your skills and being sent to your registered email.

Job seekers can also apply for offshore job opportunities after registering with us. The listing of new vacancies in respective domains would be highlighted on our website as well (apart from the emails that registered candidates would receive). Recruiter can submit his/her inquiry by clicking on the ‘send inquiry’ button on our website. Our team would contact and answer your inquiry in detail.