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Alliance Recruitment Agency is a global recruitment agency, helping thousands of organizations to meet various manpower and talent acquisition needs. Our company has been delivering a range of recruitment services across IT domains and IT-related business segments for over a decade. Our team of professional recruiters have successfully hired recruits for clients globally. If you are looking for an IT placement company or an IT placement agency, then you are in the right place.

Alliance Recruitment Agency has 10+ years of experience staffing experience in domains such as aeronautics, engineering, financial services, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, retail, IT and ITeS, and warehousing and logistics, etc. Our IT placement services will find you your desired IT candidate in no time.

We believe in working ethically. Therefore all our hiring services are 100% fair and transparent. With the help of smart applications, the latest software, and a massive database of candidates, our IT placement agency experts will find you a perfect fit professional for your job in no time.

A Range of IT Placement Services

Our IT placement company has gained insights into the different kinds of functions across IT business segments. Our IT placement services cover technology systems development companies, software application development companies, ERP systems development companies, digital connectivity solutions providers, data engineering services firms, etc. We offer hiring support also for IT project management firms and are an extended recruitment arm of many such companies. From gaming application development to transportation fleet management IT applications, our IT placement services cover thousands of roles and positions. If you are a budding IT company, you may not have the necessary experience and access to the right talent pools. Our IT placement agency could offer you the most affordable staffing or talent acquisition services while ensuring that the candidate we source fulfill all your requirements.

Our IT placement agency will provide an answer to all your recruitment-related problems. Whether you are finding it difficult to find the perfect team of on-site manufacturing IT technology experts, construction technology systems, or a remote team of virtual systems engineering professionals, you can rest assured to meet brilliant candidates through our services. We initiate every recruitment process after conducting a thorough discussion with the client. In this discussion the needs, demands and requirements of the clients are discussed and taken into consideration. We formulate a special hiring process based on the obtained information. Every recruitment process is customized especially for the client. Our IT placement company also accepts requests from clients to scale up or extend manpower hiring projects.

Searching “IT placement agencies near me”

If you are an owner or manager of an IT company, you know the need for having good staff. Good and qualified staff stimulates the progress of the company. In order to acquire an eligible candidate for your IT placement company, you may need the help of an IT placement agency near you. Here is an insight into how the Alliance Recruitment Agency conducts the IT recruitment process.

  • Candidate research :

    With the efforts of our professional IT staff hiring team and our access to the best talent resources worldwide, we reduce candidate search time. We use a combination of technology-led profile matching mechanisms and insight-driven screening, making candidate search faster and efficient. Our candidate engagement practices attract the right recruits.
  • Reference and Background check :

    Our IT placement services includes a thorough background check of every candidate. We also make sure all the references presented by the candidate are authentic. If needed, we also contact previous employers. We also verify matters related to certification and training. Giving our clients 100% authentic candidates.
  • Candidate shortlisting :

    Clients are presented with a list of 4-20 candidates who fulfill all the requirements, with detailed reports about their personalities, comparative analysis, and other details. We make IT placement hiring a relatively effortless endeavor, eliminating the potential grey areas.

Our IT placement agency makes hiring an intelligent, dynamic, and outcome-rich set of processes. All you need to do is make the final selection for the position. We also assist with last-minute discussions and negotiations with candidates. Searching “IT placement agencies near me?” Connect with us!

Choose Our IT Placement Services

You search “IT placement agencies near me,” could end here. We are the perfect IT placement agency near you!. Along with providing all the regular services related to recruitment, we take this experience one step ahead. We support you throughout the recruitment process and even after that. Hardly any service provider does that.

We also believe in total consumer satisfaction. You find your ideal candidate through us. Our recruiters identify candidates who understand your organization’s work culture and are motivated to work with your company. Here are a few advantages and extra services provided by us:

  • Timely Staffing Service :

    With the help of our staffing team and our unlimited access to a huge talent pool of candidates, finding perfect candidates for your positions becomes easier.
  • Cost efficiency :

    Considering the requirements and complexity of your hiring process, we design a special hiring process and charge you accordingly. You may handover the entire hiring process or just a small bit of it to us. We offer very flexible and competitive packages.
  • Online Recruitment Service :

    If you are in search of an online recruitment agency, Alliance Recruitment Agency is all set to assist you on the digital platform too. All our services could be availed 100% online. We may be of great help to you as we have a considerable virtual hiring capacity.
  • Candidate Replacement :

    If the recruit hired from us is not meeting all your expectations, lacks in any area, discontinues, or resigns, we offer candidate replacement services too. No extra charges will be charged for this service.
  • 24/7 Help :

    Our customer service team works round the clock. We are assisting clients. If you have any queries regarding anything or need help with our service, please contact us. We are only a phone call away.

Now you know that your IT Candidate is just a few clicks away. Let us touch base!